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Men, Skirts and Human Rights

Updated on April 6, 2013

Are you man enough to be a girl?

We all know how men and boys often like to test their courage. Strange how you guys are perfectly willing to put yourselves in physical danger but when it comes to wearing a dress…OH GOD NO!!!!

Seriously, I just don’t understand what’s the big deal. OK so you don’t like wearing girls’ clothes (of course you have to try it before you know that). Fair enough but why be AFRAID of them?

Its more serious than that.

In some countries men can be put in prison, beaten or even executed (!!!!!!!) just for dressing “like a woman”.

There was an article that described how a group of men were arrested in Saudi Arabia for wearing women’s clothing. OK, so we know Saudi Arabia is a bad place with messed up laws but then I came across another article (the link is lost I'm afraid) which describes how a man was arrested and convicted for dressing like a woman in Dubai. In DUBAI? Wait a minute. Wasn’t Dubai supposed to be much more liberal and tolerant? I thought so until I saw this article. Actually, I’ve always wanted to go there with my love but now I’ve decided that I’ll never go there until they get rid of those stupid laws.

Question to all messed up nations:

What is so bad about human rights?

Ok, now I realize that these regimes are terrified of people undermining their authority but what on earth could wearing clothes do to threaten, well, anyone or anything?

Not just men.

Those countries above are even worse towards women but here in the west, we enjoy the freedom to wear pretty much anything without getting into trouble. We take that for granted and should. BUT, girls just imagine being forbidden to wear trousers or getting fired for it or assaulted. It feels like remembering something from the history books but for men it’s the present reality – even in the so liberal western nations.

A call to arms

I think the only way for men to emancipate themselves is to do it all together. Its just not enough if a few activists do a demonstration or protest here and there once a year. You need EVERYONE to take part – especially those who have influence like celebrities, managers and politicians. I bet, if just a few celebrities did it for a while, that would get the ball rolling. Please, someone start. If you're famous you can afford to take those kind of risks.

What if nearly all men came to work one day wearing a skirt? OK, it would be strange at first but after a while it would just become normal and everyone would accept it. So all you have to do is arrange a mass skirt wearing day (or year).

How about it?

Anyone interested?

And please check out my article on mens skirts.

An alternative to men wearing skirts is for men to just become women and then you can wear pretty much whatever you want. For more on this check out my article on the transvestite beauty contest.

There is an article about women too here titled: Womens Fashion is also Restricted


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    • profile image

      Charles 6 years ago

      David's remarks featured some insight. The Unitarian Church, while "welcoming" men in skirts, will NOT repudiate the mental health cult, because so many Unitarians are in that cult occupation. That's why my ethics won't allow me to attend any scum sucking Unitarian church. They say they're on a "free and responsible search for truth," they are NOT!

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      Oppression of women in pants and men in skirts is not only the fault of psychiatry, but even more so, religion. Ever since the Puritans established a religious dictatorship when they first settled this country, men and women have been restricted in their fashion choices (although women have overcome this already, and men - well, they can LEGALLY wear whatever they want, at least in most places, but get made fun of and possibly attacked physically). Fortunately, America is slowly becoming more and more secular, thanks to those of us who are in their teens, 20s, and early 30s (people call them the Millenial Generation), who are leaving the church in large numbers. In the not - too - distant future, this country will become like secular Europe, which will mean much, much less homophobia and sexism (already, slightly more than 10% fewer people call themselves religious than did those in 1980). But there IS very good news - the H&Ms in the trendy cities accross the country are going to be selling kilts for men in the spring of 2011, and the rest of the country should soon follow.

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 7 years ago

      Wow John,

      you really know your history. Thanks for all that great insight!

    • profile image

      John N 7 years ago

      When lookingf into the aspect of punishment for dressing in womens clothes by men one has to be familiar with history.

      Back to old Grece, the period of Homer. Men would be skirt like garments, whenever playing theatre the roles of women would be done by men dressed as women.

      In the Roman times the was an edict by the emporor which forbade men to dress as women for reason that it was more diufficult to find them in case of mischieve. This law was incorporated into the Bible in the 4th century AD and later on into the Koran which is derived from the Bible. The laws used in the Middle East in this respect can be found in Deuteromony, where also rules are included concerning the liability for ones property/real-estate.

      In the late 19th century when sciences as psychiatry and psychologie came in to being, a psychiatrist in Nice, Binet, indicated that wearing garments of the other gender - especcially women wearing trousers - would constitute a mental illness, Jung later on included such in his finding (his scientific research was based on the lining of his pockets) and now has become a thing of general knowledge. Thus as I'm wearing a skirt whilst writing this it should be taken into account that according to Binet and Jung I'm commiting deviant behaviour for which I should be treated, even worse I combined it with pantyhose/thights.

      But like many contributing to this and other blogs, I do not support the vision of Binet, Jung and the church based on history. Note, even in the late 19th century men wouold be wearing skirts with a special one in order to go to church.

      Like someone else wrote somewhere, have you ever seen a picture of Jesus wearing trousers?

    • karlostheboy profile image

      karlostheboy 8 years ago from England

      Good on you Ron I would be up for a skirt day what a great idea but I’m afraid we are few in numbers who would go out in public in a skirt. I’ve never come across another man in a skirt while I’ve been out skirted .United and make a real statement instead of being all talk

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 8 years ago

      Good on you Ron.

    • profile image

      Ron 8 years ago

      I'm wearing my wrap-a-round skirt now as I type this.Ron