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McCain Calls for Syrian Intervention as Iran Helps Assad Crush Rebels

Updated on March 5, 2012

A leading Republican, John McCain, is calling for the US and NATO to intervene in the Syrian rebellion slaughter under Assad. McCain calls for an air umbrella over the northern part of Syria to prevent Syrian army units in pursuing and killing the Free Syrian Army and thousands of civilians. This air cover would also conduct attacks on Syrian forces within the area. This would allow the rebel forces respite and time to gather and plan. Specifically, in Idlib, Hama, Qusayr and Deraa. In Homs, aerial photographs procured by Human Rights Watch show a city that has been laid to waste by Assad’s tanks and artillery. A British photographer who was wounded and evacuated from the city described it as "a medieval siege and slaughter."

A steady supply of weapons, ammunition, and other assistance is flowing to Assad from Russia and Iran, including Iranian military and intelligence operatives are likely active in Syria. The Iranians have also provided electronic gear to intercept and locate rebel communications for targeting purpose. If the Assad regime did end, it would sever Hezbollah’s lifeline to Iran, reduce a long-standing threat to Israel, bolster Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, and inflict a strategic defeat on the Iranian regime.

If this operation were to take place, American pilots would be at risk to Syria's more sophisticated air defenses, which are Russian made. Russia has recently upgraded their radar systems to defend both Syria and Iran. McCain's suggestion or plea is the last desperate one. Unless the West does something, Syria will crush it and slaughter thousands more. This sort of operation would no doubt escalate the event and could complicate issues with attacking Iran.

Is this an internal Syrian problem or such a problem that has now reached regional and war crimes like the Balkans in the 1990's when the US intervened?

The recent oil prices increases at the pump are actually making the Iranians happy. This is their main export for money and the rise of oil prices per barrel actually provide them with more money to develop and spend money on their nuclear weapon program!


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