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Life after TegDub - 9002

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Just as the cartoon say's.


Life after TegDuB

We are back to our life after the 2009 Budget,now the question is who got what and how much after paying our taxes.How the tax is paid by my neighbours is unknown,a doctor,a jeweler,a businessman,a factory owner a advocate and retired state govt officer are all residing in my place,they sure must be paying their taxes and the others who are all salaried people are axed from their salary by their employers.The senior citizens do not pay at any cost as they submit Form 15 to their bank and get out clean and poor chaps are indeed clean since they are not in service or in business and their only income is their interest on the fixed deposit that they have made which is a lousy 9.5%.The Corporates manage well their taxes.I do not know anything about shares and stocks and how they pay but I do know and am seeing them prosper by their activities,they are not representing every body but then how do you know how they pay the tax.If they have lost on account of Sensex fall will they get back their tax.I do not know what this Sensex got to do with the price of vegetables that I buy which keeps going up only and not falling like Sensex.

We do not know who got what but we know that the State Budget will be on our head soon with sales tax,cess and more surcharges that will affect our food bill.The other avenues for the State Govt are many in some ways all configured by bureaucrats and tax experts.Each State has one Finance Minister who is a Lilliput like another politician of the State Govt in addition to that of Govt of India Finance Minister.How these politicians become experts in Finance and Economics over night or otherwise is another question I can't answer.Our State it seems is incurring maximum expenditure on water supply management so there will be a hike in our water bill.The public taps supply free water to humans and animals in our place,the taps pour out water so fast I feel like taking a shower right their in front of my home on the side walk like place called Footpath but the foot marks of humans and animals will be all over the road with spots of cow or buffalo shit to add beauty spot to the roads made again and again after every local municipal councilors election.All vegetable vendors clean their vegetables,some wash their bikes,few carry water in pots to their dwellings constructed on govt land.In the end we pay the taxes for water which vanishes below the ground as leakages since the pipes are of inferior quality or older by god knows when.Power is another area,very next to my home the power is free since it's an ashram.Street lights keep burning when their is light.There is something called as transmission loss and you may wonder there is also power theft by factories.The State maintains several religious places for their maintenance we pay.They also maintain several parks and lakes for their upkeep we pay.I went by road over 500 kilometers but could not find a Post Office since it's not the State Govt to keep Post Box even let alone the dingy Post Office in many places.What all the Govt does if many of them are left on private hands how much harm it can do and what will be the savings we all know but we just turn the other way and pay up taxes like buying cinema tickets.The Life after Budget remains under constant edit mode.

Karnataka has a fine coast line and superb scenario beaches but see the picture below the beautiful beach at Gokarna is strewn with plastic water bottles thrown by visitors since there is no trash bin kept by the authorities,the Sea also does not want plastic it has been collecting them at the backwaters automatically still no one is there to take them out.If any body is kept he is off duty on pay.The visitors mean while can have free foul air to breath.

Nature Collects our Garbage.

Sea Pushed our Garbage back.
Sea Pushed our Garbage back.


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