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The Collectives' Hate of Pretty

Updated on December 1, 2012

“We do not cover our women

because of the men. We do it to protect

women from each other.” –

Response from a Muslim Cleric to the

question why Muslims cover their women.

In case you have not noticed, women in America are not much different than women elsewhere. The question to ask however is: are we headed in the same direction as Muslim women that we should now consider covering our faces because women in the professions cannot stand to see them? Ladies, this is what is happening. Please believe me. I have seen it firsthand.

It is why I feel privy to comment how the destruction of capitalism and the disintegration of the individual have affected me in my life and how liberal women and the liberal way destroyed my life personally and, if the rate of this destruction continues, will destroy all women, once again enslaving them to sexual stereotypes of the kind women ran like hell from long ago. That is because that hate of what is pretty is corollary to the woman as object that liberal women fought against by living example; that is, up until now.

What’s happening now? From all practical and subjective viewpoints, the feminist movement is dead, or so it would seem. That is because the identifying characteristics of success and individualism (character) that embodied the early pioneers of the feminist movement (in striving for equality with men) are absent or irrelevant to most women working today. What has replaced character and individualism? A desire for power, “group-consciousness” – or, I like to say – “sorority club-like” influences, of the kind that exalts “fitting in” in the new politically correct corporate culture – as though it were a neighborhood - and a “like-mindedness” more virtuous and valuable than being different; characteristics that men, at least for the last 2,000 years, held nothing but disdain.

It begs the question then: Are women truly equal to men if their emotional happiness in the world is dependent upon empowering themselves over other women (and men) to make them the same as they? Are they truly emotionally equipped to handle realitiesin a world without it affecting their inward and emotional well-being? Weren’t we just as enslaved by power for power’s sake in men when we saw it in society years ago to the detriment of all of our freedom, dreams and aspirations?

Like all with a liberal theology, liberal women in the professions, too, value too highly how someone looks as a measure of suffering or success. They are hypnotized by “extroverted” rather than “introverted” attributes of people: what the neighbors have, if another woman has more than they, what the pretty woman is doing and how “unfair” it is that she gets more pokes and attention in her youth than another, or whether one can work part-time because of choices in their lives made long ago that resulted in their ability to do so; and as much as they deny and deny and deny it, they are jealous of all other women who do something different, who go the road less traveled – which reveals how little regard they have for their professions in the first place and why the standards within the professions are disintegrating.

Yes, it is women that hate the “pretty” women, because, to them, they seem to have it all. This is the curse of their ignorance and why I believe we women as a whole have a long way to go before we can say we are equal to men. It is not enough to simply have the “tools” of education for a career. Equally important is emotional intelligence. Hate of a pretty woman is so immature, a complete and horrific judgment of one’s extroverted appearance that reduces women, once again, to not only a mere sexual object for men, but also now a sex object for women. The hate of pretty women has always been with us, with even Grimm’s Fairy Tales as evidence of this “collective” retardation, as though happiness and enchantment in life is dependent – totally, without one exception – on one’s extroverted appearance and projection in the world. Doesn’t commonsense dictate that people with this view must hate all of life and the living?

I personally believe it is the new liberal feminist that is promulgating hatred towards other women, and we are silenced about it because if it were spoken of by the men it would be “gender” discrimination, for example. But if the new hatred of pretty women is being promulgated by men, one would be pained to explain away how women – most of whom on balance are not too bad-looking themselves (but they won’t believe it if you told them) – were allowed to get into the professions in the first place, due and owing in large part to the nature of capitalism, which is proof in itself that capitalism in its practice values intelligence, skill or hard work regardless of what gender possesses it, and it demands the same from every woman whether she is beautiful or not. Could the feminist movement have come into existence at all if we were under any other system of government?

The New York Times tries to explain away why “pretty women” are being harassed at work by saying, “It’s hard to feel sorry for a woman who frets about being too beautiful,” (see its Sunday Opinion by Maureen Dowd, dated June 6, 2010, "Dressed to Distract") and then cites studies of how and why pretty women had such an easy life by stating broadly that “A research team at the University of Alberta conducted a study at a supermarket and observed that parents gave more attention and supervision to their pretty ducklings.” Boy, would I love to see that study and what those “scientists” deem pretty. Any doubt this article could be written by only a woman? And, wow, I would love also to see all the evidence of gifts bestowed upon the beautiful. Maybe if Maureen Dowd followed their lives, she might be forced to report back all those pretty dead souls on the side of the road, all the children mutilated (Sean Hannity once appropriately asked, "Why are they all pretty" in response to the rash of abductions and killings of children in and around 2009?), and an abundance of suicide, if we want to be real honest. Why not be real honest? Like liberal women always judge the “appearance” of things because of intellectual shallowness, so too they judge the consequences of beauty or what is pretty with the same shallowness.

After all, it is not the men who started all this hatred towards beautiful or pretty women, because it is not they who are cleansing the workplace of every pretty face. And it is certainly not the men who prevent one with a “pretty face” from getting work. Who else can it be if it is not the women in the professions?

To these people, all measure of suffering is made by the overriding ignorant conclusion that there is only one kind of suffering: deprivation caused by nothing more than perverse envy; and the psychological burden is then projected outwardly on to the pretty face. The logic thus becomes: She makes me hate myself so therefore she is responsible.

It doesn’t help matters either that we have socially conditioned the X (or Y?) generation to be absolutely consumed with the lives of others. Did you notice? Is the Internet the cause, or television? It is why Ann Coulter is right to call it “Demonic,” the title of her recent book. We are the demonic generation, that generation so needful of so much love but with no capacity to give it. And we think we have found the “evidence” of “love” if we are provoked by another’s material excesses. Yet we believe as women that as long as everybody is the same, justice is served. We have become, once again, grouped together like the gossipy women we ran like hell to get away from and be different than many years ago. Little do these hate-mongering women know, if they keep up with what they’re doing now, it will be they who will suffer a greater calamity of consciousness down the road – because, as we know, when both men and women see beauty as an extroverted object, it follows then by necessity that one must be killed. What then evolves for all women is an attitude of her as mere object that is worthless in the eyes of men.

[If one thinks this view is extreme, please consider the fact that more women of child-bearing age were killed in hospitals during the 1990s than at any other time in the history of hospitals. It would be interesting to get the demographics on these deaths. I tried but to no avail.]

The saddest part in all of this is the consequences of unhappiness in our children. Those young who are entering careers today have never known a world where work was fulfilling inwardly and they have not seen happiness in life in their adult supervisors, like I saw years ago. It did not matter who you were, whether you were a secretary or gifted professional. The work environment was not a so very painful place to be. There was no yelling, no grouping, and everyone respected your individuality. Now one goes to work and they are confronted with groups of supervisors filled with hubris as though what they are is the “be all” and “end all” of all life, yelling in the face of employees over the littlest thing and bombarding them with long hours when in the past no one worked long hours except the strange guy everyone called the “workaholic.” The abuse had become so extreme, for example, labor laws had to modified to prevent abuse of hours for rank and file workers. So, you see, It isn't the money any longer they want. They now envy the precious "time" another has in life.

Our President seems to think the problem can be fixed if everyone goes back to school and gets a degree in one profession or another. What society has there ever been that existed now or in the past that had its entire people in the “professions”? Answer: Not one; not ever. The truth is that it is unrealistic – even impossible – for all people to become doctors, lawyers, financiers, etc. That is not reality. The bulk of workers in all societies are industrial or administrative and it is a fact of life. So I say to the women in the professions: Get over it. If you see a woman who has chosen a different path, don’t blame her for your unhappiness. Make your own world.

By preserving the “individual” and capitalism, we as women preserve not only our lives and a future for our children, we enable our children to find happiness and love independent of whether they receive love in return. This is the inner strength of all our heroes. That someone has better looks or more money does not matter. What matters is the world we create for ourselves. This is not a selfish endeavor. This is a highly moral act because it is a “just” way to live and it is also “giving” in that it strengthens community and happiness when there is a shared understanding of how important it was, is and always will be.


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  • cynthtggt profile image

    Cynthia Taggart 5 years ago from New York, NY

    It is sad some women are like this, but feeling sorry is not going to cut it. If I were to write all the attacks I suffered from them - one that almost killed me - I would need to write a book. Whenever I think on the woman that almost killed me I see Ted Bundy's face - you know, that picture of him with his mouth agape screaming in the court room when his guilty verdict came down - and I swear it is the truth that the anguish on his face was the same as what I saw in this woman who merely saw my face. This rage towards pretty women is getting more frightening every day. I truly do think some women need a little thorazine and a straightjacket, don't you? thank you for your wonderful comment. I am now following you and look forward to reading your hubs.

  • cynthtggt profile image

    Cynthia Taggart 5 years ago from New York, NY

    Davesworld - you are so right. Beauty is beneath the skin and always was. But you're a man, and men know this more often than women, especially as they age. As a woman though I unfortunately never found a man who can speak to me. I don't know what it is but they used to be able to do it years ago. So in an effort to preserve my life I stay away completely. Women also have never been able to speak to me. I once came into a new job and after three days was told by the then acting office administrator, "I must warn you: the women think you think you're better than they are." What followed was an unending harassment that went on for years, sabotoge of my work and false complaints about me. I was there only three days, new on the job, before the women complained about me! I did nothing! From day one, every morning I said good morning to them all with no response back, helped out when they had extra work, asked questions like a new person would - and no thank you or no answer. One woman I sat next to actually rattled her garbage can and banged things. I politely ignored her, thinking she was just irritable. Later, I found out from the office administrator that she had been in her office complaining that I made too much noise. Now that women run human resources in most companies, who do you think the office administrator believed? I'll give you a clue: She never asked me in her office to give my side of the story. She only told me about the complaint 3 months later. So incredible.

  • profile image

    lovedoctor926 5 years ago

    Excellent hub! Thank you. I'm glad that someone had the courage to put an article like this. I love how you refer to these women as "hate mongering women" which is exactly what they are. By the way ladies, this is true.

    The curse of the pretty and successful woman. When I walk into a room, I own it! LOL. Imagine walking into the office, it's your first day in your new job and already you can feel the tension. People who you don't even know you are already giving you the evil eye and looking at you up and down. Well, let them hate is all I have to say because I'm not going to hide my outgoing personality and work ethics just to please them. That's my attitude with all these haters, but I can relate to your experience because I have come across these types of toxic people in the business world. I find that the most insecure women are the ones that work in the same office with their husbands. Most of the time, they are threatened if you are younger and single. Of course they don't want you working around their husband. This one female attorney that I worked for would only hire male legal assistant in the real estate firm that I worked at. Even the clients were curious as to why she would only hire male employees. Do you see the pattern here?

    So you mean that I'm supposed to tone it down so other women don't feel jealous and insecure? Absolutely Not. Many women will always hate! This is something that they need to work on and their insecurity is not our problem. On the other hand, you come across a lot of women who feel the need to brag about themselves to other people. I don't understand why they need to keep proving themselves to me. I don't care if you have a masters degree or if your husband is wealthy and you own a million dollar home on the ocean. Perhaps they want to impress you!

    Now while we're on the subject of women haters, isn't it ridiculous the way they act when they're with their man in public? The man can't even glance at another woman without them feeling threatened and insecure. All this stuff makes me laugh!

    Vote up awesome!

  • Davesworld profile image

    Davesworld 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

    As a recovering Male Chauvanist Pig I freely admit I like looking at pretty young women. However, the most interesting women I know are neither young nor exceptionally good looking. If I was looking for a long term relationship, I would chose as I did 37 years ago and opt for interesting over physical beauty. That was one of the better decisions of my life. Wise men and wise women can see through the cover to find out what's inside.