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Open letter to Nigerian President-elect Muhammadu Buhari

Updated on May 30, 2015

Your Excellency,

I trust all is well with you and your family and that you are bracing to accept the mantle of leadership.

When I declared my support for your presidency, I did not really know much about your personality but I strongly felt you are better of the two devils. However, as time went on, I got some facts on your achievements both on and off the records, which strengthens my belief in you because it gave me a picture of your personality.

For instance, I was in a barbing salon, before the presidential elections, where someone who attended Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) narrated a story. He said students used to steal window glasses in NDA and sell at cheaper rate. Then when you were made the school administrator (or something of that sort). He said:

1) You visited the academy unannounced. Consequently, you saw those who were not sincere in their duty.

2) You did not come with escorts

3) You told the students that you will replace the window glasses and none will be stolen again. (The students laughed within themselves because they knew they would steal it again).

You replaced the glasses as you promised but unfortunately, the students stole it again, as usual. Then one day you visited and realized that the glasses have been stolen. You called the man who was in the capacity of the school principal and told him that he has to replace the glasses with his money because if he could not manage or control a school then it meant he could not control a state. The principal replaced the glasses and punished the students anytime a glass was stolen to the extent that the students were afraid of stealing the glasses and they even pointed out the culprit whenever a glass was stolen or broken. The man said, “Until I finished school no glass was stolen as Buhari promised us. That was one thing I did not believe could happen and that is why I respect the man.”

Some people said you will Islamize Nigeria. I told them only those who are not educated enough would believe that because we are in a democracy. Others asked me why I would prefer a Muslim to a Christian. I told them that I rose above religious borders. Therefore, it makes no difference to me. The same applies to tribe and ethnicity. The election results showed that Nigerians are still influenced by tribe/ethnicity and religion but I trust someday more people shall wake up.

Let us look at it the other way. If religion has really played a role in Nigerian politics then Nigeria will be the best country in the world. On the contrary, Nigerians claim to be so religious yet so corrupt. We know that Nigerian politicians belong to one religion or the other. Therefore, the country will be better if the politicians truly represent their religious teachings.

Your excellence, you have the opportunity to start now and showcase those virtues like justice, truth, unity, peace, love, honesty among others which all true religions teach.

My main aim of writing this letter is because you said you will fight corruption and I want you to know that your opponents want you to fail in keeping your promise. They will plead with you behind, close doors, to overlook certain things. However, have it in mind that people gave you their mandate because they trust you will deliver. You also have to be careful of those you surround yourself with because they will play a greater role to your success or failure. You may not run for re-election but your failure means that APC, the party that gave you the mandate to change Nigeria, failed and that may affect them in the next poll. Therefore, this is also a call for your party to unite and share in this common vision of change.

Lastly, your Excellency, Abraham Lincoln is my mentor, my friend, and my brother. He failed many times before he became one of the greatest President in American history. Your story should not be different because you can be the Lincoln of our time. Therefore, permit me to call you, “My Brother”.

Yours faithfully

Dr. David N. Kalu


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