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Liam Gallagher: Singles Out Sadiq Khan!

Updated on June 27, 2019

The Musician and the Mayor.

Liam Gallagher.
Liam Gallagher. | Source
Sadiq Khan.
Sadiq Khan. | Source

Everyone is well aware of the Twitter spat between Donald Trump and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Trump and Khan have had spats about just about everything you can think of.

Trump let go of a broadside, against Khan, on Twitter recently on knife crime, in London. Trump attacked Khan's apparent inability to tackle the plague of knife crime.

Ex-Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, in an interview, has also singled out, Mr Khan, for criticism. Mr Gallegher said every time you wake up, some 16-year-old kid, has died in a knife attack. Mr Gallagher said he had very real fears for his kids, Gene 17, Lennon 19, Molly 22 and 6-year-old Gemma.

Mr Gallagher said he wants a word with the London Mayor about knife crime. Mr Gallagher wants Mr Khan, to get a grip of the situation. Mr Gallagher, who lives in north London, has a right to speak out against the awful blight, of knife crime. Liam Gallagher, who has a penchant, for being outspoken, is highlighting a danger, all parents feel. One wonders does Mr Khan, feel the same about his kids, in this spate of blade crime.

For his part, Mr Khan, did not reply, his office, however, said something to the effect of, his administration, is doing what it can, to tackle the problem.

Some cynics would say, is Liam Gallagher, just saying this for effect? Just to be controversial? Also, he is bringing out a new single, from the album, 'Why me? Why Not'? The forthcoming single is called 'Shockwave', since Oasis folded, Mr Gallagher, has been a successful artist, in his own right. His brother, Noel, has also had a successful, post, Oasis, career. Oasis consisted of five musicians, however, it was only ever about two brothers, Liam and Noel. Famous for their fights and feuds, both on and off stage, they were one of the most successful bands of the '90s and early 2000s.

Today, the feud, between the Gallagher brothers, continues, sadly. The two brothers when in Oasis and now as single artists, drew and continue to draw, heavy influence, from The Beatles. Some have even compared, Liam Gallagher, to John Lennon. Whereas Noel has been compared to Paul McCartney.

Asked about politicians taking drugs (some Conservative leadership candidates admitted to taking drugs) Liam Gallagher said, he would give them, a good slap! Weren't they supposed to be running the country, he mused. Asked if he hung out with politicians, Mr Gallagher, flatly said no! He hung out with his band, his family and friends was his answer.

Finally, one wonders, will Liam Gallagher, himself, make a foray, into politics?

Liam Gallagher's Hero: John Lennon.

The Haunted Rocking Chair.

Liam Gallagher, as mentioned, earlier, is a fan and has compared himself, to John Lennon. For those not in the know, Lennon was assassinated by a gunman, Mark Chapman, in 1980. His untimely death, came as a shock to the world of music and Beatles fans, everywhere. Had the ex-Beatle lived, today, he would be in his 70s.

Some time ago, Gallagher, acquired John Lennon's old rocking chair. Gallagher used to keep the chair in his living room, however, the chair, apparently, had a mind of its own.

Gallagher said many mornings he would come downstairs, to see the chair, rocking on its own. In an interview with 'The Metro' newspaper, Gallegher admitted, it could be Lennon's ghost, rocking back and forth, in the chair.

Later on, Liam seemed, to not know, the whereabouts of this ghoulish, piece of furniture.

Gallagher later admitted, because he has moved house, umpteen times, the chair is probably in storage.

Apparently, this was not Gallagher's first encounter, with the dead rock star. Before Gallagher was famous, when Gallagher was in bed, an apparition appeared at the foot of his bed. Liam had the feeling, it was Lennon, popping in to see his young protege, Gallagher.


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