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Losing Your Electricity; Collapsed Grid; Enduring and Survival

Updated on September 30, 2013
when the electrical grid collapses
when the electrical grid collapses | Source


What would happen to you if you suddenly lost your electricity for an extended time, say about 6 months or longer, along with every one around you. Could you cope? Could you survive? Would your survival be dependent on others around you or would you know what to do?

The power grids in the modern countries are vulnerable and wide open for events. In any modern country, the infrastructure depends on electricity to run gas pumps, deliver and process food, for security, provide light, heat and air conditioning, to name a few. In fact, almost every modern provision of the modern world depends on electricity.

Situation Critical

Being prepared is one way not to panic as much, but when the whole country loses electricity at the same time might be another matter. Preparation and education before the event happens may mean the difference of life and death, running or staying, being scared or being confident and just being able to survive. Yes, survival and endurance will be the topics when the grid goes down.

Almost everything in this mechanized, industrialized and super-charged world that we live in runs on electicity, so in the event that the electrical grid collapses, everything that we hold dear and reliable collapses with the electricity. Where we expect peace and security, there will be none because there will be shortages of food, water, basic medical needs and law enforcement.

The people who lived during the depression sometimes did not know that there was a depression because almost everyone believed in stocking up, back-yard gardens, large family farms and warehouses. The people canned and stored six months of food and were willing to share their wealth with their neighbors.

Now, most people live from day to day, paycheck to paycheck with each amount of money pledged for bills, food, medical and transportation, leaving very little for any extra. There seems to be no concern for saving or stocking for a rainy day. The large corporations are also vulnerable in the event of a power outage because back in the 1980s, the greed, the efficiency and computers lead to the "JUST IN TIME" system. With the JIT system, there are very few warehouses, so the retail shops, factories and corporation order the merchandise or products only when needed. The products and merchandise are restocked on the shelves, used in assembly or shipped to customers only when there are orders. There are NO back-stocks to rely on. If the electricity grid goes out, everything stops!

What Would You Do When the Electricity Grid Collapses?

OK, now think about it.... What would you do if the electrical grid collapsed and would be down for years

Totally freak out? Maybe run to the neighbors? Panic? Sit back and relax? Escape to a refuge? Hide? Just what would you do? Maybe, just maybe, you might want to wait on the "government" to lend you a helping hand?

There are many different thoughts on this subject and since this economy, infrastructure, communications, transportation and technology is based on electricity, there is hardly any way that this would not affect most people. In fact, with the billions of people on Earth, people will start dying very soon if the electricity is not restored in a prompt manner.

First things that you have to decide is where and what you are going to do. If you are going to hunker down where you are staying, there are many things that you should consider. If the electrical grid stays down for some time, the people in large cities will start to run out of food and water in less than three days. What these people would do to survive will not be known until the event happens. The transportation stops, the refrigeration stops, the lights grow dark, the security disappears, the civilian unrest increases and the peace ceases. On the farms and out of the cities, things may be quiet and peaceful for a while, but when millions of people venture out of the cities in search for food and survival, even these people outside the cities will be threatened. People will be seeking peace and security, but there will be none, even in the bunkers and specially prepared underground complexes.

The water and food are the top of the list to secure. Without these items, you will die sooner. When the electricity goes out, try to save all food that you have. The refrigeration and freezers will soon lose the low temperatures that are needed to keep the bacteria from growing that will ruin and spoil the food. The decision has to be made to either try to save the food in the fridge and freezer by wrapping blankets and Styrofoam around them or giving away all to neighbors. In this time of despair, everyone will be in the same boat and your neighbors will be your allies if you make friends with them. OR you can make the decision to try to save all the food for yourselves. If you do decide to stay where you are, the provisions of food, water, safety, air, sanitation and sanity have to be considered. Gangs, looting, raping, civil disorder and chaos will quickly take over in the large cities, putting you and your family in life threatening dangers.

In any emergency situation, the bottom line is not to panic, know the facts, know your neighbors, know different escape routes and have a bug-out-bag for each member of the family. The sun flares will continue as long as there is a sun, the possibility is there that one of the CME's with the super-charged particles would hit the Earth, knocking out and frying the electrical power grid. The power grid is very fragile and conductive, which makes this more of a possibility over time. Each transformer and wires leading to the houses and businesses would collect the incoming charged particles, heating and melting the components of the network.

What happens now?

No Electricity?

NO ELECTRICITY means no food delivered, no frozen foods or refrigeration, no lights, no fuel pumps, no services, no medical institutions, no security, no communication, no transportation and no water or sewer systems operations. NO ELECTRICITY means that the infrastructure crumbles and the medical diseases will quickly pounce on the population.

BE PREPARED !!!!! Be like the boy scout and be prepared for any event. Have a bug-out-bag, get out of dodge bag and an emergency essentials bag prepared for each family member and one for each vehicle. The bags are filled with needed items that would be vital for survival for 3 days or more, consisting of food, water, matches and other items.

Plan ahead!!! Make plans now, before anything happens. Whether you stay, run or hide will make the possible difference of life and death situations. Planning how,when, where, and what now will take some of the panic and threats out of the events.

Stock up !!! Stock up now on what will be needed in the case of the Electrical Grid Collapse. When the electricity goes out, there will most likely not be any grocery stores that can operate long without electricity. The new mechanized modern checkouts, scanning and ordering systems will not work without electricity, as well as the credit and debit machines. Stock up on items that have a long shelf life, easy to open, easy to prepare and easy to carry. Energy bars, matches, blankets, emergency supplies, candles, bottled water, knives and fast-easy-open-food should be on that list.

Most gardens do not take electricity to grow, so the family garden would be a great investment. Also chickens or geese would be a consideration for the eggs. Most communities in the cities will not allow farm animals of this kind, but outside the city, most of the time it is permissible.


Start by designing your personal bug-out-bag and Get out of Dodge bags !!!! click on the link following to find out what should be in an essentials bag and the basics.

and basic gear:

Research the possibilities of a Solar Flare, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), CME and solar storm. The results might overpower you! 

Do you think that you can survive without electricity?

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Do you think that an EMP, Solar Storm, CME or solar flare can wipe out the electrical grid?

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Do you think that the National Guard has been trained to keep people inside the cities during emergency events?

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Do you see problems that would happen inside the city during power outages that would civilian disruption and riots?

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Do you think that it would be safer inside the city, the urban community, farm, mountains or forests?

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    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      my brother sent out these chsaitmrs cards . the front was him and his wife wearing matching v-necks each holding their babies also wearing .. matching v-necks . phot shopped across the bottom was a tag that said *LagOnnis (our last name) like he is trying to brand our family name and have exclusive credit for the family name . On the back of the card . He has four paragraphs talking about how many vacations he went on this year, all of these amazing job offers pouring in and states He likes where he is working right now very much but still enjoys the amazing job offers that are pouring in. He says despite the economic downturn he moved into a much bigger and better house in a more family frienddly neighborhood . We live in an area where every house cost about on million and up . it's not hard to find a family friendly neighborhood here. When facebook isn't enough he created a mind blowing blog page so you can find exclusive details all about him and his family at their very own website. He also says how his two kids aged 11 months and two years old have a personal chef. Just upscaling everything Like honestly I hope those two infants have a personal chef they would die if nobody cooked for them. They are expecting another child and they said We are expecting a new child Next year our family is going to be bigger and better! And at the bottom they signed they're LagOnnis And didn't say they're names or anything . Just the corporate brand idea they're projecting out. Is this to much? I feel in the economy we are in right now saying how many vacations they have been on, the bigger and better house they moved into while other people in my family are facing forclosures or are struggling month to month, I feel it is just very unsensitive and rude. And, I am not jealous either. I have things I can brag about but I don't believe in this bahavior so I don't do it. What do you think? Also, my other brother installed solar panels on his roof, and this chsaitmrs card brother took all the credit saying he installed all the solar panels and never mentioned any help from my other brother . And I get it, my other brother didn't help seeking any praise or approval but clearly this Christmas card brother is seeking praise and approval so it is annoying to me .. And . Matching grey V-Necks? Come on. Lifes not all rainbows and butterflies stop faking it.Ok so I was pretty irriated when i wrote this. It's not a million dollar and up area it's more like $900,000 and up but all the money aside . Just the way he is being so formal with his family and talking about how great he is IN THIRD PERSON point of view . So you think it's it's to much? You think I would get away with it? lolI agree with all of these responses .. The one person that said there is a lot more going on then what they tal about Agreed. It seems picture perfect on the outside but deep down inside of that family structure there is clearly insecurity. I agree everyone has one of those in the family And yes Matching V-Necks. What the hell.I have to admit .. I sent out my own Christmas card this year . After getting this years chsaitmrs card and seeing that it is bigger than last years I decide to send out a card that looks similar to theirs but I am mocking the **** out of them. On the front I am holding my dog, I am looking really good but I am making a funny face and under my picture (I am awearing a grey V-Neck) I wrote See reverse for exclusive details all about me!!!!!! and I on the back I ran all over them I hope next years card either 1) Doesn't come at all or 2) Is drastically tuned down. The back clowns them pretty bad. I sent it to everybody The opening sentence to my Christmas Card is Hello Everybody, I know you all have been waiting for this years status report and I thank you all for being patient. I'mdoing extraordinary. Last year, (despite the ecomic downturn) I went on so many vacations. And when I say so many, it's relly an understatement. lol.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 4 years ago

      Thank you, Express10, for reading and commenting on losing the electricity. In the news every day, it reports of cyber attacks, EMP's, microwave bombs and nukes that other countries are preparing to take out the United States's electrical grids. The United States' people are warned and rewarned about these REAL threats. If people do not head the information that are given to them, it would be like the ant and grasshopper. It would be better to prepare for something that does not happen than to not prepare for a crises that does happen. Endurance and being able to survive are part of life. Thank you again for your insightful thoughts and your comments.

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 4 years ago from East Coast

      This is a very good article because it is thought provoking. I have been reading up on this subject for sometime though and making modest efforts. These types of things make me think of the story of the grasshopper and the ant. Those that don't prepare for life's lemons (of any variety) will be sorry. Those that do will have fewer worries, it may be no walk in the park, but being prepared will create less stress for sure. Those that can remain prepared and out of sight, out of mind will likely have the easiest go of it.

    • profile image

      diana 5 years ago

      well the bible tells us to seek jesus first and all these things will be given to us. and i believe we have a hevenly home to go to. sooo pray,,pray,,pray

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you BigJohnBones, for your comments and suggestions. Preparation seems like the biggest idea that the preppers and survivalist have in common. It does make good sense to be prepared for any event. Thank you again for your comments and for reading.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, slcockerham, for your comments and wise suggestions. Water on Earth is the most important item to have. We only can live about 3 days without water, wereas we can about a month without food. As I research, it seems that if the electricity goes out, most people will be without clean, drinkable water in almost every part of the country. You are right about this, for sure !!! Also, people should aquire what can be traded for what will be needed. Trying to trade items like gold should not be encourged (I think) because the common person can not tell if the "gold" is real, plated or part gold. Items like weapons, food, water, purification tablets, water filters, toilet paper, medicine, tools, and blankets (survival mode items) would be more suited for barter. Thank you again, slcockerham, for commenting.

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Great article Laurens, most should regularly aid to these items for what could be longer term problems. Enough water is difficult to stock for long. Water purification of some sort is a must. As well as items that can be traded in the event of the collapse of the dollar. Thanks for the good reminder for all.