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May Gone by June!

Updated on October 5, 2020

Ex-Prime Minister To Be: Theresa May.

Its finally happened, the one event many thought would never happen, Theresa May has announced her departure.

Standing at a podium, outside the black door of 10 Downing Street, fighting back tears, Britain's, second woman, Prime Minister, announced, she would be leaving her job come, June.

She came to power in 2016, after David Cameron, resigned following the Brexit referendum not going his way. Reckoned to be another Maggie Thatcher, it seemed Theresa May did indeed, have a steely Thatcher like demeanour. May faced problem after problem, including her ill-fated Brexit deal. This deal agreed with Messers Junker and Tusk, was soundly defeated, three times in parliament.

May, the government, opposition parties and the whole of parliament, seemed stuck in a vortex over Brexit, while the country was sinking under a quagmire of austerity.

Theresa May will probably go down in history, as the worst Prime Minister, this country, has ever had. The European Union has haunted the Conservative party, ever since, the days of Thatcher. The party has always been split between so-called Euro-sceptics and those who thought the EU, was a good thing. Now, the Euro-sceptics in her party, renamed Brexiteers, have helped to bring her down. The opposition parties and even the DUP (her supply and demand coalition partners) went against her deal time after time, for their own reasons. When May said in a speech a few days ago, she was going to bring back her deal (with compromises) for the fourth time, that was it for many Tories, they wanted her gone and she is going now. Nearly losing a general election in 2017, left May like a wounded animal, clinging to power. In desperation, she engaged with Jeremy Corbyn to come up with an alternative Brexit deal, but, these talks failed, despite weeks of negotiations.

One could, feel sorry for Mrs May and admire her tenacity. However, her intransigence, is one of the things, if not the thing, that in the end, brought her down.

When Trump became President and May became Prime Minister, many thought the '80s were back, it was Reagan and Thatcher, all over again, how wrong that was. May's relationship with her opposite number in Washington, was awkward, to say the least, certainly no blossoming friendship, as it was between Ronnie and Maggie.

Trump will be visiting the UK, on a state visit, what he will make of May's departure, that same month, is not known, as yet. Jeremy Corbyn announced that he thought Theresa May had finally done the right thing in resigning, an immediate general election should be called, when the new Tory leader and Prime Minister, is in position, Corbyn continued.

At the podium, in Downing Street, Mrs May fought back the tears, as she said, she felt regret, at not being able, to deliver Brexit. Therefore, it was the correct thing to do in resigning and leave the poisoned chalice that is Brexit, (my words, not hers!) to someone else. Mrs May also said, any new Conservative leader and Prime Minister, should immediately, call a general election.

This government, from Cameron to May, has been an unmitigated disaster, for the poorest and most vulnerable in our country, I for one will be glad to see the back, of them all.

Bo-Jo A Shoe In?

There are many candidates now stepping up now, to replace Mrs May. One person, who perhaps, could be seen, as a safe pair of hands, is Sajid Javid, current Home Secretary.

Others are Dominic Raab, Penny Mordaunt, Andrea Leadsom, Amber Rudd, Jeremy Hunt (possibly), Rory Stewart, plus others. Jacob-Rees Mogg was touted as a possible leader, by the Tory right, but as to whether he will stand in any leadership election, is not known.

One huge personality, however, that just won't go away and has announced his intention, to stand in any leadership election, is Boris Johnson.

Many see Boris as a buffoon, his dangling from a wire, during 2012 Olympics, didn't help him, in that regard, clutching two union jacks. His tenure as Mayor of London put him in a leadership job and he is going for the ultimate job, that of being the next Prime Minister.

Boris has made a number of gaffes over the years when he made derogatory statements about scousers. Also, his quip about Muslim women in burkhas, looking like letterboxes, which drew as much hate as it did applause.

Make no mistake, Boris De Feffel Johnson, is an aristocrat, make no mistake about that, however, it seems many ordinary folks, like him, because he has the common touch.

Boris, also, make no mistake about it, is a highly intelligent man, and, may indeed, play on his comedic look, for his own advantage. Usually overweight with dishevelled blonde hair to boot. Boris though is sharpening up his act, he has been losing weight and his hair seems to be cut and smarter, these days. It is as if, he is gearing up for the job of leading the Tories and being Prime Minister.

Boris was Foreign Minister under Theresa May, but left his job, in a disagreement over her Brexit deal, since then he has been sniping from the backbenches. Also, writing newspaper columns attacking May and her government, mostly over Brexit.

If indeed, Boris becomes Prime Minister, he will have a buddy, in Trump. Both men, have expressed their admiration, for each other. Politically, many would say, Boris, is on the Conservative right and is an arch-Brexiteer. Boris wants a no deal Brexit, but if he becomes Prime Minister, this could cause him problems, from his own party and others. The reason being that remainers and perhaps even some leavers, in his party and in other parties, want a Brexit with a deal.

If Boris does become the next Prime Minister and calls an immediate general election, how will he fair against Jeremy Corbyn? Then there are the new parties on the block, like Change UK and the Brexit Party, also a resurgent Lim Dems. British politics has possibly changed forever and how things will play out in a general election, no one can say, for sure.

One final thing, Boris sees himself, as another Winston Churchill, waiting in the wings to save the UK from disaster. Churchill followed the hapless Neville Chamberlain, who thought he had secured a peace deal from Hitler, only for Hitler to renege on the deal. History was on the side of Churchill, who became, Prime Minister, in 1940, and the rest, as they say, is history. Boris probably sees May as today's Chamberlain, a well-intentioned, but, never the less, a flawed figure. This time, the enemy still comes from Europe, but it's not Nazi Germany this time, it's the European Union. Boris will hope he can swoop in and save the UK, like his hero Churchill, back in 1940.

Time will tell if Bo-Jo achieves, in his tenure as a politician, all he dreams about.


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