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Living Green And The Future

Updated on June 23, 2008

The Future Living Green

First I want to look at a future world that is a result of everybody embracing the living green way of life. In this world everybody is happier and healthier. Because of usage of alternative fuels and energies there’s cleaner air due to the lack of carbon and other harmful emissions. With cleaner air and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables people started feeling better and exercising more, which made them healthier.

With the reduction of toxic emissions along with the reduction of trees being killed and more being planted the ozone was able to repair itself, which averted the green house effect and also helped us rid ourselves of deceases caused by exposure to harmful sun rays.

Because of using cleaner energy sources we were able to stop water pollution, which gave us more fish as a food resource, which also makes you healthier. As you know when you’re healthy and happy you’re friendlier, which reduced violence.

Is this future world possible? Maybe not in the near future, but if we all adopted living green as a why of life our future generation could live in this world.

A Future Not Living Green

Now let’s see what a future world might be where living green didn’t catch on. The population has been greatly reduced because of illness, violent crime and war. The ozone is greatly damaged. That and the polluted air cause people to spend most of their time inside. Wars are fought to control the depleting energy resources and only the ultra rich can afford to buy gas.

Pollution of our water and land for toxic chemicals being dumped from industrial factories has greatly reduced our food supplies causing rationing and an increase in violent crime in order to have something to eat. Brown outs and even black outs are commonplace in order to stretch our energy reserves. Global warming has melted the polar caps causing a sever change in our climate. The prognosis for this world is very bleak.

Both of these future worlds may or may not be an exaggeration of what could be, but how close are they? What do you think a future world would be like if living green is embraced or if it is rejected?


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