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Making "Illegal" Immigrants Legal

Updated on June 13, 2013


If several people broke into your house and made themselves at home, would you set the dinner table and ask them what they want for supper? Would you let them move into your guest room or maybe give them your room and you take the couch? Being nice, how long would you let them stay? How long will you provide for the ones that can't find work? What about paying their doctor bills when they get sick? … and so on, and so on?

Reality is that if someone breaks into your home, they are criminals and you will do whatever you have to do to get them out ASAP!

Well America is OUR HOME and we have been broken into! Rewarding the intruders for breaking into our home is NOT an option. They should answer for their CRIME! They broke our laws and they are criminals!

Here is a potential option as I see it:

  1. Give 60 – 90 days for all persons here illegally to “turn themselves in” and plead “guilty” to a charge of trespassing or whatever legalese that is appropriate for their crime. The Department of Homeland Security already has 48 HUBS (fully computer networked facilities, utilizing facial recognition software, etc. ) located strategically across the U.S. where the illegals could report to for processing.

  2. They should be fined at least $5000 and given 1 year probation with deferred adjudication. They should have 1 year to pay the fine or face further action – to include jail time, etc.

  3. They should apply for (and be granted) a one year work Visa to “work off” the fine. During that year they can start legal process if they wish to remain here and become a citizen.

  4. There should be a background check on all applicants and they should have to account for their residency and work history for the time they have been here. (Obviously, those who have a history of illegal activity or no employment need to be shipped out.)

  5. There should also be a requirement of obtaining and maintaining employment to keep their “work Visa”; and, being on “probation”, they should have to report in monthly and make payments on their fine. Not reporting or missing a payment would be a probation violation.



  1. It gives a legitimate way to resolve the large number of illegals without awarding them blanket amnesty. Amnesty IS NOT FAIR to the thousands of immigrants who have come here and are being processed legally. Those here illegally can “come clean” of their CRIME, become law-abiding members of society and not be “rewarded” for their illegal activity. That is like telling all bank robbers that just because we haven't caught them, we forgive them and they can keep the money they stole.

  2. 11,000,000 immigrants paying a $5000 fine would cover the costs of personnel needed for processing and probation and would have plenty leftover to be used for locating, processing and deportation, etc. of those remaining illegally.

  3. It is a legitimate plan of action. We would not be awarding citizenship to “illegals” because they would not be illegal at this point.

  4. It would help “weed out” criminal elements (I really don't expect many of this group to voluntarily turn themselves in, but there will be some.) Also, by disclosing their whereabouts for the last few years, it will give us clues as to where those who do not come forward might be staying and it will help us close doors that new illegal immigrants might try to come through in the future.

  5. This would establish a way to manage the mass of people who opt into this program.


After 90 days, anyone (citizen or immigrant) that does not have valid identification should be questioned. Anyone that is caught being here illegally at that point should be processed as ILLEGAL, photographed, documented, finger printed, etc. and then deported with the understanding that if they come back they WILL automatically be imprisoned for a minimum of 2 years.

Your thoughts:

This is just an idea off the top of my head. Feel free to post comments on any ideas to improve it or if you have any questions as to why this would not work. Who knows, maybe our discussing it here will give us something to send to the President and Congress.

Definitely get hold of your Senator and Congressman and let them know your stand. They need our input of they will just follow the herd.


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