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Man Mohan Singh Is Defeated and Out but History Will Not Be Kind to Him

Updated on December 18, 2017

Man Mohan and his Colors

The Ex-Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh recently mounted an uncharitable attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was last Sunday when Man Mohan accused Modi of lowering the dignity of his office.

Why did he do it? What was the propensity for such a brazen attack? A deeper look will reveal the reason. The Ex -PM had held a secret meeting along with a few cronies of Sonia Gandhi with the Pakistan High Commissioner at the residence of a party colleague. We can name him now- He was Mani Shankar Ayer who recently had to be suspended from the Congress party for calling the PM a "neech"( untouchable). It must be understood that untouchables are known as Shudras and are at the lowest rung of the social ladder.The meeting was initially denied, but later in the face of mounting evidence, the Ex-PM thought it fit to divert attention by attacking Modi.

This is sad, as this very man Mani Shankar had two years back asked for help from the Pak military and government establishment to overthrow the BJP government. Perhaps Singh does not know that such acts are treason. The denunciation by Singh only came after the Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma had earlier denied that any such meeting was held, but later retracted and covered up with a silly defense. An Ex -PM meeting the representatives of an enemy country, in a secret dinner meeting is not something that happens normally.

The Ex-Prime Minister asked Modi to “show the maturity expected of the high office he holds,” forgetting that he needs it more. The fact is that Dr. Singh, on numerous occasions lowered the dignity of the constitutional office of Prime Minister.

Man Mohan and lowering of Dignity of the PMO

The ball started rolling when Man Mohan Singh in 2004, immediately after he became the Minister created an extra-constitutional body called National Advisory Council (NAC). This was just a ploy to give a position of power at peoples expense to the woman who runs the Congress party, Ms. Sonia Gandhi. He was beholden to Sonia and she had made it clear to him, to have a mechanism that would give her the levers of power. This position helped Sonia enjoy perks of power at taxpayer’s cost, without being accountable to anybody in this country. By allowing the NAC to emerge as a parallel center of power, Man Mohan Singh lowered the prestige and position of the PM.

Again in 2013, Rahul Gandhi, a mere vice president of the Congress at that time, at a press conference tore up an ordinance passed by the cabinet in front of hundreds of journalists and people. It was a big insult, but Man Mohan's love to be PM made him swallow this insult with a beaming smile.

He further lowered the dignity of Prime Minister’s office when in 2005, he apologized to the nation for the anti-Sikh killings of 1984. If anyone were to apologize it should have been someone from the Nehru- Gandhi family, but as an obedient student, Singh made the apology on their behalf, though he had no role in the massacre. It was like the act of a committed follower.

Singh outdid himself when in 2005 in a speech on Independence Day, from the ramparts of the Red Fort, he declared that Muslims will be given special treatment as they have the first right to national resources. This was a bizarre statement without logic, as India is a democracy and all citizens have equal rights. It was a ploy to pander and create a vote bank for the Congress party.

Foreign affairs

In the field of foreign affairs, he grievously let down the country when after a meeting with the Pakistani President, General Pervez Musharraf, in Havana in September 2006, announced that Pakistan too was a “victim of terrorism”. He went on to add that the terrorist violence in India had nothing to do with the ISI.

In 2009, on the sidelines of the Non- Aligned Movement summit at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, he gave legitimacy to Pakistan’s allegations about “India’s involvement in Balochistan” by signing a joint statement with Pakistan’s prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani which committed “India to share information on any future terrorist threats in Balochistan.”

The Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif showed his contempt for him when at a press conference he called the called – the Indian Prime Minister – a “Dehati Aurat” ( village woman)

Last Word

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when instead of taking action against his cabinet colleagues who were looting the exchequer, he just sat and fiddled like Nero when Rome burned. his period in office saw scams worth a trillion dollars.

The dignity of Prime Minister’s office was lowered when his cabinet colleagues changed affidavits to save Islamic terrorists and frame innocent Hindus as ” Saffron terrorists.”

What are the facts? History will record them. The fact is he was a greedy politician who can do anything to hold on to the seat of power. Does it not mean he was a dishonest man? Let readers decide for them. History if anything will not be kind to him


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