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Lying Trump Claims No Collusion

Updated on May 19, 2019
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Trump has lied over 9,000 times in 2 years, so I could not take his word for no collusion, like everyone I wanted to see the Mueller Report.

A lie repeated is still a lie

In Donald Trumps world if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. But when the facts are right in front of your face, he quickly becomes that person that we all know; you know that guy or woman that lies so much you just smile and nod and when you walk away, you say something like "Damn, they couldn't tell the truth if it slapped them in the face".

Sadly, this guy is the President of the United States and since May of 2017 to March of 2019, he has used the now famous line, "No Collusion, Folks" 231 times.

When someone has to drill a lie this much, it's most likely a lie.

Mueller Report
Mueller Report

The real conclusion

Attorney General Barr and Trump have continued to push the "NO Collusion" victory, however facts are facts and according to the report, many members of Trump's inner circle, be it family, campaign members or close friends; they worked to obstruct the investigation.

Those that used encryption devises and could not recoup information made it difficult to complete the investigation. Others invoked the 5th and so if they did not qualify for immunity, they refused to cooperate.

So, in the end, the report could not rule out that if they had that information that was destroyed or missing it WOULD shed more light or even give them more leads to go on.

So, can Trump claim 100% no collusion. Not even close according to the Mueller report documents investigation.

Business with Russia. Mueller Report
Business with Russia. Mueller Report
Trump agreement with Russia
Trump agreement with Russia

"I have nothing to do with Russia"

Trump as repeatedly claimed that he has nothing to do with Russia. July 26,2016, he said, "I have nothing to do with Russia", "I'm all over the world, but we're not involved in Russia". "For the record, I have "zero" investments in Russia."

June 2015, he signed a letter of intent to build in Russia and in June of 2016, he was contemplating taking a trip to Russia.

But his history with Russia goes back to 1987, where he has mentioned that he met Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin at a luncheon in New York and was invited to Russia. Dubinin flattered him with praise that his daughter Natalia had read his book. The daughter however, said that they met at Trump Tower building 6 months prior. That would make Trump's obsession with Russia 32 years in the making. You don't hold on to something this long and then just give it up.

January 11, 2017, Trump still claimed that he could make deals with Russia, but he stayed away. Given that Trump can't tell the truth, how do the American people know if he hasn't made a deal with Russia?

What has he promised them in exchange for his Russian hotel?

1987 Trump at Red Square and Winter Palace
1987 Trump at Red Square and Winter Palace

2016 Russian money

As much as Trump likes to deny ties with Russia, he forgets that the media is full of information on Trump and his love for Russia and their money.

During the 2016 elections alone, 63 Russian elite invested $100 million in Trump Buildings.

And he wants America to believe what he has to say?

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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