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Libya Free?

Updated on February 25, 2011

This is not Egypt. It is not Tunisia. It is not Bahrain.

Libya, should it end up free from the dictator Gadaffi, will probably occur from the result of Gadaffi being assassinated or his own suicide. He is committed to destroying the nation that he thinks is his if he cannot be its leader. Unlike the other countries, Gadaffi, is taking the strong arm approach. His "men in yellow hats" are soldiers dressed as civilians and paid to maim or scare the protesters demanding freedom. He is paying many others bonuses to keep him in power, keep bodies from public view.

There is a dedicated core that support him mainly because they are in fear of change. The military, so far, has defected or refused to carry out orders to kill Libyans. Tanks and other weapons have remained in their military bases. If the military supports Gadaffi, it will be a bloody mess and Tripoli, its capital, will remain in his control. Citizens of the city remain in their homes out of fear. This is not the case with the eastern half of the country, Benghazi, is no longer under Gadaffi, as are many other cities.

Of course, if the Libyan army sides with the populace, Gadaffi is history, but numerous splinter groups could remain under his control resulting in a civil war. Gadaffi is not leaving without a fight, this is his country. Other scenarios could be US hostages or terrorists or others destroying or seizing control of its oil fields. Either one would pose serious issues for the outside world.


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    • Rashad Al profile image

      Rashad Al 6 years ago

      I guess you will never really know...

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Actually, unless a no fly zone is created soon, the rebels will lose.

    • m76gmm profile image

      m76gmm 6 years ago

      The time is not on Qaddafi's side, his mercenaries getting shrunk by time, he cant hire more mercenaries. His winning move now is to start burning the oil fields.

      thnks for this hup

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      It looks like Libya will finally be free. I suggest that the US send a carrier near there so show support and if any libyan planes take flight, to monitor them and intercept if necessary.

    • Jefsaid profile image

      Jefsaid 6 years ago from London, UK

      Democrat presidents seem to cause democratic movements while republicans appear to cause war. Many of these so-called Middle Eastern dictatorships were convenient allies with republican presidencies not too long ago.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      It is really too bad that Beyounce, Usher or Mariah Carey did not pull out a gun and shoot Gadhafi while they were performing for me at his private parties and taking home $1,000,000.

    • Riviera Rose profile image

      Riviera Rose 6 years ago from South of France

      I have high hopes that his virgin bodyguards will turn against him and do the right thing... Thanks for this hub.

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Could there be much more unrest in the mid-east.

      How come this happens every time we get a democrat president?

      Keep on hubbing!