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Making UK more democratic!

Updated on September 12, 2016
I make no apologies for my belief this is a true statement of facts within today's Westminster
I make no apologies for my belief this is a true statement of facts within today's Westminster

removing the deadwood from the benefits system

Before any true democratic accountability can be achieved the first action must be the removal of the Royal Family from the system:

I do not mean to ostracise them completely from the system just initially remove them from the state employment register. After all not one of them would qualify for employment support allowance let alone personal independence payments yet they are all paid at least the minimum x 3 EVERY DAY of the week. Despite the fact that as a Family they have access to £millions of funds.

I suggest they should be taken off the benefit system entirely currently costing the UK tax payer £40 million a year.
They (the royals) should be made to stand on their own using income from their drown estates and the duchy of Cornwall, any use by the government for ceremonial duties should be paid for on an ad hoc basis at minimum wage with meals provided only if over 8 hours service required.

Savings from this action should be passed directly to social services children protection to help rehabilitate those suffering from historical sexual/mental abuse.

Bonfire of the vanities
Bonfire of the vanities

More benefit scroungers to remove

Next in line is in fact the next in line to the throne the HOUSE OF LORDS. Currently there are over 800 lords and ladies entitled to attend Westminster to discuss argue and suggest motions set before them by the elected houses of parliament.(currently a potential of Quarter of a million pound a day cost should all of them ever turn up)

1st thing is to sack the whole lot of them. YES I said sack the lot they need replacing with an assembly of representatives based anywhere but Westminster.
Numbers should be reduced drastically down to 403 maximum possible mixture is :-

Labour nominated 75
Conservative nominated 75
Greens 20
SNP 20
welsh assembly 25
NI assembly 25
Church 20
Lib Dems 20

Automatically nominated 3 One leader from winning political party within HOC one Deputy leader from Largest second Party ONE recorder from Third party

Remaining 100 to be chosen from applications from none partisan applicants by a committee made up of one representative from each group.

NOTE: this is only for the initial congressional set up, Consequently after a 4 year maximum period elections should be made for the 300 party political seats using proportional representation whilst the 100 independent candidates will still be selected on the system of applicants setting out their case to a committee of members.

Each member should be paid £50,000 per year with £20,000 expenses working on a 9-5 daily Monday to Thursday and 9-2 Friday.
Leader and deputy/reporter allowed £30,000 expenses along with £75,000 per year.

The reporters job will be to report to HOC anything and everything decided within second chamber.

The only members allowed to comment to media shall be the 3 nominated members plus one independent chosen by independent group any breaches of this protocol to be subject to suspension from house.

camel eye of needle anyone?

Money Money Money

It's harder to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. So too it should be harder for rich men to get access to government therefore Lobbying should be made illegal within the second house they are after all representatives of the electorate and not set out as playthings for corporate lobbyists; any company be they UK owned/based or foreign owned/based should submit any thoughts they have via Email to a collective server for all members to read (or not) as they wish.The practice of approaching individuals or indeed parties shall be banned outright and penalties imposed not only on the company but the member/party involved.

This is of course just my own thoughts in how democracy may be returned to the electorate of the UK you may have other ideas please share below thank you.


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