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Making America Great Again

Updated on January 11, 2018
Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.


Our Minds are Enslaved

Is it just me or is everyone else fed up with the dividing nature of our country at the moment? I understand difference in opinions, but when people become enraged and violent because of something they see through the vast influences of media, there is a problem.

I always imagine what life would be like away from technology, the media, and outside sources of information. Any time I go hiking in the mountains or deep into the woods, the disconnect helps me remember that life is what I am directly experiencing, not the illusions others create in my mind. While in nature, it's always shocking to me to realize that there could be a world war starting or an apocalyptic scenario occurring without my knowing. I realize that life is in the now, in the present, and directly before me in every single moment.

Life is too short to see each other from the perspective of differences. We need to connect in any way. Through this connection, true progression can be made. We are all equal participants in this experience known as life. When will the world and its societies wake up and smell the deepest truth of life?

People need to stop looking outside of themselves for solutions to problems they never really had. Truth comes from within, as all the solutions to overcoming any obstacles in life.

The media creates a subconscious panic in those who watch it. This panic promotes fear, which creates defense mechanisms and eventually divides the public. Overcome these subconscious spells. Recognize your connection to each other and to the planet upon which we live. Now is the time for the masses to rise up and take back their power.

What kind of world do you want to leave for future generations?

Perspective is Key

This Just In!

Has anyone seen my shoes? The news report said cold feet, so bundle up dem britches before they let in the frozen monotones of hot air belched out by the giants who perpetuate propaganda and spinning technique. Messages on fleek speak only what we want to hear, instilling fearful worries that beg for clarity but receive none. The significance of it all is overwhelming to say the least, but the beast continues his march into the hearts of all who refuse to care.

Spare me the tides of change speech, for I have been to the beach and found only trash washed upon the shore. Maybe we can continue to sell it in the store, glorifying the more, until we become completely rotten like that proverbial apple that meddled the score between God and Lucifer. The beautiful demon that seduced her into buying the first bit of quicky-mart knowledge: a promised porridge that was supposed to warm our minds with sincere truth, but instead ended up creating the tainted youth that we love to bitch about day in and day out; as if we knew better.

I apologize. Sometimes words are like a swarm of locusts biting away at the nerves of my fingertips, begging to be released into the fiendish fields of society, so that they may rape the harvests and inspire farmers to sow the seeds of a new understanding. Notwithstanding, perhaps rants are the raves of madmen who find their euphoria in short-winded metaphors rather than the flashing lights of tunnel vision or other such drugs. Alas, ‘tis a bore to all who call home, dialing 911 and expecting the image of something more than the pale rider to swoop-in in valiant display, promising to save the day only to bring what may come when we continue this march of antiquitous derision of the truth into the future of our world!

Smoke and Mirrors

Media consumes the masses,
dividing in many ways:
scroll your screen for toxic gases
and create a similar display.

Believing in illusions
people start to panic,
but these are just delusions
made to make us manic.

Like a fish caught and released,
we go back to the same old hook,
taking bait long deceased,
and feeding wealthy crooks.

Use the screen to make a friend.
Move past the world’s beguile.
Only you can start to end
control of rich Rothchilds.

Truth resides within,
outside of fear and hate.
Only when we come together
will America be truly great.

© 2017 JourneyHolm


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