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Licence to kill

Updated on May 25, 2015

no need to be 007

License to kill

Do you remember the sweet wooden times immortalized by cinematographic director J. Ford, when belted with a colt or a Winchester the quickest trigger of the Far West, straddling his tamed stallion along the sierra, had the last word with a round of 5mm bullets, after an altercation?

Do you remember those ideal times, where arbitrary justice was openly part and parcel of the well-armed ones, only?

Oh! Yes! Those were the good days (sighs the chorus, licking and polishing their HK 45), when Jane, Jessie, Billy felt empowered only because at the shooting range, they successfully and repeatedly scored the heart!

My friends, let’s rejoice now! With a prophetic and emphatic voice, I’m announcing you that those days are back! Let’s gather all together to celebrate the renewal of this fiery episode of the U.S. history!

Born under the sun, but under different latitudes and longitudes, X was deprived of the insolent GDP of the U.S. or of any other economic powers to achieve his own dreams, to live ”ever happy after”. He thought he found it on the American soil, and a well-born American woke him up brutally from his dream by putting him where he belonged, three feet under the ground.

No rights for the piece of shit that he was, right.

Y was “the epitome of…”, “he attended such and such…”, “was a quiet kid…”, bla, bla, bla… The result of this embellished profile and resume was a poor remix of the gunfight at the ok corral, where the law and order were performed by Pierkarsky and Donchak, and in the role of the open-banditry Luis Ramirez. It is so simple viewed under this angle, isn’t it?

X’s name among others will never ring any bell, or will ever arouse the NAACP outrage since his file did not contain any identifiable social security number, green card, or maybe his completion did not reach the nuance of black required for “colored people”!

At 25 years old, X did not deserve to die like a stray dog in any Shenandoah, Pennsylvania “shit hole” because of the color of his skin or be denied any fair trial (foundation of the U.S. constitution) due to the sensitivity of his legal status or the lack of status, if you will.

By this parody of justice (presence of a jury of “their” peers) and the iniquity of the verdict (freedom for the culprit after a six months vacation at the county spa), the judicial system has to be questioned. When hate crimes insidiously are on the rise, one arm should sanction and severe the gangrened member. If this role doesn’t fall to the judicial system branch, which then?

What bothers me the most is the mass lynching mind of the jury (doubt on their objectivity and ability to analyze facts, a nice reminder of the old "Mississippi burning") and the complicit silence of the higher sphere namely the governor…who tacitly set up a license to kill. It establishes to the common Joe Blow that he is entitled to make his own justice. If I use the same principle, because of the tendentious, suspicious names like Pierkarsky or Donchak that don’t sound Pilgrims’ ancestors related, an Anglo-Saxon rooted person will be guaranteed the License to kill, to eliminate their Polish dissonance!

Hold on, but they are white! Now, it makes more sense!

By rejecting fundamental rights to be applied to any human beings, the memory of the generosity of the forefathers of the constitution is definitely alienated.

In the Virginia Declaration of Rights, sections one, four, eight, respectively ”That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights…”, "That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive…privileges from the community…”, “That in all capital or criminal prosecution a man… trial by an impartial jury of his vicinity…” are explicit enough as for the extent of human rights.

But I guess it justifies the existence of amendments. What was valid in 1776 is obsolete in 2009.

So my dear compatriots, it’s time to unabashedly go and get our hidden gunshots and, prepare for the opening of the hunting season since America accounts approximately 11 million illegal people. Future hunters, you have to consider California as the land of abundant game since its concentration is equivalent to 3 million.

3, 2, 1, arm your weapons! FIRE.


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