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Loons At The University Of North Carolina Definition Of What Are Micro-Aggressors....

Updated on July 12, 2016

Loons At The University Of North Carolina Definition Of What Are Micro-Aggressors

I suppose that I should be happy that saying Merry Christmas or telling a lady that she has on nice shoes or speaking in public about my shooting a round of golf or addressing a couple, as girlfriend and boyfriend are only deemed ‘Micro-Aggressors’ and not Macro-Aggressors by the far-left leaning loons at the University of North Carolina. This is where Political Correctness is heading on our campuses of higher learning… the truth is that I expected that this lunacy to be pronounced on campuses like the University of Berkeley in Cali or on other campuses out on the East or West Coast - but down South?

Perhaps, here, is the time to further expound on the meaning of the situations that are deemed Micro-Aggressors. We are told by the purveyors of Micro-Aggressors that saying Merry Christmas is a Micro-Aggressor because this would offend those who are not Christians; and telling a lady that she has on nice shoes, does not take into account her other attributes… I suppose that it is akin to objectification; addressing a couple as ‘girlfriend and boyfriend,’ might offend those who are LGBT; and saying in public that I shot a round of golf, apparently, connotes my looking down on those around me who may not be able to afford playing golf - but what if I said it in the presence of Tiger Woods?

Permit me to extrapolate a little with the subject matter of being a Micro-Aggressor. I know for a fact that my beloved father listens to Country/Western music and he listens to a group name Lady Ante-bellum - should I be able to sue him because he exposed me to the group, or moreover, the radio stations that play Lady Ante-bellum’s music because the word “Ante-bellum” has slavery connections? What about the song, Sweet-Home-Alabama, which was a response by Lynyrd Skynyrd to fellow artist, Neil Young’s critique of Alabama’s racist segregation policies – do I as a Blackman who have heard that song and suffered from the vestiges of Slavery be able to sue too? I am not even going to discus Pink Floyd’s classic album, The Wall… need I go on… because I hope that at this juncture, you have figured out that I am trying to show the sheer idiocy of the purveyors of Micro-Aggressors.

Incidentally, do I myself need a lawyer because when I take the train in Brooklyn, New York, I have a tendency to read my miniature New Testament’s Bible. My Lord… think of the people I have offended on those trains by reading my Bible on a public train; among the offended are my Muslim, Jewish, and Atheist brothers and sisters who do not believe that Christ Jesus is Lord. However, for those who are indeed offended by the Christians who read their Bibles on the public conveyances, I admonish you that do not accost them because some of my Christians brothers and sisters are ‘packing,’ and you may hear that familiar ‘tap, tap,’ which may give you an instant audience with the Christ, notwithstanding The Lord’s admonition of turning the other cheek or the fact that you, the recipient of the ‘tap, tap’ do not believe that Jesus is Lord….

Those who have been reading my blogs here and elsewhere will notice that I recently figured out how to incorporate some of the songs that I used to listen to as a young man and now in my blogs to mirror their respective themes; and to that introspective, toe-tapping, hand-clapping, auditory end, I have included a couple of Gospel songs/videos to challenge the pandemic that is Political Correctness lunacy that is plaguing our college campuses.


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