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Making Illegal Immigration Go Away

Updated on November 13, 2018
lpwilsonwriting profile image

As one who has had the privilege to have been born in America, grown up with opportunity and flourished, I count my blessings daily.

Someone Is At The Door

Looking out, we can see people with unkempt hair, dirty clothes, carrying a child or two. Some without shoes. Hungry, thirsty and tired.

After a journey of two thousand miles, mostly on foot, they are finally here. All four thousand of them.

We have to let them in. Regardless of who they are or how they got here. Because the problem is not going away anytime soon and,

because we are who we are. Americans.

We are still, as Ronald Reagan proclaimed, ..." the shining city upon a hill." We are heaven on earth to those who are desperate for freedom and the opportunity for a future.

Yes, some might be criminals. Some may have been organized just for the purpose of creating havoc. Some may, in fact, be terrorists.

Still, we have to let them in.

It's a problem, and we have only those in Washington D.C. to blame.

Whether politicians looking for cheap votes or cheap labor, whatever the motive, we have created a quagmire of red tape to confuse, frustrate and still fail to afford security for either them or us.

Through greed, animosity or expediency we have failed to recognize the problem and take effective steps to fix it.

Their home countries, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico must share the blame but mostly, it's on us.

And, for the last forty years or so, we have done nothing but exacerbate the problem.

Part of the problem
Part of the problem | Source

A Failure To Act

The Federal Government under the Immigration Reform and Control Act

(1986) granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. As a condition of passage, Congress promised to reform the system.

Amnesty they got. Reform, they ignored.

So once again, desperate people are on our doorstep and we can't turn them away. Not with military action, not with a fence, not with ignorance.

The countries they are fleeing from have nothing but violence and fear to offer. Corruption in their home governments, fueled by drug cartel money and guns has created a lawless society with no hope.

Yet we continue to give billions of dollars to leaders that subvert human rights and thrive on depravity and crime.

Now their problem has become ours.

The solution is not far away but it might as well be on the moon in today's political climate of mistrust and divisiveness.

What We Need To Do

  • Provide shelter, food and security at the border. Put up tents if need be.
  • Register and verify all who come into our country. Conduct background checks.
  • Require those who are already here to register and set a deadline for compliance.
  • Stop all payments to those governments that threaten the safety and future of their own people. Those who cater to drug cartels, and profit from them. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico.
  • Along with curtailing the corruption of drug-producing countries, we need to address our immense appetite for illegal drugs, fueled by opiate abuse.
  • We need to clean our own house.
  • Create a sensible and reliable path to citizenship for those who want it. It should not take generations to accomplish this.
  • Enforce all regulations through the workforce, law enforcement agencies and benefit organizations. Eliminate sanctuary cities.

No one gets a free ride. Not the immigrants, not employers, and especially not our legislators.

Our history is replete with positive stories of immigrants and their contributions. The Irish, Chinese, Italians, Mexicans and the list goes on.

Our Duty

As a free nation, we have the duty and responsibility to protect our citizens. We need to know who is coming and going and what their intentions are.

We must also recognize the need to limit or halt immigration completely when necessary. In the past, it has been done in the event of wars, poor economic conditions or terrorist activity, among others.

Today, there are no direct threats of war to our nation nor are terrorist activities something that can't be recognized and quelled. Our economy is the strongest it has been in years.

"Worth a thousand words."
"Worth a thousand words." | Source

Who We Are

As a nation built on Christian and democratic principles, we have the responsibility to provide for those less fortunate.

We are still the foremost land of freedom and opportunity. We are still the leader of the free world. As such, we are obligated to set the example for all others.

We are still the beacon of hope for all who struggle.

We are still the house on the hill.

It's time to open the door and welcome them in.

Because of who we are.


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