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The "Me Too" Madness

Updated on December 27, 2017

If you haven’t thought so already, the #metoo phenomenon has pushed past due process, societal decorum, has gone too far and is getting increasingly more out of control. Apprehending potential offenders and bringing them to justice is a great thing that perhaps every decent person supports. However, they seem to be lumping a little too many situations into the same demonized pot and there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable goal line for some of the feminist groups who are fueling this. The perpetuated rape culture paranoia and rhetoric which is leading toward an unprecedented spike in accusations is also blurring the lines of what is actually criminal. In fact, its collapsing society as we know it.

Did PBS Go Too Far and Act Too Soon?

Take Tavis Smiley’s situation as a perfect example. Tavis Smiley is a journalist who joined the list of the accused being taken down. However, Smiley hadn’t even violated anyone, broken any laws, or violated any terms of his contractual employment. Regardless, PBS suspended his show simply because they learned that he had consensual relationships with co-workers 3 decades ago. Again, there is no offense or sexual misconduct. Tavis Smiley was punished for having adult consensual relationships with subordinates.

We all know, and Smiley even agrees, one should probably avoid relationships with subordinates at the workplace as that isn’t wise. However, it was decades ago and there was nothing criminal that deserved his show to be ended or for him to be publicly smeared. PBS has failed. They launched a sloppy investigation only communicating with fired employees and did not allow Smiley to even know what was being accused or by whom. So basically they empowered random former employees and protected them with anonymity. Nor did they produce names or explain to Smiley what they considered any misdeeds. They just sprang into action and canned his show. They are currently losing the social media battle because they are having trouble convincing the public that what they decided to do was necessary or warranted. It wasn’t. Driven by a very covert feminist agenda, this is the madness of the times.

The "Me Too" Political Mudslinging

We’ve even seen it get political with the take down of Al Franken and Roy Moore. Again, it is not wrong to try and apprehend potential offenders who may have assaulted people. But timing is everything. In what world is it normal to fan the flames on 30-year-old allegations only as a person is running for political office? That’s why each state has statutes of limitations. It’s not so potential criminals can get away. It’s to let people understand there is a reasonable time period in which we can pursue offenders in order for justice to be served and proper investigations to take place. People have the right to defend themselves and accusers shouldn't be encouraged to blindside people with alleged claims that are over 20 years old. These days, it seems allegations are aggressively pursued only when they are sensationalized in these dog-pile witch hunts, or when people are being paid by media outlets along with some sort of agenda. This is all indicative of a collapsed, morally bankrupt society that doesn’t have a clue.

No, I’m no “rape apologist” or any of the names certain fanatical members of our crazed society may hurl at those appealing to reason. I’m a realist who sees the social engineering and a propagandized, emotionally compromised society getting out of control. All allegations should be taken very seriously and real victims should not be afraid to come forward. And yes, we should help create an atmosphere where victims can come forward and be fully supported. But the inmates are running the asylum and we need to learn where lines need to be drawn. Currently, we are collapsing our laws, violating human rights and creating an environment where it will soon be hard for anyone to live without the fear of a pointed finger.

© 2017 Dru Story


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    • DruStory profile image

      Dru Story 3 months ago from NYC/LA

      I'm not certain about firing at will with Travis Smiley's contract, especially when dealing with the face of a program who has an audience. Nor are they acting because of any current situation. They had to hunt and dig. They canned his show and consequently put all his employees out of work because of alleged consensual relationships with fired employees 30 years ago. They are clearly riding this wave and agenda.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 3 months ago from Arizona

      Your employer can fire you at will and doesn't need a reason to fire you whatsoever. Having relations with co-workers - at least one person is going to get fired, and from personal experience it is usually the female.