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Lives Severely Altered by Pakistan Monsoons

Updated on September 27, 2014

Heavy monsoon rains and floods across Pakistan

September has been a deadly month for many Pakistanis, affecting more than half a million people. Monsoon rains have killed at least 200 Pakistanis living in Punjab. Additionally, the rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Jhelum overflowed have displaced at least 28,000 residents. In Punjab alone, flash floods have caused homes to collapse.

Punjab’s death toll has surpassed 350, with over half a million homes destroyed. Irum Nafees, president of ConcernPK, stated that two of her not-for-profit centers were destroyed. The organization's sole is rescuing and helping women and children throughout Punjab. Sadly, many women and children served by this organization have died.

ConcernPK is in dire need of financial and in-kind support. Donations will be used to help build a flood relief camp as well as provide cooked meals, clean drinking water, health care, and mosquito nets.

The Deadly Wrath of Pakistan's 2014 Monsoon

Irum Nafees, President, ConcernPK
Irum Nafees, President, ConcernPK

How you can help

There are many villages without organization or government support. Visit ConcernPK needs your financial support, love, and prayers.


Music and video by Clarissa Burton, Queen of the Pen™

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