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Outspoken 'Far-Left' Liberal Socialists Who Are Closeted Capitalists...

Updated on February 18, 2011

Outspoken Liberal Socialists Who Are Closeted Capitalists...

I find myself cannibalizing my past blogs because the song still remains the same from many of our Liberal icons, many of whom give lip service to many aspects of Socialism, but they, themselves are outright Capitalists. Cases in hypocritical point: I read yesterday how Michael Moore, the far-left Liberal movie maker, is suing his former producers for monies he thinks he is due because of book keeping methods used to favor said producers; in addition, yesterday, we also heard the news that Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp had taken advantages of tax-loop-holes for their respective farms, which lowered their tax burden. All those Liberals icons, who have spoken out about the so called ‘ill-gotten’ gains of Wall Street… bemoaning the perks of those who work in that August surrounding… have similar or better August lifestyles.

I am not here to support the few who engage in illegalities on Wall Street, but those who have signed legitimate contracts to be paid well shouldn’t have to apologize and be made scapegoats. I often thought that if I were privy to many Senators and Liberal icons’ portfolios, I am almost certain that many of them have stakes in the very corporations’ equities that they are condemning - incidentally how many of our pop icons had their monies invested with Bernie Madoff. Many of our music and movie stars are wealthy because they have negotiated contracts to secure that kind of Midas wealth for their talents. But this is not afforded Capitalists, who too, use their skills to succeed. Why is that if Michael Moore or a Bruce Springsteen puts out a product and it failed, that he is not asked to give back his money? How many flops have Jack Black had, Jennifer Aniston, or Will Ferrell – does anyone believed that they gave back their pay checks because their movies did not live up to financial expectations?

When I hear pop icons and politicians, who go on the talk shows, berating Capitalists, while they themselves use tax-loop-holes to keep their mammon, it does not surprise me. Many 'far-left' Liberals are hypocrites… asking you to refrain from what they covet or they criticize Wall Street, while they used Wall Street’s methods to secure gains that are against the strictures of Socialism. I will be impressed if the pop icons and the Liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, and the Kennedys, voluntarily give their vast wealth away… instead of forcing me to do so by fiat. To the 'far-left' Liberal icons, for the umpteenth time, have the courage of your convictions and fess up that you too love the amenities of Capitalism: free market, tax loop-holes, lucrative contracts, and various homes in swanky enclaves.



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