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Men as Women See and Hear Them in 2019

Updated on June 12, 2019
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As a published novelist, blogger and SEO content writer, I grew up and worked constantly outnumbered by men.

Toxic Masculinity


It is easy to understand why some men today are labeled "Toxic Masculinity" by observant women.

The most vocal, most strident and militant in US society today are men who seem to have an ax to grind and their targets are women.

Recently, a 98% male jury in a Midwestern state gave a rapist the right to visitation of the child he forced his victim to bear when he impregnated her.

This is also the state that banned abortions at 6 weeks of pregnancy. That state is Alabama. Not one of the men considered that most women do not know for certain at 6 weeks if they are, in fact, pregnant.

So bascially, Alabama men are demanding women of child bearing age become pregnant whether they want to or not.

10 all white males in AL passed legislation shutting down all Planned Parenthood clinics, banned abortion at 6 weeks and forced parental rights of rapists on women who have been savagely and repeatedly raped.


Women know what this is REALLY about. Women, unlike men, possess the gift of a finely honed intuitive nature.


There are several things women notice most about the Toxic Male. These include:

1. Bullying and the need to dominate

2. Attitudes that men are always more superior than women

3. Inability to ever admit they are wrong about anything

4. Refusal to accept that women are their equals in business, government and society in general.

5. The abject trait of hatred for the word "NO" unless it has an expectation of advantage

6. The need to take down any woman who attempts to compete with them by insults, degradation and outright distortions of her reputation

7. Straddling the fence where right and wrong are concerned

8. Bristling when they are outnumbered by women in social circles

9. Ignoring their own flaws in favor of deflecting and spotlighting flaws in women

10. Lack of attention to the words they choose to communicate


Back in the ancestral heritage of Neanderthal man, it is easier to see where the attitude of superiority began.

After all, hunting down T-Rex was a "Man's Job." and only Neanderthal males possessed the strength and bravery to bring home dinner for the women and children they left in the caves.

From the moment a man leaves the birth canal, the word "NO" is a thorn in his side. Breathes there a woman who has not raised children who will claim the word "NO" was not a reason for rebellion in sons more than daughters?

Mothers often are amused by the fact that when they tell a male toddler "maybe" the toddler hears that as a "NO!"

By school age, the male child has already worked out his strategies to turn "Maybe" and "NO" into the much preferred "Yes."

In high school, what teenage boy accepts rejection, a form of "NO" without going ballistic? This applies to girls and female teachers as well.

Oddly, they militarize well enough to obey their sports coaches on demand as if they were in basic training camp.

It is when these toxic males enter the business world that the wall of toxicity begins to build to epic proportions.

In business, toxic male stick together like gum on their shoes on the hottest day of summer when there is a woman they need to take down a few pegs to remind her of her inferiority and where her "place" is.

Women who observe men by microscoping them laugh when it is 2 toxic males about to go tooth to tooth for the same job title or upward rank. Cut throat strategies prevail like a pro CIA agent.

There are a few toxic males that know to keep overt man "power" attitudes in check. That doesn't mean they won't go syrupy sweet patronizing a woman which is intended to insult her intelligence.

A woman in business who is unwilling to obey like a handmaiden of the lords of the universe is called "feminazi," "tight butt," or worse.

If name calling has no effect, the toxic male knows all he has to do is fabricate distortions to her professional reputation. Just a casual hint or two about her morals and scruples does the trick.


As women age though, they begin to have less and less patience for these toxic males and can become quite toxic themselves as a means of survival of the fittest.

A woman past age 60 knows not to waste time on childish toxic men whose only life goal is world power and world domination. A good book is much preferred to all that toxicity.

Today's women, younger and older alike, have a responsibility to ensure that the bad examples these toxic males set do not become an accepted mode of behavior for our kids. The hand that rocks the cradle must also be responsible to raise responsible, ethical children they will feel confident can succeed in society.


Education has changed who women are in ways these toxic males never expected. Today's women are far more cognizant that men are not a necessity but rather, an accessory to their well planned and well established lives.

Thus, when toxic males try to impose their male domination on women and are met with instant rejection and resistance, the outcome is similar to a nuclear explosion.

Not all men are toxic. Just as not all women are feminazis, tight butts or worse. But, today's women have no intentions of always being No. 2 in society.

Responsible, educated women want an equal voice in society even when toxic males go through the strangest convenient deafness at the mere sound of a female voice.

Talented, skillful women will persist in their goals and continue to enjoy success with or without a man's help. Because we know we can. We know what is best for us better than any man.

In the end? It's really a man's choice to be fair and honest...but it won't be in a "Man's World."


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