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Losing Your Compass

Updated on January 22, 2020
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


A compass is needed when you are hiking in the deep woods. It gives you the knowledge of direction and guide you to where you want to go. Otherwise, you may be just going around in a circle and stuck. This is the current state of the Democratic party in 2020. They are losing their compass, their guiding principles.

What is their compass?

- Jan. 2020


Conservatives have always had a guiding principle. We are fore small limited government, lower taxes, self determination, free enterprises and strong national defense and law and order, and the Constitution and religious freedom.

Liberals and progressives also have principles but they hide it much more because the people are not convinced. They need to frame it in a way the people will more readily accept them.

This has been going for the last 60 years and now we find ourselves in a strange place. In 2020, we have a GOP president by the name of Donald Trump. He is no conservative by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, he has accomplished in 3 years more for the conservative cause and for the people than any other previous president since perhaps Ronald Reagan.

The reason we are here is partly due to the Democrats loosing their compass. They forgot who they are suppose to help and represent, the small people. They were the party of the working class, the average citizen, the union workers, the farmers and the factory workers and the teachers... They were for human rights and equality and anti-discrimination of all sorts.

What happened? They turned to be the party for illegal immigrants, for big donors, for international corporations, for global elites, and the media. They have lost sight of the small people. Elections after elections, they seek their votes and turn around and did the bidding of Google, George Soros, Elon Musk, and Amazon...

They divide the nation into groups and appeal to their unique needs and wants at the expense of the whole.

A Prime Example - This Past Week Jan. 2020

Here is a prime example of what I mean. In a most extraordinary week where Trump was able to sign a trade deal with China and pass a bill on USMCA, the Congress is talking impeachment and moving forward with a trial in the Senate after a partisan vote in the House. What the heck is going on here?

Meanwhile, the DOW shot pass 29,000 after breaking highs week after week. The economy seems to be moving in the right direction with all cylinders firing. Wages are rising and jobs are plenty and skilled workers are in short demand. These are all great signs. People are optimistic about their future. Terrorism is on the wane after the killing of the ISIS leader and now the killing of an Iranian General. All things are moving in the right direction.

Why the disconnect? A tale of two cities...

If you listen in on the Democratic debates, you hear about income inequality, climate change, socialism and free this and free that...

Where are the guiding principles?

Learning From History...

It might help to look back to history. In the late 1990s, the impeachment of Bill Clinton came to mind. How did that turn out? What did it accomplish?

Did it get the results they were hoping?

The Senate acquitted Clinton of all articles. He left office more popular than ever. The stock market rose all throughout the impeachment process. Our country was distracted by the blue dress...

Two and a half years later, 9/11 happened.


My advice, for whatever it is worth, please take stock of this moment. Forget the name Trump for a moment. Assess the overall situation and try and do what is right for the people you want to help. What are their concerns and fears and hopes and dreams? What policies can help them realize these dreams?

What are your guiding principles?

Do they align with your proposed policies?

Will they help the people you are trying to help?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


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