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Marijuana Lies

Updated on April 10, 2010

Micky Dee's Motive!

I want to adhere to the greatest LAW of our world- the GOLDEN RULE!
I want to adhere to the greatest LAW of our world- the GOLDEN RULE!

My motive is FAIRNESS!

My overt motive, ulterior motive, my life-time goal is to adhere to the GOLDEN RULE. I will keep driving that "nail" because that nail has not been driven.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

You cannot truely be a Christian without adhering to that LAW. It cannot be done.

You cannot truly be a religious person at all- unless you adhere to that LAW. Every religion has a version of that LAW.

We cannot consider ourselves "Christ-like" without the Golden Rule.

We cannot turn our heads away from courts that reward the well-to-do and who are represented by lawyers, barristers, and other criminals of the system.

We cannot turn our heads and look away from the unjust incarceration of our people, many who are at the peak of their productive lives.

We need a "JUSTICE SYSTEM" that begins with having punishments fit the crimes and possible outcomes of those crimes.

We cannot have an "INJUSTICE SYSTEM" that falsifies laws, trials, and unfair punishment.

As some readers might realize- I keep trying to commit hub-icide! I just coined that. This is suicide by hub-pages. Let's talk about everything no matter how many readers it may cost me.

I want the GOLDEN RULE strictly promoted and enforced or this country of the United States of America is not "one nation under God"!

Micky: God?

God: Yeah Micky?

Micky:Are you sure about this?

God: Yes Micky. Just do it!

Micky: You think this is funny don't You, God?

God: Yep! I do.

Micky: You know I don't like this "heat". I have a beard and long hair! Well, where it's not bald anyway. God- I want a low profile. Please? Please? Let someone else write this one?

God: So you want to write what you want?

Micky: I guess not. I mean- everything I see -I have to see through You. I guess you can write through me. But coming through Micky Dee- it's going to be "ruff"!

God: What else you gotta do today?

Micky: "Presactly"!

Stereotyping! Propaganda!

One of the worst ways of demonizing is to stereotype. Paint a picture of naked girls with booze, cannabis, etc. Create a false "life-style for "users". Many representations of any "vices" can be absolutely false. The old "KOOL" cigarette ads come to mind. A handsome smoker gets the pretty girl and they're both enjoying the great "KOOL" outdoors.

The same can be said for the propaganda for and against cannabis. Cheech and Chong come to mind. Many exaggerations about products do harm!

It seems that some of the dumbest messages are promoted by those who use!

Tell the truth!

Some of the dumbest promotions against "using" are out-right lies and ridiculous.

Researching the internet for info I came across websites that were "for" legalizing cannabis which were ludicrous. It should turn most "self respecting citizens" (if there are any really) OFF toward legalizing cannabis.

On the other hand there are websites that are against cannabis and in such a way that they too are ridiculous. And indeed these "sites" and messages turn people away.

Neither do justice to the truth.

History of Weed

America’s First Marijuana Law

In 1619, before America was born, we had America’s first marijuana law at JamestownVirginia. It “ordered all farmers to “make trial of” (grow) Indian hemp seed. More “must grow hemp” laws were enacted in Massachusetts in 1631 and in Connecticut in 1632.

In England, foreigners who grew cannabis were given citizenship.

Cannabis was legal tender (money) for most of the Americas from 1631 to the early 1800s.

You could pay your taxes for hundreds of years with hemp in America. You could be jailed for “not” growing it.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. While in France Jefferson took great risks and expense to smuggle hemp seeds out of China and into Turkey- illegally! The political leaders of China considered the exportation of their seeds –a capital offense!

Benjamin Franklin started one of America’s first paper mills with cannabis as “paper”.

Marijuana and hashish were the second or third most prescribed medicines in the United States from 1842 until the 1890s.


Many things are legal until they're made obsolete!
Many things are legal until they're made obsolete!

Cannabis hemp is the strongest, most durable natural soft fiber on earth.

In 1942 the Japanese cut off the supply of Manila hemp. The US government distributed 400,000 pounds of cannabis seeds to American farmers from Kentucky to Wisconsin.

Eli Whitney cotton gins were replaced by European-made industrial looms and gins. It was now cheaper to produce cotton than hemp.

FYI- 50% of all chemicals used in American agriculture are used in cotton growing.

The first and second drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on Dutch (hemp) paper.

The history of cannabis would go back beyond history.

Peace Bud: Hemp Conspiracy TV Premiere

Some Uses

The US Pharmacopoeia indicated it should be used in ailments such as fatigue,  fits of coughing, rheumatism, asthma, delirium tremens,  migraine headaches, and cramps and depressions associated with menstruation.

Queen Victoria applied cannabis resins menstrual cramps and PMS . The Queen reigned from 1837 to 1901. This period paralleled the enormous growth of Indian cannabis medicines throughout the Western World.

There are many, many uses of hemp. Cloth, paper, rope, clothes, medicines, oils, protein, building materials, etc.


65 mgs of morphine per fluid ounce should do it!
65 mgs of morphine per fluid ounce should do it!

“Break Through In Papermaking”

If hemp was legally cultivated using 20th Century technology, it would be the single largest agricultural crop in the United States and the world today.

This article was prepared in February 1937 when hemp was still legal to grow.

One acre of hemp, in annual rotation over a twenty year rotation period would produce as much pulp for paper as 4.1 acres of trees being cut down in a 20 year period. This process would eliminate 75% and more of chemicals to spoil our water supplies.

State of the art hemp fiber stripping machines were available in the mid-1930s. Timber, paper, and large newspaper holding companies like Randolph Hearst’s Kimberly Clark could lose billions and even go belly up.

It just so happens Dupont  just patented a sulphuric acid process for wood pulp paper. Had hemp not been made illegal, 80% of Dupont would not be and the pollution of their existence would not have taken its toll as it has. Secret meetings were held- you know –much like today!

Why Marijuana Remains Illegal


Hearst’s hatred and lies would fan wars and laws passed. Hearst fueled the flames for the Spanish-American War.

They began a yellow journalism campaign to outlaw marijuana. Car accidents involving alcohol would outnumber those cannabis related incidents 1,000 to 1. But if a marijuana cigarette was found in the ashtray, that story made front page while more alcohol related stories went to the back of the paper.

At some point Poncho Villa seized some of Hearst’s finest timberland. He denounced Spaniards, Latinos, Mexican-Americans. Hearst, for decades, would portray the Mexican as pot smoking and lazy.

1910 to 1920 saw Hearst reporting that the majority of Negroes raping white women could be traced directly to cocaine. After that ten year period, Hearst now saw that it wasn’t cocaine crazed Negroes raping white women. It was marijuana crazed Negroes raping white women.

Willie Nelson: Hemp and the Family Farm

Facts, Figures, Truths- that you won't ever care about!

There are so many sordid facts and figures I could put on this hub. I could tell you about George Herbet Walker Bush, GW’s father, being with the CIA, about his oil company being named Zapata Oil. I could say something about the Bay of Pigs tied into that. I could mention the ties that he had with Dan Quayle’s father and the Ely Lilly company. Oh, I guess I could say that Dan Quayle was a go-between for drug kingpins, gun runners, and other officials with the Iran-Contra scandal. I could say that the Bushes are large shareholders of Lilly, //abbot, Bristol, Pfizer, etc. I won’t though.

I won’t tell you anything like that because “you” don’t want to hear it.

I simply will not tell you that Bush lobbied illegally within and without the administration as Vice President in 1981 to permit drug companies to dump obsolete, unwanted, domestically banned substances on unwary Third World countries.

But I’m not going to do that. It would hurt my back to sit here and type this tripe almost as it would tire you out to read this dribble. Besides- let’s face it –to read stuff like this could turn our Disneyland Fantasyland upside down.

I certainly won’t try to educate you on the fact that in 1981 Vice President Bush was ordered to stop lobbying the IRS for special tax breaks for the drug companies, on behalf of the Supreme Court itself.

Nope! I’m not telling you any of that.

It would even muddy the murky waters to dwell on either political party since both are abetting this crime.

Hemp is not "smoking" Cannabis!

Hemp does not have THC.

There is more use for hemp (buzzless cannabis) than for smoking marijuana!

the great cannabis conspiracy

So what’s the buzz about?

It’s really not much of a buzz.

It’s probably better for you than too much caffeine.

It’s certainly better than alcohol if one chose to alter their mood.

You can drink, and in no time at all, enough booze to render you unconscious.

As I bicycle around America, I see the empty beer cans and bottles form too many "drinking and driving" excursions. There are way too many alcoholic beverage containers on the sides of the roads. There are many "clean-ups" by nearby residents to get rid of the unsightly recyclable waste. The empty containers are quickly replaced.

Too many people are drinking and driving!

Most sports have been promoted by alcohol! NASCAR is sponsored by alcohol!

Harvard Economist on why marijuana should be legalized !

75% of illegal drugs are consumed by white folks!

75% of our population is white.

75% of illegal drugs are consumed by white folks.

More money- better quantity. No street dealing.

98% of arrests in Urban America are blacks and Latinos!

This is a racial crime perpetrated by the United States injustice system!

It is a generation after generation perpetual cycle because of the continuation of poverty that feeds on it.

To ignore this plight and blight and this crime against the poor and people of color in our country is one of the worst crimes of all.

Racism, apathy on a grand scale, selfishness, etc.

This involves lives ruined.

People are imprisoned.

People are killed.

People die.

Dreams destroyed.

Minds are destroyed.

Spirits are destroyed.

Souls are destroyed.

The Union: the business behind getting high!

Don't lie to our youth!

Tell the exact truth about all drugs, food, politics!

Tell the truth. If you don't know the truth- research until you do know the truth!

Exploring things we don't understand can often be brought about from lies being told.

Being able to trust someone to tell you of a danger- all the time - builds trust.

Lying about one "thing" can break "trust".

Lie about pot. "They" research. "They" learn the truth.

Now "you" are no longer a source of trust!

Now "they" try something else "you" have lied about- "maybe"?

Maybe this time "you" told the truth.

This is the "gateway" to other drugs- because "you" have no credibility.

Don't lie to children- about anything!

The Drug War In a Nutshell !

Don't lock them up!

Ancient and modern historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, philologists and the physical evidence (artifacts, cuneiform, languages, etc.) indicate that cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants on our planet.

Cab Calloway - Reefer Man High Quality

Legalize It! Can't we all just get a bong?

Drinking vs Smoking

Below is a famous actor after drinking.

Never- never have I seen or heard of this from smoking cannabis!

You can eat cannabis and feel badly.

It is infeasible to smoke cannabis and fall this "low".

In Vietnam - a man drinking will pass out on guard duty.

After drinking enough, a man or woman will pass out- uncontrollably -at war, at the wheel, at anything!

I am not advocating either! I am saying that I will permit tests on me regarding my statements.

I am saying if the greatest cyclist in the world will drink as much as I want him to-

I will smoke as much as he wants me to.

I'm 60 years old and I will beat him soundly! Let's do it.

Meanwhile- this is a victimless crime for the most part -much less than alcohol.

I have seen alcoholics become new people giving up alcohol for cannabis.

I'm saying - take this "crime" and astigmatism off our people.

A man- out of control!

This is drinking. It is never "smoking".
This is drinking. It is never "smoking".

Many drinkers will have a glass of wine with a meal. Many will be responsible.

The same and more can be said for folks who might sit out on their decks with a cannabis cigarette! Most "smokers" are not "Cheech and Chong". They are doctors, lawyers, professional people of all types.

The real difference is "they" don't go to jail like Negroes and Latinos!

Quit supporting racial policies!

Quit supporting policies against the poor!

French Tonic Wine

Cato Institute 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C.

The video below is quite long- 82 minutes. It feels like 83 minutes! There are many lessons to learn from this video. We can learn many things about our rights. This video will also explain a bit about victims and the people this crime is focused against! Please take the time- when you can -and watch, listen, and learn!


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