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MTV Illuminati Symbolism Daria

Updated on May 3, 2015
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These are random speculations about different conspiracy theories that people come up with. Most of these are just for fun stories.

The Hidden Signs

The cartoon Daria while on the surface just seems like another random MTV cartoon beneath the surface it is loaded with Illuminati symbolism. So much in fact it would be hard to list all of it in one single post. This is an attempt to shine some light onto some of the more subtle aspect of this classic cartoon. The amount of detail that has gone in to add hidden little messages truly is a tough feat.

During the breakfast scene the most obvious reference that you are going to see is the logo to Sick Sad World. While being a great form of satire for the group of people who would notice it, it also acts as a great way to hide some of the occult symbols that can be found throughout the entirety of the show. Most of these symbols are not as obvious as the logo for Sick Sad World, however. A lot of the time you have to pay very close attention to the background to notice all of it.

The next part we jump to Jake who is eating a cereal called King Tut. The religion of the Illuminati in it's basic essence is that of the ancient Egyptians. Most of the time when someone talks about a similar secret group the main form of worship tends to be centered out Thoth. To add to this even more in his normal fashion Jake gets overly angry and lifts up the cereal box. When he does this however he covers one of his eyes with the box giving use the all seeing eye or eye of Ra once again. This cliché style method is used a lot of the time when a director of photographers wants to convey the occult image without having to make it super direct.

The final part of this breakfast we go to Quinn who is reading a magazine that has a pyramid on the cover. The word hot goes over the peak where the O stands right at the top. This is the third all seeing eye we get in only a couple of minutes. It is funny to note that when you have chains of events like this in the imagery usually things come in either 3 or 7. In many different belief circles these two numbers tend to be the holiest of all numbers.

Now just in this beginning part of the episode you see a more comic approach to playing with these kind of symbols. It is one of the more blatant of these secret symbols that you find throughout the cartoon. Most of it is thrown in with a very subtle touch, which can make it hard for someone with an untrained eye to notice them. Re-watching the show and looking at the parts of the screen that characters are not interacting with can give you a new look on what is really going on with each episode.

Sick Sad World

Sick Sad World can be viewed as one of the highlights of the show. The amusing made up stories that would randomly pop up where always worth a chuckle. One of the most amusing parts of these stories is how many different conspiracies that you can find them covering. In a few cases they discuss Satanic cults and even the Illuminati a couple of times. Even if the story that they are broadcasting isn't directly involved with these two ideas, normally if you scan the background of the videos you can see similar symbolism like Quinn with her cereal box.

Daria Shows Up At The 3 Minute Mark

To see the real depth that goes into this small part of the cartoon you have to be able to filter out the more random or the more obvious of the cases. Some of them that are created are just purely jokes but you would be surprised at the amount of them that sound very similar to real life events. The more obscure topics they pick allow for a general audience to be able to laugh at, while giving other viewers who might follow those kind of things more of an inside joke with the shows creators. It almost is the perfect blend of satire and conspiracy theory knowledge.

The references they make tend to be a combination of different theories that may be un-heard of to some. The practice of making up these kind of theories and incorporating them into various forms of art is not a new practice. Artists have been trying to have fun like this since the first time someone figured out how to paint a picture.


When it comes to the different companies that people think are party of some shady shadow organization, very few raise eyebrows as much as MTV does. The image above is one of their headquarters. The studio is built on top of an old Masonic lodge. While the lodge is still intact there is no real verification if it is used all that much. Employees of the building are not allowed to enter this section of the building.

There are also a number of times that MTV has aired either TV commercials or specials that where not only extremely creepy, but also seemed that they where trying to hint towards something bigger. Daria is one of the shows that while it is filled with various forms of jokes and symbolism, it doesn't seem to be made just for that purpose. Cartoon Sushi which aired for a little bit during the early days of MTV had bits that where much more out in the open than Daria was.

When ever someone brings up talks about the Illuminati it becomes almost impossible to not bring up the Freemasons at least once. For many conspiracy theories the Freemasons are who the Illuminati really are. While there are historical records of both groups, the real life Illuminati had a very short life span. While they seem to have wanted to accomplish big things, after the leader had been arrested on conspiracy charges the group seemed to just disappear. It is at this point that many believe the Illuminati had infiltrated the ranks of Free Masonry.

A Quick Glimpse of the Symbolism

The Buzz

Conspiracy theorists love to view MTV as the fourth estate of the global dark cabal that oversees the future of mankind. While most of the time when some one starts talking about secret agenda they can easily be brushed off with a little bit of common sense. Sometimes, like with the case of MTV it can become hard to tell if they only have just one art director or they are using this as a means to create a viral sensation? MTV makes most of its money off of terrible, terrible reality TV. In the mix of these opiate inducing shows there exists little bits of creepy elements that can easily make one question what is really going on with the shows that MTV produces?

MTV today is extremely different than what it was during the early days. Shows like Daira gave viewers a unique and well thought out show that gave people something to think about on more than one level. Now and than if you catching one of MTV's shows that isn't a reality show you can still catch this same kind of attention to detail coming out but it is very rare. Most of the time when this kind of symbolism is used it tends to be more for the flash effect than to add a more depth to the scenes.

© 2015 Jon Peloquin


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