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How Did the Manchester Attack Make You Feel?

Updated on May 25, 2017

My social media news feeds have been inundated with both heartbreaking and uplifting posts about the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night, and thankfully, I personally haven't seen many hateful or racist updates.

One thing on my mind though is how one tragic incident such as this can bring up so many different sub topics of discussion. I'm sure to whoever is reading this, it's all you've heard about or talked about this week. So I thought, in my own blog, I would so something a bit different to all the posts and articles, and write about how the different aspects of the Manchester attack have made me actually feel.

Therefore, please don't take anything I write here at complete face value. I'm not saying anything I state is fact; I'm just going to be discussing what I myself have heard and seen so far this week in regard to the attack, and if you're offended I do apologise. But it is important to talk about how things make you feel, because at the end of the day, your feelings are what make you human (cheesy I know, be prepared for a lot more of that as you read on...)

I felt heartbroken

... when I heard of Chris Parker; the 33-year-old homeless man who ran towards the arena when the bomb went off to help people, and held a little dying girl who had lost her legs. I actually cried when I read the article about it. Another homeless man who helped, Stephen Jones was interviewed by a news reporter, and his video has since went viral.

Apparently a GoFundMe page has since been set up and approximately £5,000 has been raised so far to help one of the men get off the streets, but I'm not sure which one, or if it's both.

This alone though has sparked debate over the issue of homelessness, with many saying that just because you're homeless doesn't mean you are not a humanitarian; many are also questioning what will happen to other homeless people who helped on Monday night, as there were many yet Chris was the only one brought to media attention.

I also felt heartbroken when I saw the photos and lists of names of the kids (mostly little girls) who died as a result of the attack. Most people commented on posts stating it was better the victims' names be brought to light, rather than that of the perpetrator, which I wholly agree with, but it's hard to not feel sick when you look at a photo of a smiling 8-year-old and then realise that will be the last photo ever taken of her.


I felt anger

... when I saw the tweets of some ridiculous public figures; one being that of Katie Hopkins. I hate even mentioning her name because her entire career is based on the fact she will say the most controversial tripe in opposition to whatever the general consensus of the public is. I don't even believe she believes in what she says, but she knows it will keep her money flowing and her face in the news so she comes up with it anyway. This tweet in particular though definitely goes too far this time, with a Hitler-like term of "the final solution" being used. From what I hear, it's been removed/edited, but she's (deservedly) been reported to the police over it.

Even closer to home (well, my home anyway), Jamie Bryson (among others) uses the attack straight away for his own political agenda. It's when people like this capitalise on fear and pain to promote their own hateful ideology that terrorism wins!!!!! Hate stems from fear, and ignorance. It's a quick and horrible solution to quick and horrible tragedies, but so long as the majority of people realise this and stand together with love, no matter how cheesy that sounds (I told you there would be more cheesiness), that's when we win as a human race.

I felt overwhelmed

... when I heard of the "conspiracy theories" (although I wouldn't dub them as strong as that) about the Tory government.

"Why is it that when right wing parties start t lose a grip on the public electorate that another terrorist event occurs?" is one question I saw someone ask. Now, I am in no way implicating the Conservative government had anything to do with these attacks, but as political agendas are being pulled from this incident, I shall have my own (probably very controversial) say.

Everyone loved Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 until the France bombings, but the media painted him as weak when he declared he would not bomb Syria back; the Tories were all guns blazing, more than happy to send off working class people to fight for them, whereas Jezza then appeared useless and not strong enough to defend the country.
It was also around that time that Donald Trump's campaign began to stop seeming like a joke and his extremist views were suddenly greeted with wide open arms.

Just as Labour start to get a slither of their foot up the election ladder again by actually dealing with Torie-made problems within the nation, all of the attention will be taken away from them. Then, there are the Tories who clearly don't have a clue how to fix the NHS, education or homelessness. They seem to be more interested in taking U-turn after U-turn and ducking every 'education and health cut', so that they can now suddenly point everything towards terrorism. They say how it's their number one priority now and that's where the country's money will be going. Corbyn's sympathy and empathy for Ireland and Sinn Féin voters will then bring him into dispute about helping the IRA and he will thus be branded as a terrorist sympathiser; because he then wants to spend public money on problems that actually affect everyone on a daily basis he will be deemed "unfit" to protect us in this imaginary upcoming WW3.

Teresa May has stated the risk level of terrorism within Britain now to be critical, therefore another attack is imminent, which didn't surprise me. Unfortunately, situations like this one will continue happening in other parts of the world - a school bus full of children blew up in Syria just this morning. The coverage of it wasn't as large because it isn't as close to him, which is heartbreaking, but it is just life. No one can compare the value of one human life to that of another's, especially when it comes to the innocence of such lives when they are merely children.

I am not saying terrorist attacks are produce of the Tory government by any means, but I feel they most definitely suit their political agenda.

But most of all, I have felt hopeful

... because of humanity's impeccable and unstoppable nature to come together in times of need. I could literally sit here until God knows when, and talk about all the headlines, articles, pictures, posts and discussions I have both seen and heard; the fact that Ariana Grande superfans are tweeting her desperately begging for her not to cancel the rest of her tour (to which I felt scepticism), or the fact that Ariana Grande herself has offered to pay for the victims' funerals (to which I felt warmth).

The list goes on and on and on and on....

However one thing that always prevails in times like this, is hope.

What happened in Manchester will be one of those things I'll talk to my grand-kids about when I'm old (assuming I hopefully live that long). I'll talk about how it was the craziest, most discussed thing in the media at the time, and how security in every workplace was heightened, and how I had never lived through anything like it (because I don't think I have to be honest).

But I'll turn and I'll tell them of the homeless men that ran back to save people. I'll tell them of the taxi drivers who turned off their meters to give people free lifts to get home safe. I'll tell them of the nearby hotel staff who took kids into safety for free. I'll tell them of the café and restaurant workers that supplied free meals and beverages for the victims (inlcluding free brews for the paramedics... and on that note let's not forget the wonderful NHS staff!) I'll tell them about how so many of these people helping were Muslims also; proving that despite what the ignorant may think, the actions of the few do not speak at all on behalf of the entire religion.


Thank you! :)

Thanks for reading my lengthy rant, despite its controversy and mega cheesiness... and remember to never hide how you feel, especially in times of need, even at a national level. ;)


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