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MORALITY!! What Happen To It?

Updated on September 18, 2015

Right vs. Wrong !!

What could possess you to do such a thing as importantly as to say or mean and show something different other than what has already been predetermined?
What could possess you to do such a thing as importantly as to say or mean and show something different other than what has already been predetermined?

Fade To Red !!

It seems as if this new generation (meaning people younger than thirty-five) has literally thrown the meaning of this word out of their nearest vocabulary. Umm let us see what this means,


a : a moral discourse, statement, or lesson

b : a literary or other imaginative work teaching a moral lesson


a : a doctrine or system of moral conduct

b plural : particular moral principles or rules of conduct


conformity to ideals of right human conduct


moral conduct

(esp.: Webster’s Dictionary – Morality)

What could possess you to do such a thing as importantly as to say or mean and show something different other than what has already been predetermined? For those of you who do such a thing, there is a white room with matching jacket awaiting the arrival of you. There is not a day where we are not faced with the predicament of someone openly defying the proper judgment of morality. It is on open display from YouTube, onto the bravo channel, spirited on by vh1’s latest reality show and on into the network of the oxygen channel. Have they lost their cotton-picking minds as I watch it utter amazement at the factual center of things with no one there watching the store. A robbery has taken place right before our very eyes, with us being the innocent bystanders swept up in its catchy scenes of violence. Alcohol, gym and tanning do not and let me repeat this for all you hard of hearing jersey shore participants; heavy dosages of alcohol, then waking up the next day to hit the gym and make it worst by burning the layers off your skin. Just doesn’t seem like a natural thing to me. Are we into granting awards of fame and fortune to those whose morality has seemly gone out a window along with the brains of those ushering in such an award? What have we as a nation become when they change what was abnormal and add spices to it, twisting and morphing it into normal. One cannot continue to keep doing abnormal things over and over again experiencing the same mistakes and thinking why there not receiving a different outcome. This is better known as insanity and plainly put insanity cannot be the correct rule to making anything right. I spoke recently to a friend of mine in regards to morality and sort to discuss in length how they felt about the disappearance of morality in our lives. I opened the question with the problem of people holding their crotch while either standing or dancing and the pragmatic problem of people wearing their pants down openly displaying their covered buttocks. I was literally taken aback by their response. They felt ok with people doing such a thing, explaining to me how I should refer back to my younger years and take into account all the immoral things I had ever done. Is this your final answer I asked not wanting to seem in any type of agreement with them? But at the same time knowing that these two scenarios they were trying to attach could never account for the indecency being displayed openly for our youth to watch and emulate. After hearing this unbelievable ignorance enveloping my ears, I knew I had to instantly be prepared to go on the attack. In my days in which I had to remind them we as children were taught at a very young age what was morally wrong and what was morally right. So when you stepped over either boundary you were either congratulated or you were immediately put in your place. Once you were told you were on the wrong side of morality, you had better make corrections to your immorality immediately or you were not going to be given a second chance. This type of action seemly does not exist anymore. Let’s face it folks, we as a people have become our very own worst enemy as I was told recently, when I prorogued as to the answer for the second question. I was informed the reason why people wear their pants down to show off their buttocks is to make it easily accessible for the incarcerated male to consummate with and the only other recourse to making this more pleasurable was the creation of a style which could make the person feel at home. Beware to all those who walk afoot openly glorifying this style. Your Time is acometh, but much worst is the open gayness of our young woman being sent to prisons in record numbers , and forced into needing protection from predatory woman, who do nothing but prey on them, seeking to convert them and consummate them into the role of a man.

Where Is Your Morality !!

Morality triangle
Morality triangle

Over Populated With Domination !!

We have 1.2 million people incarcerated with, males being the most in numbers.

Read these frightening numbers:

The prison world is predominately male dominated. As the years go by, female incarceration levels have been rapidly increasing. “We know how hard it is to help prisoners become better men, and many penal authorities have given up too easily on that task. But whatever prisons do, they must not make men needlessly worse.” ~ John P. Conrad
Male inmates have predominately made up the majority of prison populations dating back as far as prisons go. Each year, the number of male inmates gradually grows. Since 1995, the male population in prisons has grown 26%. With the ever growing population of males alone, overcrowding in the nation’s prisons is becoming an issue, especially when almost half of the crimes for which males were sent to prison are violent in nature. Violent offenses can include homicide, rape, manslaughter, aggravated assault, robbery, etc. This brings the overcrowded male prisons to a dangerous level. The overcrowding and citizen alarm about violence in the community have tended to force correctional administrators to find ways to release those men considered least dangerous back into the community (Allen et al. 314).

With the California Governor so busy passing laws to protect our children from the roving eyes of predators who walk among us, we have closed the doors at what is really going on behind those prisons walls. God Forbid if your daughter happens to go to jail, because female sexual predators are already there with a license for conversion. We have not sounded the alarm at the rate they are converting our straight young men and woman into their valley of homosexualness.

No longer are we to set our thinking to rapes which do account for approximately 16 percent of them taking place inside our prisons according to the Journal of Sex Research.

Unfortunately this is only one of those terribly aspects since most males and females are coerced and enticed by provocation into homosexual decisions. We have shut down the light of those who harm us and opened up the light to those whose only plan is to seduce us and change us into their ways. We must not venture off into the dark side, as the light is lit brightly before us; all we have to do is OPEN OUR EYES UP AND SEE !!


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      I surely agree with your ideas. The person who commented above is simply woefully ignorant of the truth about the world. Thank you for this fine Hub. Welcome to the Hub Pages Community.

    • profile image

      china man 7 years ago

      This is just christian homophobia dressed in morality. Morality is opening your eyes to the big picture and understanding your own (our own) immoral actions that justify war, division and hatred. Immorality is imposing outdated doctrinal views on others while ignoring our own failings.