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Lies about Austerity and the robbery of the people

Updated on June 26, 2013
The Labour front bench
The Labour front bench
devil incarnate
devil incarnate
They will fight back
They will fight back
disgrace to the Labour movement
disgrace to the Labour movement

Today June 26th 2013 the whole world witnessed the biggest heap of bull shit and lies ever given in Westminster as a party political broadcast.

Ever since this coalition came into being "For the sake of the Nation" we the public have been lied to cheated called scrounging feckless dirty unwashed repugnant human beings who deserve to be trampled under the heel of the rich bankers financiers and hoi palloi elite.

Every single policy(written on the back of a champagne label) every statement on the unwashed and their stealing tax payers money every word spoken in public by every minister within the cabinet of millionaires has been to one aim. To enhance the conservative party and their supporters with tax payers funds and assets.

The NHS has been torn asunder with the express desire to make it unworkable and a failing enterprise which can only survive with the help of the private sector,Unfortunately too many private sector appointed hospitals have shit on the chancellors party parade by becoming to embroiled in controversy within 12 months of being handed the reigns. This was not supposed to happen until well after 2015.

Education is currently undergoing the same kind of privatisation as the railways went under, that is every asset bought fought and paid for by our fathers and forefathers is being given to private companies to do with as they please, along with these buildings and equipment come a guaranteed income of pupil funding all from the "hard working tax payer". No doubt some may actually get it together and actually teach some of the children but the majority are not in it for anything other than to turn a profit.
Just like the NHS they will asset strip the best parts to appease their shareholders before finally complaining of too much ministerial interference before handing back what is left of a once decent school.

The chief executive of the treasury Gideon(george)Osborne has set budgets which will see a reduction of £11.5 billion from 2015/2016 ensuring the next administration is tied no matter who gets the votes in 2015.
These steps have nothing at all to do with saving this country money they have nothing to do with getting the economy back on track nothing to do with creating any new jobs/wealth/health or care. It is all about POLITICS one incumbent party laying traps for the next with no regard whatsoever to the electorate or indeed the "hard working tax payer".

Indeed the £11.5billion savings just so happens to match the amount of overseas aid we as a nation will be committed to because of the actions of these evil arrogant pompous Arses determined to have their names in lights on the world stage. Strange that Gideon(george) was referred to as Jeffrey by the most powerful of leaders when they met at the anual dinner party get together in Northern Ireland.

Yet what can we as the "hard working tax payer" do about this disdainful attack on the poor sick and disabled on a daily basis. First thing anyone can do is to harangue their M.P. regardless of the colour of his/her tie asking them why they support or do not oppose strongly enough the dictatorial attitude of this coalition of incompetence.

Second seek out and join any and all action groups on the Internet be it twitter/facebook/spotify or just your mates and write complaining letters to every media outlet you can find as each and every one of the mainstream television stations(channel 4 excluded at times) has been complicit in the sale of the NHS without question. The BBC in particular have spouted every diktat released by this coalition of fraudsters without a hesitant moment regardless of how many lies are within the statement.

Time and again Andrew Lansley the then health minister told the same discredited lies to every interviewer dumb enough to ask the questions without a follow up. Same thing regarding education but more importantly when it comes down to welfare and William Hague he can do no wrong in the eyes of the BBC despite the vile rhetoric of destructive verse despite the attack time and time again on the weakest in society by ATOS and DWP the BBC did nothing to counter argue his policies. Mind you the Labour party have been the same in their lame attempts to destroy the myths perpetuated by this evil coalition.

It is with regret that I have come to the conclusion however that the third and most important thing any can do is to be prepared to physically attack this shower of elitist political vermin who feel safe and secure behind their ring of steel changes to the right to protest.

The reason I say that is that during the last 3 years of "Austerity"(robbery of the poor by the rich)the only people who have had no reduction whatsoever in their quality of life are the political class who feed themselves off the back of the "hard working tax payer" and are setting themselves up for a massive increase in their remuneration no doubt to be passed whilst everyone is watching something more relevant on TV like Nelson Mandela s funeral or the finale of Big Brother.

Without blood on the streets there can be no real changes no support for the poor sick and disabled and not a great deal of hope for the "hard working tax payer"

Do you believe anything a politician tells you

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    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 

      5 years ago from Earth

      Yupper - the ruling elite are putting the screws to those not in the top 1%.

      Most countries around the world face the same things you talk about.

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 

      5 years ago from Olney

      Spot on analysis.....:-)


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