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Locks of Love For Children With Cancer

Updated on October 11, 2011

Locks of Love For Children with Cancer


Locks of Love

What can you do when you have nothing else to give? As many of you already know I have a son with a rare disorder and Autism but I have also believed in being philanthropic. With my son's complex ed medical needs money was well more than tight. It was practically non-existent. And to say we struggled is not even to scratch the surface so it was really hard for me to figure out how I would be charitable when I thought I had nothing. To save money I skipped quiet a few hair cuts. I realized my hair was getting quite long.

A few months later my Father was diagnosed with Cancer. I would spend weekends with him just keeping him company while he convalesce. Still I thought I had nothing to give. Finally I decided I would donate my hair to locks of love. Locks of Love is a charity that takes donated hair and makes it into wigs for children wit cancer who have lost their hair to chemo therapy.

It takes about six months grow your hair out. And they usually require 12 inches to be cut off. I am lucky I have thick hair so every time i donated hair I would be able to donate two wigs instead of one. And every six to none months I did this for years. I never received credit and no acknowledgement. I did it because I have a child with medical complexes I understand the pain of those parents and those children. And if I could donate hair to make them feel a little bit better then I happily did it. And this continued until my Mother get Cancer. And then I began growing my hair back out again. And while my Mom went through Chemo I told her i would always have hair for her even if she lost her own.

Locks of Love Video

To Give When You Have Nothing

Even when you think you are empty you can always find away to give to others. It is easy to write a check but when you don't have a check to write dig deep within yourself. The universe is calling out to you for your participation and give because when you give until you are empty you are always refilled.

I gave hair which s dead tissue that needed ot be cut off anyways. It was nothing to me but something to a child with cancer.

Acknowledging you feel hopeless, helpless and lost and to still find it within yourself to still give is your road to saving yourself. In the end we must all admit all we have is each other and the time we share..


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