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Looking Into the Abyss...a Conservative Perspective

Updated on December 16, 2018
maven101 profile image

I'm traveling this great nation, meeting people, and looking for the brown signs (historic points of interest)...

I see a divisive nation for the next two years, encouraged by the two Obama's, an angry and partisan incoming House of Representatives, and their supplicant press corps..."Stallgate" is my new word for the projected progressive tactic to set up roadblocks to short-circuit the President's agenda, prevent his fulfillment of campaign promises, and vilify his character until the 2020 presidential election...The democratic House is refusing the Wall not on principle but on hatred of President Trump ...

The future Orwellian America is upon us to the perpetual shame of those Americans that have allowed, voted for, and encouraged this to happen...Where do those millions of sunshine patriots live..? They live, by and large, in the biggest cities across America...Quoting Thomas Jefferson " When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe"...Living in a large city is almost tribal...Rural and suburban enclaves are looked at with disdain, as deplorable and ignorant, while big cities see themselves as morally and intellectually superior... Dependency on and political subservience to government corrupts and destroys the individual "for the greater good"...Relative morality encourages economic and political chaos...Diversity splinters American values by placing more value on divisiveness and hyphen/Americanism than unity and patriotism...Teddy Roosevelt's prescient speech "The Man in the Arena" should be required reading for all Americans...

The corrupt "deep state" will always exist, just as greed and corrupted power have always been a part of human nature...One can argue that we survive as a species because such is necessary in a communal society...I disagree...Removing the bias and innuendo, eliminating the politically selective editing of information delivered to Americans through the main-stream media, entertainment, and education, puts the informed citizen, the individual, the voter into a position of power to correct, terminate, remove, or change our nations direction and remove corrupted power as we find it... If the press had done their due diligence as government's watchdog, we, as informed citizens, would have demanded a full investigation into the IRS scandals and others, insuring those responsible were held accountable for their corrupt disregard for the trust given them by American voters through the election of Congress...Instead, we have none of those consequences for a corrupted leadership, but we have awarded these same corrupt officials with generous pensions and a get-out-of-jail card...Disgusting, and shame on you, MSM...Would that you were as aggressive with government corruption as you are with President Trump...

Having said all that I still remain confident in the American ideal and the moral strength and intelligence of Americans to stay the course and persevere.


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