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Life ( Who owns the natural resources of the Earth? ).

Updated on June 28, 2015

Saints preserve all forms of life on earth.


Life ( Who owns the natural resources of the earth) .

Life ( Who do the natural resources of the earth belong to? ).

The world. The universe. Nature. Wildlife and lush vegetation.

The earth it's minerals and natural resources.

Mankind humanity the ability to Introspect and create a material world.

First and foremost we are born into a family.

Weather we are created out of Love is questionable?

We inherit a surname.

We are given a name.

We get an education.

And we dream to be like our childhood hero's.

Yet life does not go as planned.

We go through puberty, become teenagers and we

have a burning desire to fall in love with our soul mate,

to complete us just like our mother and fathers love.

The first kiss.

When your heart surrenders and all you can think about is your girl, day and night.

After high school perhaps you choose different career paths.

You go to different institutes of higher learning.

Distance makes the heart grow fond, yet at times it

separates dismantling a promise, that we shall be one,

forever while we breathe.

We learn that life is not a fairy tale.

Hearts shatter in the mists of adultery.

Promises can be broken.

Chemistry fades as we grow everyday, and the sad

truth no matter how humble you may be currency

inflates the ego.

We turn our backs on those that are not in the same class as us.

We have one common goal as human beings to be


It is that simple, yet why is there is there so much

misery in the world?

What is it that you dream of?

What are your strengths?

What is it that you fear?

What would you like to change about your life?

Let me guess it requires currency?

What are your means of acquiring currency?

What do we need currency for?


We need to eat.

We require shelter.



dinning holiday, shopping and leisure.

Transportation to work and home.

Good health care, when most diseases are inherited from genetics.

The food we eat, as well as stress. ( life in general debt

and the accumulation of bills and living a lifestyle

beyond our means).

The elements of daily living. Waking up.

Grooming ( a bath or shower). Water, we pay for hot

water ( yet it is a natural resource)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bread, eggs, jam, honey,

cereal Beef, crisps, sweets, cold drinks are are all from

mother nature.

Society has refined these commodities for consumption

now we need a job to survive.

Stress is caused by the ability of not being able to

survive and improve your social class and standard of


Who owns the natural resources on earth?

How much oppression can the human soul stomach before we lose our concious.

Health Care

The purest and greatest Gift on earth is a brand new

soul a baby made out of love.

From the time the mother carries the new life in her

womb, it is a miracle.

Yet if she and the father of the brand new baby are

stressed they can not afford to buy healthy fruits,

vegetables, sanitary gear let Alone afford a decent

hospital or clinic where their precious child will be born?

Can you imagine the stress the baby is in, when her

mother is in Psychological pain.

Who governs the government's of the modern

democratic world?

The United Nations?

The individual countries justice system?

Do our leaders make life a memorable experience?

Synopsis Who owns the natural resources of the earth?

We all consume and exploit the natural goodness and

resources of the earth.

Ever wondered why human beings exploit each other?

The world is at war everyday, over wars that our fore

fathers could not resolve.

Where is the honour in dying for your country, when a

mother has lost her son, all she ever wanted was to see

her grand child before she left this earth.

We need to question more?

I have a secret which is in the old testament KJV bible a

commandment that stops all sexually transmitted


Meaning society will restore the family unit.

And there will be no broken homes.

Children that come into the world will be created out of

love and shall be loved by their mother and father.

Thou shall not commit Adultery.

Thou shall be Faithful.

Love Gods Poet Nkosi


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