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Magnetic pole shift advice. Climate change.

Updated on April 11, 2018


There is so much in the world which is setting off all the alarms, you only need to look outside to see & feel the differences, Animals are falling dead, fish are washing up in their thousands on beaches, volcano's are erupting, flooding over the world, emotions running out of control with our friends and family's, our own minds & bodies are getting weaker, we have never been such weak humans, we have hit rock bottom. What more do you need to see, look for yourselves, its widespread news.

I hope you can forgive me for the fear your mind may feel, which at first it could cause a shock, like being woken from a dream. We fear change, the unknown and we always prefer to stay in a dream land. I give this message as an advanced warning to change your habits and lifestyles, even if you dont believe in the idea of this shift in polarity, The Information following will still be a great enhancement for your mind, body & soul.

The road ahead is rocky, and we are yet to see the worst of the effects. Keep learning and research any of the information you do not fully understand. the Stronger we can build our mind body and soul, the quicker we can start rebuilding our life's.

There is a bright future ahead for the strongest souls, we will gain our lost strength our bodies will heal, the mind will recover & remember all of our history, much more then we know now. We will see a new world of peace, a growing community of people joined in repairing the torn emotions of the planet. From there we will grow into much greater beings of which we have not seen on this planet for a long long time.

1) Research & improve your own mind & bodies to increase your electromagnetic field. Our bodies have electricity and polarity, they are also shifting. We need to build our systems memory powers by turning our body into a more positive crystalline environment. Crystals can store memory and they are also a great signal carrier.

2) Meditate on deep breathing patterns through the nose and mouth in unison. Try hand clasps where you focus energy pumping through your fingers, tongue positioned on the roof of the mouth. Clear your mind, filtering out future & past thoughts, 20 mins+, Twice a day.

3) Maybe try headstands when anxious or mind is overloaded, reverses pressure of gravity & possibly good to get used to the pole reversal, try straight after getting out of bed and just before entering. If impossible due to balance, make a platform to lie on tilting your body 30-40 degrees so the head is lower then the heart. We are going from the magnetic energy's coming down from above entering our minds first to them coming up through the earth and feet striking our heart, changing our emotions and reactions.

4) Eat raw (organic) foods to enhance your mind & magnetism, I start with fruit, then avocados, then nuts & seeds finish with a good carb meal leaving 2-3h digestion times before next meal & water 20-30 mins before each meal, good to reduce the size of your meals for this change over period, foods are going to get scarce, the more food you need the more stressed & unbalanced your mind will be.

5) Drink high P.H, well sourced water, keep in glass jug on a dual polarity magnetic mat, left in sunlight + moonlight for 24h. Boiling water removes the oxygen and depletes its value, try adding some sea salt to enhance the P.H.

6) keep a hand written journal as our minds will lose memory a little like alzheimer's, getting worse as the shift get nearer due to our bodies field getting weaker, memory is magnetic.

7) Stay away from electrical devices as much as possible like pylons, t.v's, microwaves, computers, phones etc. These all interfere with our own field and make us weaker. Turn off all appliances in the bedroom or where you sleep.

8) Spend lots of time keeping warm, soaking in the bath helps, add organic sea salts or dead sea salts to the water, even sea vegetables if you can get safe organic produce. Try finding some local clay, which you cover your skin with, it draws out toxins and has many valuable minerals. We need sea salt & iodine in our bodies the sea used to be our home and hunting grounds. I use this time to stretch my bodies muscles especially the neck & shoulders.

9) Get out in nature more often, get plenty of sunlight & moonlight on your skin & hair. Be aware that around the full moon influences our behavior in a negative way, on the other hand when it's a new moon we feel more positive, our brains and bodies are mainly water they move like the tide Do not over excerpt your body, breath only through the nostrils, when your breathing switches to your mouth you are working too hard.

These are my personal views for those who do not know what a magnetic pole shift is. The earth has a north and a south pole, the top of the earth has an electromagnetic gravitational pull to which a compass points positive north, to a negative south which is at the bottom, at this time the two forces are in battle, changing there flows and under strain. When the poles shift the negative south will be at the top and the positive north at the bottom. We have been in a time of + top, - bottom for 13000 years. We will be moving to a time of - top + bottom which shows how the energy has changed from + - - + (Atlantis?)+ -(now) - + + -. We have been in a downward spiral of negative force. We are now changing to an upward positive spiral of - to + = growth, life, rebirth. + to - is a force of deterioration and loss of magnetic energy. When the poles change the current way we use electricity will be highly damaged and the use of all our electrical goods could cease. Make open fires in your home for warmth, do not rely on gas or electric.

An alternative view is one of a great waves of energy hitting the planet, maybe in the past it could of shifted the poles due to the force. If the force is consistent and not such a sudden strike then the energy could be absorbed by the planet increasing its structure and energy field, maybe taking us into the new dimension we heard so much about. The effects will be similar to a reversal and the need to shift with it is still our main focus.

(This next piece of information is an update added 26/03/15)

There is new evidence of this shift and the process which it takes which i wish to share to help find the truth of our path and destination. I have been studying the thoughts and evidence of three main teachings, they are from Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein and the Thunder Bolts Project. From these sources i have taken some evidence which gives strength and further findings for thought.
Finding one: That the earth shows signs that it once stood upright on its axis.
Finding two: That the earth shows signs that it follows behind the sun in a spiral.
Finding three: That the universe is electrical and planets once all followed the sun in order.
I am aware that these findings are of great magnitude, so much so that they seem impossible. I hope to share the knowledge which leads me to believe these statements, in a new Hubpage to be posted soon.
Until then you can look into these peoples evidence which will enlighten your reality.
Graham Hancock:
Nassim Haramein:

End of new information

The last shift ended in a massive negative flood, which flooded most of the world, which caused massive destruction and most were instantly killed, this shift is the opposite and will will see a massive positive change the sea will start to reside, land will be exposed giving us more resources and fruits of life to grow a new world with new animals and a new human consciousness. Opening land which hasn't seen the light of day for thousands of years, we are discovering many ancient monuments off coastlines around the world, larger stones then the pyramids or any on land.

People who have had near death experiences, great traumatic stress or drug and drink abuse in there life have had a magnetic shift or loss of magnetic energy which would be like the shift we are in now. It can wipe memory's, create confusion and strip the body of important minerals. This can lead to a depletion of energy an a need for constant supply of high energy resources like sugary processed food & alcohol (a good way to move off dependency of these high energy negative substances is by eating dried organic fruit, preferably apricots/ dates/ figs), arguments & anger cause energy to be transferred from one body to another. These people will be feeling the shift greater or earlier then most, especially around the full moon which enhances the negative vibrations of the earth. Some may not even feel a thing until closer to the flip due to having a high magnetic charge, like some athletes, actors, bankers, politicians, people who can afford to take time out and relax n charge in the sun for weeks on end, eating the best foods, this has helped them build a brick wall and they feel stable in life. All life will change sooner or later in the shift, the sooner you feel the change the sooner you can change and prepare.

This is here, now & soon, stay calm & stay focused!

Light & love to you all!


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    • bubbleboy2233 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Coombs 

      3 years ago from Whitstable

      Thanks Sameyh, I am not sure when this shift will be over, more we have reached the peak and now flowing in a different direction. I feel we will always look back on this timeline with great admiration for the people entangled in it.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very nice article will be very useful. I suppose this shift will be over at the end of this year.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for your message . It doesn't only seem logical. I also feel that what you are saying is of great value.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Good article, thanks!

    • bubbleboy2233 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Coombs 

      8 years ago from Whitstable

      Thanks Martha! Glad the article made you feel better and thanks for letting me know you understood it as i was unsure if it was a complex message.

    • profile image

      Martha Goodman 

      8 years ago

      thank you soooo much! I was very worried until I read your beautiful and light-filled article!


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