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May to end free movement

Updated on February 27, 2017
Theresa May being interviewed by BBC1's Andrew Marr
Theresa May being interviewed by BBC1's Andrew Marr | Source
Troublemaker Michael Heseltine
Troublemaker Michael Heseltine | Source
House of Lords
House of Lords | Source

Once Article 50 is triggered that is the official time for the UK to begin negotiating its withdrawal from the EU it seems Theresa May is going to get tough on EU migrants. As it stands right now EU migrants still are able to come to the UK looking for work and to seek a better life. Once Article 50 is on track and up and running tougher polices to EU migrants will also come into force.

The free movement will no longer apply and EU migrants will no longer have the right to stay and also other measures will be coming into force.

There will be a new visa system for EU migrants and their right to benefits will be restricted as this has been the complaint of many. EU migrants come here for the UK's generous benefit system may be true for certain cases but to be fair to paint a picture that all EU migrants come here for that reason is not the whole picture.

Many Eastern Europeans like Poles for example work damned hard and pay into our economy and it should be remembered that many Poles fought and died for the UK against the Nazis in WWII. Now with Brexit poised to happen many feel unsure about their immigration status here and have suffered at the hands of Native Brits either verbally or physically.

There is also the case of the British diaspora dotted across the EU and their status in EU countries in which they have settled. Germany has refused to discuss the issue of EU migrants until after Brexit where as other EU nations have spoken with the British government about this.

Theresa May is facing a rebellion over Brexit from The House of Lords led by one time Tory MP Michael Heseltine. Heseltine with a combination of other Conservatives in the Lords plus Labour and Lib Dem Peers is rebelling over the Brexit bill which will give Theresa May a headache she probably does not need right now.

Brief Bio of Michael Heseltine

Master of all he surveys:  MIchael Heseltine
Master of all he surveys: MIchael Heseltine | Source

1) Born Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine

2) Place of birth, Swansea, Wales

3) Date of birth: 21 March 1963

4) Aged approximately 83

5) Married to Ann Heseltine

6) Michael and Ann married in 1962

7) Grown up children are: Annabel, Rupert, Alexandra

8) Father was a factory owner and has working class ancestors

9) He attended Shrewsbury School, University of Oxford, Pembroke College of Oxford

10) As an MP he served under Mrs Thatcher at the time of the Brixton Riots in 1981

11) Rebelled openly against Margaret Thatcher and challenged her to leadership of party in 1990

12) Has since been a Peer in The House of Lords

13) When he was an MP he lost his temper at the dispatch box in The House of Commons and swung the mace at other MP's. The mace is a gold looking metal object set in place in front of the dispatch box

14) Earned the nick name 'Tarzan' because of his curtains like hair do

15) Still appears on television politics shows like BBC1's 'Question Time'


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