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Many Of Us Whose Wombs Are Veritable Highways of Death Are Judging Adrian Peterson For Disciplining His Child....

Updated on September 17, 2014

Many Of Us Whose Wombs Are Veritable Highways of Death Are Judging Adrian Peterson For Disciplining His Child....

You may say that it seems that I, Verily Prime, harp on the Abortion issue every time I get a chance to - and right you are! On the Abortion issue, I do not write for fame or accolades, only as a rabid advocate for "The Unborn" that we have murdered at the tune of some 50 million so far. What is so grating to me is the mostly Liberal pundits and regular folks who are pointing their hypocritical fingers at others... whose crimes or peccadilloes are far less morally reprehensible than say the child abuse that Adrian Peterson is being accused of. I beseech anyone who is objective - and I mean the objectivity that is not relative - to simply go to Google Images and input the word 'Abortion' and look at those images of the wholesale bloody slaughter and honestly tell me that those Liberals and many of us who support Abortion, and who may read this blog, are not being hypocritical when judging the actions of a Adrian Peterson, who is accused of abusing his four-year-old child?

How can those of us who have murdered children via Abortion or support a woman's right to do so... do not see ourselves as the epitome of hypocrisy, or moreover, the lowest of the lowest on the moral totem pole? Instead, here we are with the conspicuous planks protruding from our proverbial eyes, yet calling for the symbolic death penalty for Mr. Peterson, who is accused of Child Abuse for attempting to discipline his son. It is true that I too have children and that I too believe in Corporal punishment, as a form of discipline and I know that the question that begs itself is do I support the apparent viciousness that resulted in Mr. Peterson's alleged disciplining of his son? I do not believe in breaking skin or hurting my children for the sake of hurting - but I do believe that Corporal punishment works - notwithstanding what those of us who are advocates of Doctor Benjamin Spock's method of disciplining children think.

As matter of fact, many of us Blacks who were raised in the Caribbean and down South intimately know how it is to be on the other side of a whipping; and contrary to what many believe, our respective loved ones meant our discipline as a way to raise us upright. I suppose with that said that my beloved grandmother who did not spare the rod and who is now resting in Abraham's bosom, I hope, was a child abuser too. I for one continue to seek to be more a fool for Christ Jesus... hoping that I am worthy, which means that I must believe and do believe everything written in the Bible... and that is the only Word of God. So why then would I spare the rod and spoil my children (Proverbs 13:24 and Proverbs 19:18) - is Doctor Spock and the legion of Secularists wiser than King Solomon, when it comes to disciplining children?

The truth is, were I or anyone else, like me, who thinks that Abortion is murder were to confront those who support Abortion and who are now Crucifying Adrian Peterson (Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe) for his alleged Child Abuse, the latter would respond with a patented, seemingly, cogent rationalization on why Abortion and the Adrian Peterson situation is one of 'apples and oranges.' This is how perverted we have become... where we call 'good' evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20); we can now, with straight faces, support late term Abortions and still take on the moral, superior posture by rejoicing in sending Michael Vick to jail for having his peeps use his abode to hurt dogs. The times are such where we equate animals on the same level as Human Beings, and, if some of us would be brutally honest, we would admit that many us, furthermore, value our pets more than Human Beings or the babies we slaughter everyday under the Abortion regime.

It is an age of do as I say and not as I do, especially for many of my Liberal colleagues... following are cases in hypocritical points of my support and my premise: a month ago or so, I watched Chelsea Clinton, being with child, quit her $600, 000 a year job at NBC - not one Liberal who berated those 'One Percenters,' whose only crime was that they happened to work on Wall Street, had nothing to say about Chelsea Clinton's lucrative pay; I once heard the then Senator Hillary Clinton criticizing and saying that they should fumigate the White House on account of what President Bush, the younger had allegedly done during his tenure, yet no one brought up what President Clinton had done with Monica Lewinski; we hear the disjointed refrains about taxing the rich - but Beyonce/JZ, Steven Spielberg, and other celebrities, who literally are worth millions and who are frequent visitors to the Obamas, seem not to be included in this tax-the-rich category.

In that same theme and hypocritical vein, which says to do as I say and not as I do that permeates many of my Liberal buds, in accordance to a recent survey, guess which two companies are the absolute worst in hiring minorities: Ebay and Berkshire Hathaway - notwithstanding that one of the CEOs, Jeff Bezos, is gay and supposedly progressive, and the other, Warren Buffet, who is always hobnobbing with our first African American President; and have I mentioned how that same Warren Buffet have employed a bevy of lawyers, so as to prevent his Berkshire Hathaway company from paying taxes.

As far as I am concerned, no one who supports Abortion can say anything to me morally on any issue because, I will say again that, there is absolutely nothing, we as Human Beings do, can be as vile as engaging and believing in Abortion. The minute we walked down that murderous path of murdering children and making it legal... every perversion of the Human condition, influenced by demonic spirits, is now fair game because God has given us over to having reprobate minds. Furthermore, when you see us at funerals weeping for the young children that were killed via gun violence or engaging in booing Michael Vick at some foot ball game or opining on how wicked Adrian Peterson is for disciplining his child or having empathy for some happening, yet holding on to our wicked belief in killing children, it relegate our crocodile emotions of no moral import or consequence.

As the fabric of American life continues to decay, we will put on our blinders and concentrate on the trivial and people like me will continue to be seen as the monsters, the rubes, the Philistines, while, at the same time, we take part in this moral sleight of hand, ignoring the million of innocent babies we have murdered that make up the proverbial blood-stained, massive elephant in the room!


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