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Expectations and Jokes

Updated on June 7, 2014

Life is Full of Expectations and Jokes

Life is Full of Expectations and Jokes
Life is Full of Expectations and Jokes | Source

Life is Full of Expectations and Jokes


In this madhouse world of ours we live in, life is full of expectations and jokes and you sometimes have to laugh at the facts that we live in an automated world where we actually get mad a machines, and cuss at machine telephone calls. I have seen people literally get upset at an ATM machine and call the piece of metal every word in the book, then they hot head back to their vehicle and slam that metal door so hard it’s about to come off its hinges. Does it hurt the metal, of course not, the aggressiveness of our anger is better to take out on a collections call for money owed on our cell phone and tosses it on the ground, because we are upset of a text message or phone call we were in disagreement on that might have received.



Ok so I am one of those that use to do this nonsense, so guilty I am for having to purchase a new cell phone because of a call I got and was furious, so I made it look like little bits and pieces by hitting the pavement with it therefore hanging up the phone, for good. I laugh at this now, but to think of the looks I must have gotten at the mall I did this in was of no consequence then. I had a temper that flew wild, when things did not go my way. I never physically abused an ATM machine though, watching others do this; several times I have witnessed this.



I am calmed down now, no more temper tantrums for Christopher anymore, I think you reach a point in your life where you just go with the flow, and though still speaking your point not shoving it in someone’s face. I learned that behavior just causes problems. I had a lot of issues personally, mentally, and socially. I have put them all in their own perspective now and enjoy watching others throw these temper issues with machines and people alike. I have to laugh at it now, because I remember I just got more mad when I would take out my anger on a machine , that just stood still, it’s like make a move you frozen piece of raw metal, c’mon put them up and let’s fight. This will not happen though the darn machine just looks at you ready to say nice things to you like ,”Hello, How are you Today”, well I just kicked your metal arch you dumb machine, it just does not work out this way.



The tempers’ are flying a bit more with gas prices going up and yet with a disaster in Japan, tends to slow the fuse down with people on the outside. I believe there may be more Christians than they want to admit, too. I won’t get religious on a dumb article as this one, yet you have to admit, we are all concerned what happens in Japan and why? If will affect the whole world in one way or another, it’s too soon to know what and how , so try to be like your mother of father brought you up to be, as a child you threw temper tantrums and got into trouble, and mellowed out. Life is full of expectations and jokes are on us usually and we are taught to behave in this ludicrous world.


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