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Make A Difference In The World!

Updated on September 11, 2009

Getting involved is easier than you think

Getting involved in charities and causes doesn't have to be a strictly-money venture.  Sometimes all that's needed is getting the word out there for a cause that you really hold dear and close to your heart.

The Causes tab on MyYearbook is one of my favorites and I enjoy donating my Lunch Money to try to help these causes out.  But then I found from one of my friends on there that there's even more I can do.

First, I've also got the Causes application on my MySpace and Facebook, but beyond inviting people to my causes on there, there's not much else I can do, which is kinda frustrating.  It's still a good thing to get involved in, don't get me wrong, but not really satisfying for the person who still wants to be more involved even though they don't have money to spare.

Then my friend on MyYearbook pointed me in the direction of   I've been on there for 2 days now and I'm completely hooked.

SocialVibe is a VERY easy site to get involved with.  You sign up, pick a cause, pick a sponsor, and then put the resulting badge on your social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook or whatever other networks you may be part of.  And the more views and clicks you can get on your SocialVibe badge, the more points you accumulate for your cause.  There are other ways to get points for your chosen cause.  Daily activities such as updating your status on your SocialVibe profile will get you points, for instance, as well as visiting the forums, etc.  Then there's also the use of the applications on Facebook and MySpace.

Facebook is my preferred social network to use the SocialVibe app.  There are many activities to do that no only helps you out in the accumulation of points toward your cause, but also helps out other people with theirs.

If the activities of SocialVibe still aren't enough to quench your thirst for helping your causes, perhaps might. is the social network affiliate for SocialVibe for what's called The Street Team.  Here it gets REALLY in depth.  This site is for people that want to do even more than just little activities to gain points for their causes.

On Fancorps, you sign up and you watch a tutorial video called "Bootcamp" that tells you a little bit about the site.  One of the main things you can do on the Fancorps site are what's called "Orders".  These are tasks mostly of the promotional persuasion, and it's more than just telling your friends.  It's also the attempt to gain the ears of the Big Wigs.

For instance, one of the Orders I completed earlier tonight was the task of writing an email to the editors of Rolling Stone magazine asking them to consider writing an article about SocialVibe in their magazine and even letting them know a few people amongst the celebs who work with SocialVibe for charities.

You CAN Make A Difference!

It is a LOT of fun and refreshing, really.  Being a stay-at-home parent as well as a computer addict, I am on the computer a LOT, and most of my activities are frivolous, mundane, and they get redundant pretty quick.   You can only be entertained by farming applications on Facebook for so long before your eyes start to cross with boredom.

With this, not only am I enjoying myself immensely, but I am also actually doing something that can benefit the world.   That is something that can chase away the depression of Cabin Fever real quick!

So if you're wanting to do something useful and productive, then get your butts in gear and try out these sites or research other sites that can be beneficial!  You CAN make a difference!  All you have to do is actually DO it.  You may only be one person, but together we all can affect positive change in the world.  It's not too late; just do it!

For Facebook Users

I don't know how many of these are also on MySpace, but for those of you on Facebook, here are a few other things you can do to positively affect change, try out these apps:

My  Forest:  This is an app where you can pick a part of the world that has a high concentration of Co2 in the atmosphere and you can plant a forest.  Your forest will start accumulating "Carbon Credits", which is how much Co2 your forest is taking out of the atmosphere.   The beneficial part of this application is that this raises money for the planting of REAL trees for this very same purpose.  So, take good care of your forests!  You're combating Global Warming!

My Puppy and My Kitten:  Two separate apps with the same purpose built by the same creators.  I, personally, am on both of them.  You adopt a breed of cat or dog and you take care of it, educate it, and the proceeds from these apps go to feed hungry dogs and cats.

Lil' Green Patch:  Not really one of my personal favorites for the fact that I'm easily confused by this application, but for those that actually like it, this is another application that puts money toward fighting Global Warming.

If you want to try to find other apps that have real benefit for our world, I'd suggest doing a search in the Application Gallery.


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