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Mandela and Freedom

Updated on January 14, 2014
Mandela with children
Mandela with children | Source

The passing of Nelson Mandela

It has been a sad time here in South Africa and briefly around the world. Beyond the immediate announcement of Mandela’s passing, there is the sadness and disappointment that his dream remains unfulfilled. Note that I say ‘announcement’ because it has now been proven by a team of sharp journalists that he actually passed away at the end of June of this year. One of the reasons was that the ANC wanted to ‘leverage the legacy’ prior to the elections next year, another apparently was that the children were planning to sue his estate to get possession of the millions therein, and you cannot sue a dead man. The funeral itself has been a year in the planning (according to official sources), so maybe they were simply not ready.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama | Source

What is Freedom?

Freedom can be seen as the absence of slavery, control, and vassaldom. Mandela and his colleagues fought a sustained war (the Armed Struggle) for this noble ideal. He was finally released without renouncing violence so at that stage he was still a self-proclaimed violent terrorist, but something happened to him once he was released and my guess is that he had a chat with “The Arch” Desmond Tutu. At any rate he changed his mind (thank God) and declared that ongoing peace was not possible without forgiveness. He and Tutu then put mechanisms into place to make that idea practical; namely the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Of course we all loved him for that and there was a wave of love, honor and respect in South Africa and around the world.

Zwelenzima Vavi and Jay Naidoo
Zwelenzima Vavi and Jay Naidoo | Source

Reconstruction and Development

Right after we got our freedom plans were rolled out to right the balances. It was called Reconstruction and Development Plan (RDP), the chief architect of which was Jay Naidoo. Unfortunately this grand plan didn’t last long. It was only a matter of months before an announcement was made scrapping it and replacing it with an economic scheme called Growth and Redevelopment (GEAR) which was dictated to us by the Washington Consensus. It has led to a quite rapid exodus of wealth from the country into the pockets of the mega-rich leading to increased poverty, unemployment and misery and an ever widening gap between super rich in SA (usually black members of the ANC) and the population whom they are supposed to be serving. This is completely out of touch with the ideals of the founding fathers including Nelson Mandela. Our alleged ‘leaders’ have abandoned their support base and are now completely under the sway of the Corporate Puppet Masters. No wonder they have been the target of a wave of what are called service delivery protests.

The Mandela legacy 'Spin'

The monster funeral charade has been designed to get maximum mileage out of the Mandela ‘legacy’ in the hopes of giving the present alleged ‘government’ some rub off of credibility. The demand for transparency in leadership has been gaining momentum around the world due mainly to increased access to information afforded us by technology, hence the uprisings that we see every day on TV.

People are no longer easily fooled, as evident by the roar of Boos greeting Zuma at the memorial service.

Our present alleged ‘leadership’ has every reason to be scared. Our local black population has been extremely loyal and tolerant of past errors, but I can assure you that once ire has been aroused they will be like a herd of charging elephants – something no one wants to mess with. See link.

Is freedom possible?

Will we ever be truly Free?

See results

Will we ever be free?

So far we have exchanged his vision for a repeated lie because we and the world are still under the yoke of economic oppression – slaves to the Money Power. Is Mandela’s vision of freedom still possible? Actually one never knows. Big changes can happen suddenly and cracks in the system can be seen everywhere these days. Mandela was certainly one of the prime movers; and what a pity that his vision has been usurped and distorted for the personal gain of the international Money Cartel who control or make use of the low-vibration people now in charge. Viva Mandela!


The real background

There are presently some very forward thinking South Africans making some quite radical proposals as to our future. Two prime examples are Mel Ve (currently based in the Netherlands) and Michael Tellinger who lives in Mpumalanga Province.

Mel Ve provides some important background history and facts behind the struggle to get rid of apartheid and colonialism. Understanding the past will lead to informed choices for the future. What Mel Ve does is to dig into the truth beyond the Official Version as written by the victors (hardly ever the truth).

A Possible Solution

Michael Tellinger (author of Ubuntu Contributionism has come up with a unique solution based on the thousands of years old African Ubuntu Philosophy. In fact he has founded a Liberation Movement and Party, the Ubuntu Party. This philosophy states that we are nothing without each other, that I have value because you have value. He proposes a contributionist culture and model of society, where everyone contributes at least three hours a day to the common good and the rest to their own constructive agenda.

Tellinger puts forward a convincing argument that abolishing money would get rid of most of our troubles, from wars to criminality, even to sickness. Who wouldn’t want that? First in line would be the network of central banks owned by a small group of families. Many of us would say three cheers to that; that we should applaud countries like Iceland and Hungary, who have started to do really well since they threw out the ‘banksters’.

Community Exchange Systems

In the end we can do without money altogether, but in the interim we could use the Community Exchange System , a different way of doing money, which was also developed in South Africa and has now spread worldwide. This system of mutual credit has been extremely successful in its twelve year existence, with millions of dollars traded.

The world now has millions of unemployed people, many of them with skills to offer, but unbanked and with no cash money with which to start an enterprise. This is a way for people to find others with the skills that they need and to be able to buy services and goods without the use of currency. This is a system that will work in case the banks collapse as they did in Argentina in 2000. In fact every town and village throughout Argentina operated a trading club. Now this system is worldwide.

Plan A has already failed, so now for Plan B


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    • Robin Beck profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      Community Exchange Systems are actually mutual credit given for value, and as such it is not 'money'. Essentially members sell something or perform a service for which they get an agreed credit which can then be spent with any of the other members. I would also like to launch a local currency similar to the Brixton Pound

      The software / technology is available to do this, but I am still looking for local support.... can't do it without the support unfortunately.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      The cracks in the system are indeed a major concern. At this stage I have no hope for the future of SA.

      A Community Exchange System seems to be a perfect solution, but I am still not able to comprehend the feasibility of it. 'Credits' will soon be another form of money, and 'unemployment' will still be a problem rooted in overpopulation caused by the uneducated masses.

      We are surely on the same page, Robin!

    • Robin Beck profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      Short answer, probably not! It gets more and more obvious that we are living in the time of the separation of the sheep and the goats (or the sharks and the dolphins). We live in a world of balance, so the insane actions of the 1% will have to be compensated by an equal and opposite Force of Light, even though we do not see it with the naked eye so to speak. Right now my overall impression is of the quiet before the storm and that something really huge is about to happen.

    • Roger Nichols profile image

      Roger Nichols 

      4 years ago from Mandurah, Western Australia

      Robin - I found this article to be fascinating and enlightening but am very concerned about the manipulation that took place regarding the actual time of his death.Is nothing sacred are authorities so uncaring that nothing is beyond the depths they will trawl in order to get what they want.

    • Robin Beck profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      very good comment Iris, we are in the mood for change right now, so let's keep our positive thoughts alive!

    • Iris Canham profile image

      Iris Canham 

      4 years ago from Johannesburg, Gauteng

      Sadly, our " leadership" reflects our thoughts as a collective. I was very excited when Mamphela Ramphele began the Citizen's Movement because I thought finally someone gets it...fears and anger will continue to form the leadership of the country until someone says, "Hey South Africa, you are worth more. You are pioneers of the future, the true example of change and reconciliation and powerful people of the soil who can ignite the world through your light."

      We need organisations to work on our thought patterns as individuals, communities etc. Reconstruction and Development was supposed to provide an avenue to reconstruct and develop and as Madiba said at the time what SA needs is a RDP of the soul. Well, decades later we chucked the need for "soul care" out. Ramphele started a political party, abandoning the ideals of mobilising citizens first and now she's in bed with the DA. When will be realise that FEAR is in power here and what Mandela was most afraid of "a chained society" is what we've recreated.

      Somehow my positive mind expected a "miracle" after the passing of Mandela. I imagined the spirit of Ubuntu will linger above and like a magician with a "poof", we would start remembering who we really are as a nation. Well, I guess we have a "snail magician" in our midst...will keep positive. Freedom will come, when we're ready to honour ourselves!


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