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Make it for Merit: The Needed End to Affirmative Action

Updated on September 19, 2016

Lessons from Mr. Sowell

Respect the Rights

The misconception about affirmative action is that it promotes the scholastics of Blacks and browns while also raising the bar for whites, reds, and yellows. On the contrary. This policy demeans and degrades the very people, ironically it was developed to help. With the Supreme Court being indecisive on this matter shows the unfortunate side of this issue. The reality is glaring. To deny some the chance of earning a degree in an institution of higher learning in order to aid others is the most backward, vicious act one can perpertrate. Student Abigail Fisher’s rights had been violated. It is an injustice to consider the rights of some over those of others just because of the shade of their skin. What some Supreme Court Justices fail to understand is that affirmative action disrupts the process for allowing students into universities, job applicants into careers.

It is not on the brains of multitudes that a person is thought of as worthy of attending a school or gaining employment. it is up to the individual. Because the aptitude and skills learned over a period preceding that university or job application all require that individual to retain it rationally, they ought to expect that the selection process for their education or career be objective. On a good note, the Supreme Court Justices who find fault with the evils of affirmative action spoke out against it at least somewhat. Why would the session on this case take so long? The evidence that affirmative action is immoral jumps out at at first blush. To ask, “Are you Black and are you disadvantaged?” disrespects Blacks and any other race who should be considered based on their mind’s content, not on chemical makeup or ancestry. It ought to be clear that this concept only lowers the stakes, not the reverse. And this highlights the necessity for colleges and universities to be completely private. In that case, if that particular school wished to accept only white students or Black students, it would be their prerogative. As irrational as that would be the decision would be left to the free market. As it stands now, the University of Texas and other schools around the nation must be subsidized by government funds. Diversity and multiculturalism remain at the heart of the admissions process, currently. UT and others ought to only look at the ability of a student to excel at their institution. Just because Fisher is white, does not mean that she has experienced discrimination in this case. By rejecting her to allow for more Latino and African American students demonstrates the vicious nature of this doctrine. Instead of acknowledging her aptness in her studies, the school only wishes to see darker skinned folk on its campuses. This cuts at the very idealism of America. It undermines the sense that an individual may possess self-reliance and that a university would respect the rights of those with merit. In a fully free society, such considerations would be the bedrock of higher learning and anywhere that affirmative action has discriminated against someone.

The Idea of it

Should there be action taken against affirmative action?
Should there be action taken against affirmative action? | Source

The Message

The guiding principle behind all of the applicants is their academic acumen. For over a decade, these students have been honing their skills to shine on tests and deliver compelling essays and reports. The hours spent studying texts and developing theories of their own and observing laboratory experiments ought to suffice when recognizing their talents. Though the issue may be clear (it’s about rights) the deliberation and discussion over it may bewilder some. But taking affirmative action at its root ought to cause the most ardent collectivist to change his or her tune. With the facts that some Blacks perform better than white students and some white students outdo Blacks, the realization ought to be that despite their heritage, background, upbringing, or race, the student with the highest marks ought to be chosen. Altruism also plays heavy in the world of affirmative action. By stating that others must be considered over an individual with the capability to succeed destroys any sense of justice. This also shows the iniquity of shooting down the high fliers so that the less able might get of the ground. As a abhorrent as this may be, the prevailing culture accepts and even supports it. Since the morality of affirmative action ought to be questioned, few people dare to contradict the Judeo-Christian mindset which is to feel for the unable, the weak, and the least likely to succeed. To Blacken or redden or brown or yellow the faces on campuses by way of deciding what students can join the ranks based on genetics is deplorable. All this does is lessen the standards of what students ought to meet.

Capitalism blasts away any notion of collectivism. The application of free market principles in the private sphere of education would mean the advocacy of students doing well. Rather than having race for a factor, capitalists would devise plans for only the best and brightest to be admitted to schools. Now, there exist government schools who go along with the affirmative action agenda. The private sector would allow universities the options of choosing whatever pupils they want to have amongst the alumni. As plain as it is to see, it still may be difficult for people to see that this policy is the threat to egoism. To bring down the future physicists, hedge fund managers, or astronauts to favor the less capable is a dreadful act. But that is exactly what this system does currently. Affirmative action is actually in line with slavery as it violates rights and subjugates the individual. The underlying message to Blacks and browns is that they are not worthy of any position really and that they need to be favored not by their consciousness but color. The message to whites is that they’re capable but that they must let those who haven’t scored well on exams or completed rigorous assignments go ahead of them. And the message to the other races is that they can get in where you fit in according to the levels of strife that “their people” experienced. that is not the fault of today’s faculty that the Blacks’ ancestors lived as slaves actually. The fact that certain groups have gone through hardship or discrimination does not hold accountable those who select students. Any disadvantages that might exist in an individual ought to be cast aside and their scholarly prowess ought to reviewed. If the standard of the way that students achieve academically is downgraded, so will the quality of life in America. There are excellent Black, brown, yellow, and red students who just need a chance to show their merit. And there are white students who should not be barred from schools based on the fact that such institutions want to “diversify” their student body. All the universities need to do is discard affirmative action and install a thorough, rich, application process for all those scholars who deserve it.

What should be done about affirmative action?

Should we keep affirmative action or eliminate it?

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Just a Reminder

Something to remember
Something to remember | Source

Success through Merit

Student success comes with earning and deserving it
Student success comes with earning and deserving it | Source


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