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Managing Labor, and Political Opinion, Social Changes

Updated on February 8, 2019
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Snapshots of the evolution of environmental and work safety regulations and the reason why.

Managing Humans At Work Via Politics

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What excitement! The War effort was on, and a historic building and launch of 3 submarines at one timeNuclear Testing. Navy men were eyewitness to this remarkable show of modern war fare. Nuclear testing for bombing our enemies in warMaCarthur had a way of managing people's politics
What excitement! The War effort was on, and a historic building and launch of 3 submarines at one time
What excitement! The War effort was on, and a historic building and launch of 3 submarines at one time | Source
Nuclear Testing. Navy men were eyewitness to this remarkable show of modern war fare.
Nuclear Testing. Navy men were eyewitness to this remarkable show of modern war fare. | Source
Nuclear testing for bombing our enemies in war
Nuclear testing for bombing our enemies in war | Source
MaCarthur had a way of managing people's politics
MaCarthur had a way of managing people's politics | Source

Politics Influence Job Stability

How does one manage human politics whether social or in the workplace?

The easy answer is by tyranny, force, brainwashing, and threat.

History has shown time and again, that a person or entity is able to grab hold of an entire people, first in mind, body, then soul.

People in many jobs or career situations are employed and ruled by the politics or political sway of their CEO's and other owners.

Political expression on the job is frowned on. It may not be discussed but through clothing, attitude, and body markings, the expression is felt and can damper any expression, or threaten violence into the culture of workplace situations.

Keeping human beings bullied, bound by rules, may keep them silenced and under heavy prohibitions; this is one way to manage people, but it does not stop expression.

MOOC I The Free Labor Ideology I Civil War & The Reconstruction 1850-1861

Managing The Politics of People

The true answer: Managing the politics of human beings, is like trying to build a dam with sponges.

Workplaces in North America have stringent policies about discussing politics, and religion in the workplace. There are also clear rules and boundaries laid out regarding the limits of personal human interactions.

Workplaces in the United States of America used to have clear guidelines in place regarding topics that stir human emotions to a fever pitch. Managers have learned that emotional topics are best left for places suited to that activity.

A place of employment is not a place to push personal political positions, nor is it a place for proselytizing.

Work is a place to exchange energy, talents, and skills for an agreed amount of filthy lucre or wages.

North America - Shift of Social Norms

Social settings are always evolving.

The change of societal rules and boundaries in dealing with personal and public intercourse have been rapid from 2002 - Today

In North America, in the United States in the last 20 years, we have seen a different trend in social settings. It is becoming chic to be rude, intrusive, and interlope within other's relationships and space that was once limited by some social niceties.

It seems as if Social Settings seem to be a good a place as any for politicians and political ideals to be blasted; one side against the other. In 2019, if the average person has a problem with fundamental Christian ideology plastered all over the walls of breakrooms and administrative offices they better keep it to themselves.

Ideas or Solutions


  • This may be an excellent time for debate halls
  • Join or encourage membership in Toastmasters.
  • Provide more areas for oration, provide settings to allow enemies to think, consider, and remember they are being graded by an audience
  • Cover topics such as: Communication,
  • Research ,
  • Consistency and Validity
  • Contrast & Comparison
  • It is important for thinking humans to take the opposite position.
  • Make people more responsible for their words and / or actions, hopefully causing people to consider others, or their own consequences.

Another helpful suggestion is that the majority of humans, who are not bad actors, and who do not as a habit behave violently or in a rude manner, not accept, support or promote bad behavior actors..

Do not allow by doing nothing or pretending it is not happening: "That is just the way they are...". No more okays for intrusive, insensitive and people being mean, nor get away with it.

This type of bad behavior is not acceptable in a kind and careful society.

Managed Societies

Tibet, Asia:
Xizang (Tibet), China

get directions

China has attempted to manage the politics of Tibetan Monks for many years

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, North Dakota:
Badlands National Park, 25216 Ben Reifel Rd, Interior, SD, USA

get directions

The United States Government has attempted to manage the social, economical and politics of the Native Tribes of Turtle Island for many years

Texas, USA:
Texas, USA

get directions

Moses will be considered a Founding Father of the U.S. per Texas School Text

Arkansas, USA:
Arkansas, USA

get directions

What A Shift

A shift in our society that I have witnessed the past ten years is regarding the ACA or Obamacare. In the South; specifically Arkansas, there has been an unnatural push to convince the poorest people to vote against and act against their best interests.

There are hundreds of individuals begging and pleading for help with medical bills, and those people are generally eligible for free or very low health insurance coverage. They refuse to enroll and make use of the ACA because in some cases the individual will be at odds with their employers, church membership or community if they accept Affordable Care.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Lori J Latimer


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