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Malleswaram and Sampige Road Hawkers.Worst in 8th Cross.

Updated on October 15, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

You have to walk and brush with people.

The people who planned Malleswaram had no idea about hawkers who would encroach on foot paths and make it inconvenient to persons who had to walk to buy few items needed for the family in those days 60 years ago.Though there is more than what is needed to walk to shops for the people of Malleswaram and surrounded areas the foot path is a big hindrance with Hawkers sitting on either side of the foot path. How and from where these hawkers came and the origin of hawkers is interesting.Hawkers were mainly in Bombay now Mumbai.These hawkers used to work more than 12 hours a day to supplement their income to maintain their families in Bombay now Mumbai.The Hawkers of Mumbai were not selling Ear Rings but smuggled electronic gadgets and other items that came along with many smuggled goods.Looking at the success that these people enjoyed others copied their business to suit their pockets.This Kind of Hawker Culture spread to other city's and slowly its ugly part was the en mass encroachment that developed deep in places of their choice. This was an empire be four any one could see what could they do.They had few law makers take orders from them and even few law keepers were interested in getting information on people who needed to be watched for any unlawful activities under the cover of Hawkers.The Law keepers had to compromise on Law Keeping. These Hawkers perhaps were so well organized that there was a discipline and order that they received from the group of Hawkers who managed Hawker Group to keep up their places and sell products with out any cut throat competition from among the group at points of management.There were several groups in any area but all were under a planed out method of operation.The person selling a Ear Ring had to sit in one place that was appointed for him.A Bed Sheet or Table Cover man another place.A flower seller in one area.A fruit seller in one area and so on. .

Roads and Side Walks.

Seeing is believing they say and this is very true not only in this area of Malleswaram but all over Bangalore in many,many places.Any amount of criticism by any media to the Municipal Corporation,The Mayor,The Commissioner,Corporation,Member in the Govt for local areas ot the Govt and even the Chief Minister rubs away after much fight in the media.The media also can't keep harping on what seems like a war between various bodies who run the city especially the power supply,water supply,private cable operators,private telephone company's who will be waiting to dig the road when it looks perfect.This unorganized contractors who carry on the work irrespective of the people's discomfort and traffic problems does not bother them.

Construction for destruction if you say then there are others who say the road to progress is always under construction.If that is true it will be so only if it is carried out with systematic plans in a transparent manner but this is not seen.We can see that both construction and destruction being carried on side by side and day after day.We do not know if we can take the road that we traveled few days ago is open or closed for traffic till we reach the dead end and that too with out any sign of what is going on and when will the work be completed.

The next worst happening is the debris that are left after the repair or any modifications that are done being dumped by the side of the road and this work of removing the debris which is to be done by another contractor who will remove it only he has a contract to remove the same or else it will be left till a complaint by the people who live near the foul smelling debris.

Who keeps the Law.

The Hawkers themselves keep the law.They have a unseen hand that will take care if any one tries to be smart in getting a better deal with out any compensation being made to the unseen hand which keeps the Law.What is the Law of the Land doing?.They are watching them and will deal with them if they trouble any body who is doing a real licensed commercial activity that goes on in the place legally.The Law keepers allow them as they do a work to live and not beg or steal.The Law is kind to the extent that people can tolerate.

The law is police for us the people who live in the area but not so to the road and side walk repairing contractors or the hawkers.The police will take action if there is any issue that might set the area in public disturbance or traffic congestion that will crop up in the area.We have separate law keepers for public disturbance and traffic congestion.

The Traffic Police will not bother with public disturbance and the Law and Order Police will not bother if there is a traffic jam or something that crops up in the area due to traffic.If you are driving and if there is a accident in front of you you will not stop your car to help but if you can drive away you will do so in split second not bothering if any one is hurt badly.The problem is the public will hold you and convert your car to a Ambulance with out your permission.

Invisible Co-Operative Society of side walk Vendors.

The number of vendors who gather at their appointed place at appointed time is fixed by a powerful cartel of police protected unemployed gang of persons consisting of local as well as out side the state and outside the place of Bangalore.They operate invisible to public but are visible to vendors who visit each vendor to give instructions on day to day basis on many instructions that are vital for their operations regarding:

  • Prices to be sold per Kg of various items.
  • Allow and inform by cell phones any new vendors who occupy any place in their side.
  • Inform if a police man purchases any item and goes with out payment.
  • Inform any harassment by any one immediately over cell phone.
  • Never allow any body to ask any questions on their working.
  • Inform if any VVIP is visiting the place and police found confiscating their merchandize.
  • Phone if required for emergency to the number given on that day.

Inform any new developments by phone and close your shop and wait for us as we will visit you very soon is a standard orders that are repeated by the members of the organization.The best that we can understand with out anyone telling us directly if one carefully observes the way the go about so authoritatively daily in a well organized way.This is a mafia controlled business.

Who does shopping with vendors?

The vendors are grouped as per the items sold by them.No flower vendor sits on the roads and bye lanes as they please they are allotted places by a appointed person who knows about the place and the quantity of items that can be sold and the profit the vendor makes per day.

The people who buy the items are mostly the people lady's and men who are aged and cannot walk up to a market that will provide all their requirement.

Lady's who are mainly house wife's who cannot lock their homes and go far more then 30 minutes from their home.

Domestic helpers who are asked to bring things as informed by their employers.

Children who are sent from their homes by parents.

Whatsit in Bangalore - Malleswaram.

Malleswaram in Bangalore is a 350 year old layout designed by eminent bureaucrats cum politicians in the kingdom of Mysore which was a Princely State at that time.These people who designed this lay out put it just in the middle of Bangalore which has now extended to east,west,south and north almost equally making it the heart of Bangalore.This model city once was a Garden City with Lal Bagh & Cubbon Park both designed by Lord.Cubon the Commissioner of Bangalore during British rule and Tipu Sultan when he ruled the state befour the British took over Mysore by a big war with Tippu the King of Mysore.These huge parks are to the south of Bangalore.To words east is a Industrial belt the huge Hindustan Air Craft.Towords the north it has a World famous Research Institute Tata Institute now called as Indian Institute of Science.and finally Mysore the world famous Kings Palace,The Mysore Palace with its Dasara Durbar held annually which attracts world wide tourists.Thus the layout is a heary of the city.There are Air Ports in North & East and Railway Stations in east,west,north and south of this layout.These persons who were responsible were the highly qualified politicians honored by the British including the highest civilian Honor by the british when they were ruleing the State of Mysore.

This layout has worshiping centers for all communities residing in the area.There are Cultural Centers,There are social activity centers,There are health care centers,There are centers for the homeless,There are centers for abonded women,There are centers for learning any thing in Indian culture.There are very good schools and organizations,There are all kinds of Hospitals,There are plenty of Doctors in every type of dicesses,There are research institutions,There are centers for the disabled and the senior cityzens.There are many Non Govt Organizations and all these organizations and people need help in there homes and centers of various help based organizations.for all the people.

These people need help to in there homes and offices and hospitals but there are no homes for these people to live and it is this core of people who are the foundations of vendors who have come from any place in India.These vendors live in places which are vacant and belong to the state or central govt.These people are the vendors belonging to the domestic and other organizations who take up the vendor gang who live with domestic and others who seek help for running their homes and organizations.We cannot say this was not planned by the most inteligent people they did but they planed for short time and it was the persons who took over from them in the next generation that neglected any plans and the other most important aspect which is population growth.


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