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Love Trumps Hate

Updated on July 20, 2018

The Ugly Truth About Humanity


November 2016, I lay in a hospital bed on election day, entirely positive inside my mind that there was no possible way a man who had spoken about grabbing women by their private parts or making fun of a disabled human being would have a snowball's chance in hell of winning our election. However, throughout the night as the results poured in, I was soon under the terrible realization that one of the most despicable human beings in our society had ascended to the most crucial position in America. I was already sick to my stomach and violently ill from the baby girl I was carrying inside my belly, but after watching the results appear, I soon became ill for an entirely different reason. How could our country be so against electing a female as our leader that they would choose one of the worst human beings ever that has run for president in the history of our great nation to lead us? In 2016, were people really that against women? Had I just imagined all of "the gains" females had made over the last few decades. Would people elect true evil just to keep a vagina out of the White House? Well, it seems that yes, that is exactly what happened. Our country simply was not ready to have a female in the white house. Laying there rubbing my stomach, I began wondering if I had been living in a dreamland for my entire life. Did I really think women were equals in this country? How could I have been so naive? Would my daughter inside my belly be under the same false pretenses that I had been under and believe she had the same opportunity as a white male in America. It was at that moment in 2016 I realize I was living in a bubble.

I was brought back to my early twenties during the years when I graduated from college with honors and summa cum laude with the most credits in my entire graduating class and the highest GPA but was told I did not win the title of valedictorian and that I instead came in second to a male who had fewer credits than me and was not part of the college's honor society, and had never taken an honors class during his entire college career. This male student had somehow earned that highest honor over me, and instead, I was placed in second. The school's reasoning behind choosing the male student over me was a mere six credits which I had taken at a community college over a summer when I was trying to make sure I graduated early from school. So because I worked extra hard during the summer and attended school throughout the summer I was penalized, even though I was in the college's honor classes, and had more credits than the male who "beat me", and a higher GPA. At the time I thought I just had terrible luck, but now looking back I realize it was an archaic rule that forced me out of first place. I was forced out of first place because I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college so by trying to save myself money and taking six credits at a community college over the summer while working two jobs, all while attending college full time, I was penalized by losing my chance to represent my college as it's leading student. I had taken higher level courses and pushed myself harder than the male student who won, but that didn't matter because I was "poorer" and I was a "female," and that was just the way it was. They couldn't have someone from the wrong side of the tracks representing their school. They had to have a male who was from the right family represent the school. That's when I should have realized that women weren't treated equally. I can still hear the dean's words ringing in my ears when he told me "Even though you may not be representing your graduating class, you and I both know that you were the one who deserved it, so please take that with you, and I hope that makes things easier for you."

After receiving my first full-time job after college, I went for my master's degree. I did very well and once again earned a GPA of a 4.0. At this point in my time, my employer had a clause in our contract which stated they would pay for a certain percentage towards our college credits that we incurred after being hired, all we had to do was provide our transcripts showing that we received a B or higher and our employer would cover the cost. When it came time for me to receive reimbursement I turned in a copy of my transcripts just as many male workers before me had done and waiting for the check in the mail. However, I soon received a memo stating that my request had been denied and the company would not pay their percentage of my credits. I was perplexed. None of my male co-workers ever said anything about their credits not being reimbursed. I quickly set up a meeting with my boss and soon discovered that my credits were not being approved because I had turned in a copy of my transcript and not an original, which had never been a practice with my male counterparts. I was then accused of plagiarizing my transcripts and creating my own versions of them and falsifying the fact that I received a 4.0 and my degree. It was at this time I went directly to the college which I had earned my master's degree from and had them issue a direct transcript to my employer and boss. It was then my credits were taken care of as per our contract, but I never did receive an apology for being accused of falsifying my 4.0 GPA transcripts. Even then it didn't dawn on me that my treatment was because I was a woman. It must be because my boss didn't like me. I was always outspoken in the company, and this was his way of getting back at me. We all know how opinionated women are seen... However, men with the same strong opinions are viewed as strong and smart. No double standard there *insert sarcasm*.

Even when my current employer told me that my opinion just didn't matter and that he only listens to people who do matter, I still thought it must be because I have a big mouth. It wasn't until Donald Trump took office that I realized women just aren't treated as well as we think they are in this country. All these years I was so happy I wasn't expected to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen that I didn't realize that this is exactly what the majority of the white males in America want. Take a look at our family leave in this country its ridiculous. When a woman has a baby she is given barely any time off to spend with her child; it's almost like women are being punished for wanting to have a family and to be a professional in the workforce.

After Trump took office things began to take a turn for the worse as people in power started attacking women's health rights, talking in an abusive manner about women, and even making it acceptable to sleep with a prostitute and pay them off while married. Why was it suddenly okay for women to be treated this way. What had changed? The fact of the matter is that nothing ever changed it has been this way for my entire life its just been hiding under the surface getting ready to burst. And with Trump's ascension to office it's not only women that are under attack. Race relations and hate crimes have also been brought to the forefront in America. I grew up in a family "that didn't see color." I was raised to see that everyone was the same on the inside and out ....but that's not true because Trump has been able to bring the worse out of people in our society. Due to Trump, it is now clear just how much hatred is present in what I once thought was a wonderful forward thinking country. Now in 2018, I have a very different perspective of what America is. America is not the great country that it has portrayed itself to be for decades. We act like everyone gets a fair chance here but the truth is we are just getting good at hiding things. Are things better than they were in the 1960's, one could say yes, but others would argue no. I would say that after what I have seen come out of people in the two years we have had a racist, hatred filled, chauvinistic male president, that our hate was always there just below the surface waiting for a reason to break free. Trump has become our reason and excuse for our hatred being justified. Trump is now the reason why we can openly say Mexicans should not be in our country because they are "illegal" when really its just our blackened hearts that see color. The reason why so many Americans do not want Mexicans in the USA is not that they are "illegal" it's because they are brown and as Trump said they are all "criminals and rapists." Trump has given the racist and hate-filled individuals in our country the courage to come out of hiding and spew their hate freely across the country. You can see it when talking about women's rights too. So quickly our leaders in the house and senate were to begin attacking Roe vs. Wade and stating that having a c-section is a preexisting condition and a reason for a woman not to have insurance. Also, with Trump in office, the white supremacist felt more comfortable coming out from their holes and freely and proudly marching on our streets again. This is because we still have a vast majority of people in America who see African Americans as subhuman. We still see black and white, lazy and hard-working, thieves and upstanding citizen, and now that Trump is our leader he has encouraged the hatred filled individuals to come crawling out of their holes and into the light. These past two years have shown me that I was very wrong about the amount of racism and evil within people in our country. I thought that we had more good in this country, but in actuality, we just had a lot of hate spewing cowards that were afraid to speak out until America put one in our highest office. Now, because we have placed a racist president in the white house, hate crimes are occurring in more significant numbers, women's rights are under attack, immigrants are under attack and their children are being placed in cages. America is trying to build a wall between a country just because of the preconceived stereotypes of the people living across the Rio Grande. America is turning away refugees trying to escape their war-torn countries, and the LGBTQ community is facing crossfire more than ever. Transgender individuals have lost their right to defend our country because their therapy cost too much but don't worry wealthy white males who are in the military will still get their Viagara. America has fallen so far in the last two years, and it is all because of the hidden hatred that has been brewing in our country. The depths of that hate have became stronger than the good in our country. Our president has made friends with a dictator who supports regimes that gas women and children and invade nations without the consent of the world. Also, our president has turned his back on our allies, the environment, and NATO and we as a country are letting it happen because unknowingly or knowingly we have elected many racist and chauvinistic white males to represent us in the house and senate. All of our hate in this country has taken the greatest country in the world down to the level of a bottom feeder, and we continue to let the biggest bottom feeder lead us because there are still enough individuals in the world who support a man who sold himself to the dark side a long time ago. 2018 is a terrible year to have a vagina, or to have brown skin, or to be an immigrant from another country, or to love someone who other's believe is a sin. No, the years of 2016-2020 will forever be known as the years of the wealthy white males.

Now you may be thinking... the woman writing this must be an African American or a woman from another country but the truth is that I am a white middle-class female that has had the great opportunity of traveling the world and I know what it is like outside of America. I have had the chance to realize that we are indeed the same on the inside and out. Until we start seeing each other as human beings instead of us vs. them, we are never going to get anywhere. I never dreamed in my entire life that America could fall so far, but the reality of it all is that it has always been right there in front of us. All of the signs have been there just rumbling below the surface, and all it took was for one them to make it to the highest place in office to bring out all of the cowards who had been afraid to spew their hate so openly, but now they no longer hold back. I wonder how God sees our "Christian" nation right now. I wonder how God feels about grabbing women by their expletives, cheating on our wives with prostitutes, making deals with the enemy, turning the needy and war-torn away, placing children in cages, and all of us sitting by idly. I wonder how "Christians" in America who still support Trump go to sleep each night, and how they believe that they are still good Christian people when they turn a blind eye onto a child simply because they are Mexican, or because they receive welfare, or are an immigrant, or speak another language, or have brown skin. My understanding of the bible was that we were to help the unfortunate, open our homes to the needy, and do whatever we could to make sure our fellow human beings were treated with respect and common decency. Where has that type of "Christianity" gone in this country. When did we become such hypocrites?

So does Love really Trump Hate. No, it does not because love is not what is winning right now. It's not even close. In fact, the last two years have shown me just how little love we have for each other, and it has taught me just how quickly humans would turn on each other. The point of the matter is people aren't mostly good; people are mostly hiding their hate deep inside until the time is right for it to come out and show it's ugly face.

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