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Mandating Healthcare Insurance. A G.O.P. dilemma: to tell the truth or continue the lie

Updated on December 29, 2015

Hear nothing, see nothing, speak nothing

Our new GOVERNMENT policy??  Don't listen, don't look, and never speak about the wrongs around us
Our new GOVERNMENT policy?? Don't listen, don't look, and never speak about the wrongs around us

Tell me Lies

The "New" / "Old" / Same" / "Continuing" 2008, 2012, 2015, 2016, and beyond, prevailing Mentality?

Just another political campaign with the same old promises and lies. And the American people STILL fall for the BS.

Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies. Not those big fat whoppers that you can not possibly believe. But those outrageous lies by politicians that are now just standard operating procedures?

Is this our new prevailing attitude? To see nothing, hear nothing, or speak nothing against the lies; or just the same old tactics re-visited for political reasons? And the public turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to all that bunk.

Liar, Liar

After the lies?

Minority bashing seems to be forefront on the political campaigning agendas these days.

Perhaps not a new concept, but certainly one with with greater ferocity than past campaigns. Here are a few of the most vile:

  • women's rights under attack (revisited and ongoing)
  • re-instating religious influences in schools again (revisited and ongoing)
  • gay bashing and promoting discrimination (revisited and ongoing)
  • reversing health care reform (revisited and ongoing)
  • pandering to the religious extremists (revisited and ongoing)
  • reversing D.A.D.T. (revisited and ongoing)
  • threats of Constitutional changes that benefit only the conservative religious factions in our society (revisited and ongoing)
  • Unnatural obsession with the sex lives of others and the insatiable need to mandate sexual morality (revisited and ongoing)
  • wasting time and taxpayer money on fear mongering, and promoting hatred (revisited and ongoing)
  • and adding to today's agenda : Muslim bashing (new and disgusting)

I guess i answered my own question: these are NOT new issues, and are always kept in the forefront of any campaigning to get the conservative judgmentalists to revitalize their favorite past time: Bashing others for vote pandering.

The political lies and fear mongering are running rampant.

Can you be a bigot without hate?


And more of the same:

Promoting hatred, violence and bigotry is still forefront for political pandering.

Peace is just an elusive dream that will never come to pass. There is no profit in peace.

As long as mankind worships money and power instead of mercy and brotherhood, there can be no quietude on this planet.

Politicians learned their strategy well from their religious counterparts:

The Promise of rewards after death appeases the unrest.

Modeling their campaigns on unrealistic religious rhetorical promises is strategic genius, it seems.

Promises for a better life after elections is as real as those elusive religious rewards after death.

And with all those promises being made, there is but one true reality:

The living will never see them.

People are truly gullible and suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to religion and politics.

What Republican Have Done to Our Country:

The War on Women's reproductive rights
The war on special supplemental nutritional program for women, infants and children (WIC)
The war on national public radio (NPR)
The war on desegregation
The war on marriage Equality and the Anti-Gay Agenda
The war on Net neutrality
The war on Obama: Birthers and Anti-Obama Legislation
The war on unions and collective bargaining/war on the middle class
The war on immigration
The war on child labor laws (state of Maine)
The war on the right to vote
The war on Islam/Islamophobia
The war on science, the environment, and health
The war on eduction/historical revisionism

The war on Obamacare

Reality by Mandate

We are mandated by law to have insurance and licenses before purchasing/receiving:

  • homes
  • automobiles
  • drivers licenses
  • mortgages
  • business licenses
  • fishing licenses
  • hunting licenses
  • gun licenses
  • et al

We are also mandated to pay taxes on everything (except a good bowel movement - at least til now). These are material things that mean nothing and do not promote life.

And yet we (some of us) bock at "mandated" health insurance.

If we lose our material possessions without insurance no-one really loses. We may suffer a temporary set back in our daily routines until we can replace those material things but life goes on with, or without them; and if you do have insurance, your insurance rates go up if you dare to file a claim for recompense.

Without some basic health insurance who loses? Should we allow people to just suffer and die as the GOP contenders suggest? Or do we "mandate" health care be provided by doctors and hospitals where everyone loses something except the person who refuses to pay for basic health insurance, and the insurance companies who don't have to spend any of their vast fortunes. On top of that, those who do not have health insurance and dare to use the emergency services that we all pay for are called "liberal free loaders". Certainly an "entitlement" program, but this time paid for by those who actually do purchase health insurance - so i guess that "entitlement" program is OK since it takes nothing away from corporations or the wealthy.

If we refuse to purchase even the minimal insurance, on 'material' things, we are simply, and unequivocally, refused to posses them at all.

Where is the logic in this?

Except for the wealthy who can afford to purchase the best health available - oh, yes, and the politicians who "mandated" themselves "free" health care at the taxpayers expense for life.

We are "mandated" to buy insurance coverage and pay taxes on everything mundane; and yet "mandating" affordable health insurance is a major protest here in the U.S.A.?

The winners and the losers

Let us at least be honest about why some people object and protest this bill that allows affordable insurance to so many that never had coverage, or never could have had health insurance coverage, without it. To those people i say:

"Your protests are not as innocently altruistic as you would like people to believe. Your objections still hinge on the fact that a Democratic black man was able to accomplish things that your great white counterparts had refused to do for hundreds of years.

I applaud Mr. Obama, his supporters, and the enlightened Americans who put him in office, and who put the interest of others before their own agendas. We would be far worse off had his alternatives been elected instead."

This article is written and signed by a white, republican, non religiously affiliated, liberal, American, and damned proud of it.

I will not cower to the the conservative bigots.

For those sensible, logical, non judgmental, GOP members - our party has become an international embarrassment.

P.S. as an addendum to this article. I have recently quit the fake 'conservative' Republican party and joined the ranks of the Democratic progressive party.

I do not ever want to be associated with the likes of Terror mongering Trump, Crazy Cruz, Confused Carson, Rambling Rubio, Huckster Huckabee, and the list goes on and on. They are all embarrassments to the U.S. in the eyes of the rest of the world.

by d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading? and commenting. Although i am not sure if your remarks are in approval of disapproval. I am from the old school and still do not know how to read letters that do not spell words.

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      tigers220244 5 years ago

      omg wat is tht