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Libertarian Definition - Define Libertarian

Updated on September 29, 2010

What Is a Libertarian?

If I had to define the Libertarian party in one sentence, this is what I would say. Libertarians believe that government should be as small as possible. In a nutshell, that is pretty much it. The Libertarian bumper sticker to the right also sums up the Libertarian Party perfectly- Pro-choice about everything. Libertarians are strong proponents for personal liberty for every individual. "Live and let live" could be the Libertarian creed. Libertarians are active in every state in the United States. They are the third largest political party in the USA.

I can't say if the Libertarian Party had good or bad ideas. That is something for each individual to decide. Read the following about the Libertarian Party platform and see if joining the Libertarian Party is right for you.

History of the Libertarian Party Video

Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Election

Ron Paul's 1988 Run for President as a Libertarian

John Stossel Speaks About Being a Libertarian

Basics of the Libertarian Party Platform

Here are some of the cornerstones of the Libertarian party platform:

Libertarians support eliminating the federal income tax.

Libertarians firmly believe in civil rights legislation. They actively promote freedom of speech, gay rights, and privacy laws.

Libertarians believe in the right for a woman to have an abortion. Less liberal Libertarians don't support abortion personally. However, they don't believe that the federal government should have the right to forbid abortions.

Libertarians propose a free market, with the federal government not enforcing any trade regulations.

Libertarians wants many laws taken off the books. These are laws that Libertarians refer to as "victimless crimes". Examples are laws calling the following actions illegal: using drugs, driving without a seatbelt or helmet, and prostitution.

Libertarians are strong supporters of the right to own a gun. Not only that, but Libertarians believe strongly in the right to self-defense, including other means such as pepper spray or other personal defense weapons.

Libertarians support free trade.

Libertarians want all government-funded social programs ended. This includes programs like welfare and federally funded housing. They believe that these programs like welfare and Social Security should become privatized.

Libertarians want a hard currency, backed by gold. They want the budget balanced and the federal government to be fiscally responsible.

Libertarians believe in strategic independence. This means that the Libertarian party doesn't support becoming involved in any wars that aren't purely self-defense and protecting our boundaries.


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