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Measurability on Robin Hood policy

Updated on August 12, 2015

Industrial production is strictly measurable. In fact, having fixed the form of an object and the target concerning its production level, very easily one can value the coherence between the two. Targets and outputs whether they coincide or they don't. When fixing a production of 12 units (ex. bicycle frame) and than getting 11 units as output, everybody understands the difference.


When analysing a policy things get more complex. Measurability of the effectiveness of a policy is not as easy as the evidence of the presence of a product.
There is a big difference between output and outcome. While output is a direct consequence of the production/policy while outcome is the indirect one. New policies are full of outcomes.
Thanks God statistics can help mankind in having a better understanding about what the results are. The more statistics are spread, the more the people are informed. Informed people give power and reanimate democratic process.


To check the quality of a policy, and the effectivity of a progress, accurate indicators and surveys on informations are also needed. The ability of a system to perform its required functions under stated conditions, also called reliability, is the core function of the state; when conditions come form elections and democratic control. That's the link between transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. Classic example of a positive interaction between these three factor is the following; when capable to show clear datas, connected with wise expense and few debts, well governing brings votes and a confirmation for the cabinet. To understand the power of policy estimation just think about a policy based on bad expenditure, debts, and impressive outputs. Lack of transparency may occult debts. And when people are not active, than it brings votes too.


The Millennium Development Goals launched by the U.N. has got several goals against hunger and discriminations of weak category. That's the year of the definitive report. Most of the success is due to Brazil, India and China economic growth. No many doubts about the fact that the U.N. has helped to develop an open, rule-based and non-discriminatory trading and financial system. Best input has been the western countries demand, making the production process of these three countries enlarge. Supervising class consequently has gained his know how. While on others poor and non developed countries such as Benin the policy completely failed.


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