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Learn Down The Rabbit Hole on Global Warming

Updated on October 8, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is the author of The Salvation of the Planet Earth, published by Gateway Books in 1995. Book of Secrets was published in 2009.

The living Planet Gaia sitting in her own environment, what is going on in her environment?

How Deep Is This Rabbit Hole?

The world and its media forces recently worked up to a frenzy over the global warming conference in Copenhagen a couple of years ago. The emotions are still being hyped now that the conference is over with the anger, resentment, disappointment phases.

Behind the scenes this conference went completely to plan - this will be phase one of stirring people's anger towards wanting more and more rules and payment for carbon emissions. The crowds are all behind the real plan. Control, control and more control. The fear is growing, more television programmes showing the horrors of what us as people are supposedly causing on our own planet.

Psychological warfare

This is exactly the same technique that was used to get people wanting the swine flu vaccination. Build the fear, hold back the so called solution for a while and let the people think that it is their own decision and that they are fighting for their rights. Whilst the vaccination campaign was at its height, I heard many people complaining that they were not going to get their vaccination quick enough. Others were made to look special cases, the young, the pregnant that would be first in line and this built the desire for wanting the vaccine more.

The people that are taken in by this psychological warfare - for this is really what it is - are always those that have not taken the time to educate themselves on the subject of the issue at hand but so quickly they have jumped on the bandwagon.

Changing your mind is always an option but for those who have been openly supporting a certain point of view it quite often remains not an option for they are afraid of being seen to have been wrong in the beginning. At this incredibly important juncta of human evolution, our evolution our sovereignty is on the line. In fact our very lives are on the line.

Listen to your heart

Being informed now is the most important thing. Pride and ego will not help those who hang onto beliefs because they are just that, having been convinced by someone else along the way. Knowing in your heart is completely different to having a belief about some issue. In order to wake up this higher order in yourself it is imperative to have looked at all issues in the equation and then listen to your heart. A tall order you may be thinking here if you are not used to trusting your heart. Many people do not know how to trust in their hearts or intuition because their lives are in hock to the state and the banks on a survival level. They never have the time!

The climate change scenario and pandemic that has been hurled out into the arena is one that will affect everything in our lives for the years to come and it will affect everything for our children and grandchildren. The taxes, increased prices, lack of choice that this will lead to will damage the world for ever.

The lie is different at every level

An illusion has been created and many are now involved in this bubble. Luckily those who know the truth and who are connected to the higher energies are calling in and intending all the time that the truth be known and like with the lab assistant who used his intuition and decided to test the vaccine he had been given to distribute to several countries, someone decided to hack the system and expose the changes in data that have gone on for years in the global warming establishment. One thing to remember here is that the lie is different at every level. There will be people in the global temperature science labs who had no idea this was going on and were not allowed to know the truth. This is how the game has been played in all of the science and governmental systems. It is layered very carefully.

In order to begin your journey of discovery and open your minds to all of the information now available what have you got to lose, if you were right all along and man is definately the culprit in the climate changes we are experiencing on our planet then we had all better find out who is occupying all of the other planets in our solar system because they are going through huge climate changes also! And that issue is a whole new area of research which you may want to embark on also.

For those who have spent their lifetimes supporting the green movement and maybe actually working fulltime in the movement there is understandably much to let go of within the ego mind. I myself was part of this movement for over 30 years and helped establish the first Friends of the Earth movement in my own home town. I worked tirelessly to educate people to recycle when recycling was a totally new venture. My wholefood shop was the first shop in our area to stock toilet paper made from recycled paper and dyed with beetroot! But none of this work is lost for as a people being sustained on Gaia a living planet we should still live in integrity and with total respect for all of our resources and not sully our environment.

The Larger Climate Cycle - 5 Million Years


Your Education Begins Now ......

To hang on to outmoded beliefs and remain ignorant of the real facts of the larger galactic cycle we are in is suicidal for mans freedom now and in the future.

How can people speak of needing to rein in carbon use and turn instead to wave power, solar power and wind power which are incredibly expensive options when free energy magnetic power, free energy water hydrogen based power and many more exotic free energy devices have already been developed over the last 50 years by world governments behind the scenes.

If you do not know of these things then I suggest your education begins now before it is too late. Do not carry on being part of our freedom problem by supporting the hype and illusion proferred to you on a plate by those who would carry on controlling humanity and carrying out their plans for world domination. They know of the changes which will befall our planet over the coming years, they are hoping that the masses are never warned. It will be easier for them to control as usual if people are contained within a more direct ruling box. Are you going to be in that box. If you are rallying with those demanding changes to carbon emissions then you are part of their rallying call. This is not directly involved with whether we have too many carbon emisions or not it is just the jabbing stick which is pushing you into line. Checking out the science of what is really happening with the sun, the moon, mars and other newly discovered planets in our solar system will go someway to help you see the larger picture and help you to prepare for the real up and coming changes we will be dealing with. is a great source of whistleblowers from your own government and scientists who are not paid by the governments who truly believe in our freedom and the survival of all humanity and not a chosen elite. You will know if they are telling the truth.

Rabbit hole of knowledge

Remember the global warming hype is part of a much larger story one that you really need to know. Go slowly and deftly down this rabbit hole of knowledge so that you may protect your children and grandchildren for there will be nobody else who will do this for you.

Begin it now it is never too late to think for yourself. If I and many like me are wrong then you will have lost nothing, if I am right and you discover this for yourself then you will have gained everything. For freedom is all you really ever have as a sovereign soul in this universe.

The video below may help in your quest.


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    • aslanlight profile image


      9 years ago from England

      Are you saying that because the universe changes naturally that we should continue to pollute the environment we live in? I'm plugged into the matrix and am awake and aware of what's going on environmentally.

      A thought provoking hub! :)

    • hello dave profile image

      hello dave 

      10 years ago

      Excellent Hub, I enjoyed reading it, thanks you.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi Bob again, dont have time for discussions on what is and what isnt, all I will say is that there are now two tribes going in different directions, the tribe that is unplugged from the matrix and who are very very awake to what is going on politically, scientifically and beyond our planet. And the other tribe who are still plugged in to the matrix of illusion scientifically, politically and who have no idea of who we really are.

      I wish you well.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi Bob again, here you are not reading this hub or my other hub "Pollution is not the same as global warming, not looking at any of the links not even the one with the absolutely huge list of scientists that disagree with the theory that we are warming up our globe and you start putting links giving the governments public view of the story.

      If people act like children then treat them like children.

      When you show you have read this hub and the other hub which gives the list of the scientists not in the governments pocket and have looked at the other side of the story here including looking at the material of the scientists who have proof that global warming is not linked to us then I might just allow you to put these links here!!!!

      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • MikeNV profile image


      11 years ago from Henderson, NV

      It's the same old tactics of diversion and distraction that the Government has always used. Invoke emotion and then ride that emotion to your own selfish benefit while secretly forwarding the real agenda.

      The Government wants an uneducated population. They don't want independent critical thought. Where was the Government this summer when the last of the Exxon Mobile damage awards were wiped off the books? Exxon spills oil in 1989, gets fined and NEVER pays.

      Where was the media coverage of the $2 Billion in leases approved this fall to begin exploratory drilling in virgin waters off the Alaskan Coast?

      Global Warming is a lie. Time Magazine Reported (1974) that the World's Best Climate Scientists were predicting a Global Cool Down. Their evidence showed a decline from the 1940's - 1970's of 2.7 degrees. Now suddenly just 35 years later all the data that showed the Earth is Cooling is out the window?

      Does anyone STOP and take the time to realize that C02 - that super dangerous gas the Government is saying is destroying our planet, is actually a by product of breathing?

      In fact Co2 is so important it's the very building block of life. Without Co2 plants can not perform photosythesis and all life dies! Does anyone remember photosynthesis from Grade School?

      The Global Warming FRAUD is about TAXES and more Government intervention and control.

      Thank You for a thoughtful and well written hub to open the eyes of the uneducated.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      rvsource thanks for the link and comment.

      petra vlah yes the going green did become a religion recently but have a look at why and who set the stage for this and how phoney the info was. The agenda behind it is where to go if you want to unravel the issue.


      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 

      11 years ago from Los Angeles

      “Going Green” became a religion recently and many followers and fanatics are convinced that they can stop the natural cycles that the planet has been going through for millions of years.

      Sure if we can recycle or use electric cars without totally compromising our life style, great.

      “We the people” are NOT the great polluters of the Universe; Big Business IS

      Politicians have always find ways to keep people scared and to divert attention from the real problems; inefficient government, rampant unemployment, broken health care system, inadequate education system, etc.

      The LAST thing we should be worried about is 2010 and global worming

    • rvsource profile image


      11 years ago

      Universal Laws,

      It looks like you've taken some time to put some good facts together, great job! Oh by the way, coincidentally, there is another blogger that has published a bub because she didn't like some of my handy work on a picture that I had on a hub, that I since removed. I might have should left it up! Anyway I hope everyone goes by her blog and reads and makes a comment. I don't fault her as she believes what she believes to be true, as we all do. I respect that in everyone's right to say what they want! So far it's still a great country, I just hope we can salvage that much of it!

      She is a great writer and has some pretty good hubs, but this one is in "direct conflict" with your hub and my hope in the end is that truth be gained for everyone!

      Here's her hub

      Keep up the good work! and may GOD bless

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Thanks for your support GREEN LOTUS and EMO HEALER, I like the "no bars held" thats the way it has to be from now on, lets give it everything weve got!

      GREEN LOTUS looking forward to your energy info! Having experienced black helicoptors, invasive changes to technology devices, one recent incredible experience which I recently encountered but luckily had intuitive forewarning of which upstairs intervened on and attempted mind control techniques - I have ramped up the energy. Its the only way to go but the energy in your system has to be kept upto its heights.


      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina

      Universal Laws,

      I always have deep appreciation for what you share and how you share it. This article is no exception! Your advise to research for ourselves rather than to finger point is right on target. Those who have already made the choice to be led however, have little interest in your article because you are not "leading"...telling them what to. believe. Those who have already chosen to free think will appreciate the advise and explore, learn and act accordingly. There is a large amount of the population skeptics either way who waffle, I will hope that they are the ones to find this informative and direct article and as we say rather than changing the world....Be-come the change in the world, as you are and so many are joining in to being the change. Thanks for yet another great, informative, no bars held article!!!

    • Green Lotus profile image


      11 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hello Universal. I am glad to have finally become your fan. You write beautifully, your information is deeply thought provoking and dare I say, enlightening.

      I too believe that political manipulation and mass poverty consciousness are humanity's true enemies. Thank you for expressing to all that we live not merely Earth, but within an entire living universe.

      As you can see from my moniker, I am a proponent of responsible ecological behavior and the discovery of one's intuitive wisdom; however, I also agree, that it's not just good to be "green", but to promote true sustainability; those "free" sources of natural energy that are available to us. Although I have not written about it yet, I am closely involved with one of those alternative sources, and hope to share it here one day soon. In the meantime, I look forward to reading more of Hubs. Namaste


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