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Lies: The Art of Distraction

Updated on August 31, 2012

Nuggets of Wisdom

I'm Sure these Tax Cuts Didn't help the deficit!
I'm Sure these Tax Cuts Didn't help the deficit! | Source
These little gaffes didn't help either
These little gaffes didn't help either | Source
3 Potential GOP Back-Breakers
3 Potential GOP Back-Breakers | Source

The Run-up to 2012

Lies and deception are the chief means of distracting the general public from the issues that matter to the average American. Now as a matter of principle, as far as I can tell President Obama and Vice President Biden have been shooting straight with the American people.

The GOP has taken every opportunity afforded them to use lies as a means of taking the focus off of the frontrunner for their party's nomination, since the end of the Republican primaries. Mr. Romney has side stepped or flip-flopped on major issues as not to offend the republican base (Tea Party). With the addition of Congressman Paul Ryan (R- WI) to the GOP Ticket, their lies & distractions and have been multiplied exponentially. With issues varying from the US Economy, to his time with Bain Capital and his time as Governor, to his inital support of the Paul Ryan Budget, to Women's Issues / Rights, to the birther issue, to the deficit, to his tax returns and job creation.

Starting off first with the biggest lie to date the economy and multiple sources have verified the inaccuracy of the claims made by the GOP. With the brunt their claims surrounding the stagnation of the economy being the high unemployment rate and the national deficit as well as the passing of the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare. I'm no politician but, I'm pretty sure that passing either "The American Jobs Act", "Infrastructure Bill", or "Teachers & First Responders Bill" would have dealt a punishing blow to our stagnate economy and/or high unemployment rate. While the President has acknowledge, "That the progress that has been made in the private sector jobs has been slower than he'd like it to be", but under his administration there has been over 28 straight months of job growth as oppose to hemorrhaging 750,000 a month when he took office. Of course the GOP won't admit the sentiment that's been in play since the day President Obama took office.

From the Facebook page of "Politics Nation"
From the Facebook page of "Politics Nation"

Not that the GOP would let something as trival as the truth get in the way of their distortions, nor do they really want to tell the truth. Because then the American people would see their candidate for whom he really is. A puppet for the special interests groups to get what they want, what's best for their bottomline as well as give Mitt Romney what he wants. A chance to do something that his father was unable do, become a sitting US President. Personally I'm all for him being a sucess in business, but in order to occupy the office of the President of the United States. He's got to be looking out for the best interests of the country as a whole, not just the likes of big money donors like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson or other billionaire businessmen. So what! You were sucessful at Bain Capital. If I had been one of your investors I would expect, no demand nothing but your best possible "A Game" performance. But you've missed, no chosen to see that office that you so desparately seek as another corporate boardroom.

America is more than a corporate pension fund for you to loot and pillage, you've got to stand up for the very people whom you seek to put you in the office. Which according to my recollection of the Civics, American History and/or Social Studies classes I took at the various grade levels in school with regards to the Preamble of the US Constitution. "A government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE". To Mr. Rife, my high school history teacher, and you thought I wasn't listening.

As a fellow American I have no ill will towards you or your late father, I don't know you from Adam's housecat. You might be a very nice and personable guy, but again I wouldn't trust you with issues of National Security. Because you haven't had or shown the courage to defend any of your beliefs without having someone spoon feed you the pro's or con's on a specific issue. As a matter of princple, I am of the mind to believe that something is afoot with your income taxes. But you know that it's more the appearance of improprity that's hauting you, it's a trust issue we have with you.

What are you really hiding?
What are you really hiding?

The GOP Anchors

The 1% Plan
The 1% Plan | Source
Trickle Down on Steroids
Trickle Down on Steroids | Source

Keep in mind the striking similiarity between Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan 's budget plans for the nation, they both favor the rich by cutting social programs that help the poor, working poor and middle class. Several of those positions are highly unpopular with the average American voter, but that apparently doesn't mean much to the Republican (Tea) Party. Honestly, the weight of the proposed GOP's projected budget plans should metaphorically speaking, be the equivalent of the two massives anchors used on American Aircraft Carriers like the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76.

While watching the Republican National Convention on Tuesday August 28th, I saw various speeches given by different GOP members only to tell blatant lies about President Obama, like the alleged $716 Billion he cut from Medicare benefits. When in fact they're savings to the program. Or that GM Plant in Janesville, Wisconson that closed in December 2008, when in fact it closed under the soon to be ex-President Bush. Or this totally ridiculous lie / conspiracy theory of the President's birthplace. Like either of his parents could have predicted that their unborn son would grow up to become a US President some 48 years later. Plus the chances of them bribing members of the hospital staff as well as Hawaiian state official(s) in August 1961, with the now infamous "Bay of Pigs Invasion" of Cuba going on or the potential threat of a nuclear war with the Russians looming over the country. Really, I can't understand why anyone who's studied American History would even entertain such lunacy. But this is just my opinion and conjecture at this point.


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    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I got tired of the dissemenation lies on right wing media. The truth was being intentionally leftout or misrepresented. The difference was obvious between the National Conventions. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my piece, Thank You

    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Only Romney supporters inferred that President Obama said that! What they implied was that Romney's actions while at Bane Capital left those employees without their pension plans and healthcare which in turn left her to fall through the healthcare cracks!

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      6 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      Where are your facts - WITH proof. Obama's plan does cut into Medicare funding, and more than Romney's does. see :

      The Obama supporters have tried to say Romney is responsible for a cancer victims death, he is "going to push Granny over the cliff", he killed jobs while at Bain - all because there is nothing good about Obama's last 3.6 years in office that he can run on. The Dems are the ones lying. Harry Reid stating he knows for a fact that Romney hasn't paid his taxes for 10 years - Do you think the IRS would find and bring to trial someone with millions of dollars pretty quickly so taht they could get what they were due????

      The only way to save America as we know it is to get the inexperienced Obama and his thugs out of the white house come November before he tanks the whole thing.

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      6 years ago

      Bravo! Applause! I just don't understand why or how the *tea baggers* were allowed to sneak in and try and pull a fast one. Ryan is a tea party, so is Bachman, the Pauls father and son nut cases. Could it be that we need to undo the majority that is seated today in the house and senate and fix everthing? Maybe make sure it is the Left GOP or the dems on the right. (except Reed and Pelosi) Save a souple seats open for the center, and we should have a good house come 2013.

      Voted up and shared. This is priceless. Thank you for the great read! :)

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      6 years ago from Uruguay

      help the republican party out. work to get president obama reelected, keep the senate and win back the house so the loons that control the gop today can be sent back where they belong s, sitting in their underwear listening to rush limbaugh and then the adults in the party can regain control and rebuild the republican party.


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