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Making The Case: Gun Rights

Updated on March 2, 2016


The legal argument for gun rights is simple the second amendment claims we have a right to bear arms and that this right shall not be infringed upon. So instead i'm going to argue specific instances were gun rights were in jeopardy.

The first instance is Viosola vs. The United States. The argument was that gun rights should be restricted for misdemeanor crimes. My response to that is "What other constitutional right is restricted based on misdemeanor crimes". The answer is none and therefore it is unfair to strip this constitutional right when none of the other constitutional rights.

The second instance is state gun laws such as the NY safe act. The reason laws like these are unconstitutional is simple. The second amendment states we have the right to bear arms and the tenth amendment states that no state can ever override the constitution so henceforth these laws are are a breach of our constitutional rights as citizens.

Map of cities with high gun control laws

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A markerChicago -
Chicago, IL, USA
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HIghest gun laws highest crime rate

B markerNew York -
New York, NY, USA
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HIgh restrictions high crime

C markerLouisiana -
Louisiana, USA
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High restriction high crime

D markerdetoit -
Detroit, MI, USA
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High restriction high crime

Living Document

Gun control advocates often claim that the constitution is a living document. While i disagree with that I will play along with it and say, why is there no longer a need for guns. Liberals will argue that because there are numerous mass murders and we know longer run the fear of a tyrannical government that we have no needs for guns. How do we know that the government wont become tyrannical. I guarantee you that no one in Germany in the 1920's or 30's expected Hitler to rise and do what he did. Germany was weak but stable and Hitler when was elected and that can very much happen to us in the near future. But liberals will say "We couldn't beat the US Military any way" in response to that. Did we forget that how this nation was started. A group of militias going against the most powerful nation and military in the world. Guess who won. I also argue that almost all of these mass murders happen in gun free zones. Also guns save more than double the amount of lives they kill according to Since that is the case why do would we take away guns because criminals don't follow laws.


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Prepared for debate

I am always prepared for debate in the comments


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