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Libertarian's Can - Are Republicans Feeling Left Out?

Updated on November 27, 2015

It has recently become extremely apparent that the "officials" have seen the light, and it's the Libertarians who are carrying the torch. You can tell because the Democrats have gone into "campaign mode", in which they start doing whatever it is that their voters have been demanding they do. The interesting thing, is that all this time they've been trying to make us believe that the Libertarian ideology was still just a large minority, yet it's the Libertarian will they've been bending to. Just look at issues like CISPA, where the democrats were previously working so hard to push through SOPA, and after having passed NDAA, they are now all of the sudden against CISPA, a bill that no internet user wants to see pass, but one which has already bought and paid for names like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Yet the democrats are crying out that it's a Freedom Foul, something that most Libertarians were already shouting. So for a while, it looks like the Democrats/Progressives are going to play their natural role of shape shifters and join in with the Libertarians.

Don't want to play with Republicans

What was weird, was that I really expected the Progressives to use their new bridge to rain down anti-republican stones in the public pond water. And while they certainly still have several muddy boulders in the air, what I've really noticed is that for the most part, the dems have been ignoring the Republicans. The Libertarians have been doing that since the party started up, and with their pre-election pseudo-friends doing the same, it has quiet an interesting effect on the Republican party,

I'd imagine it's a lot like sitting next to your best friend, who is clearly upset with you, but whom has decided to play the silent game and not tell you why they are upset, and then they get up and go play with the weird kids, just to make you jealous that you have no one to play with. And with the recent behaviors of the Republican party, it makes one smile a little bit to think, that maybe... the republicans just feel a little left out.


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