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South East Bexar County Awareness: The double standard, Yes for Southside ISD NO for ESD6

Updated on June 23, 2014
Commissioner Rodriguez's Minion . Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn.
Commissioner Rodriguez's Minion . Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn. | Source

ESD6 Board- shuffle board

2013, the ESD6 Board has lost all members with the exception of Ms. Mendelsohn. Mr. Joe Hearn left for greener pastures and was removed from his position due to what was being investigated as underhanded dealings.

Mr. Chavez, left the board to serve on the Southside ISD school board, along with Mr. Brewer, most recently the treasurer in name only Luisa Vargas stepped off the board, stepped back on and then stepped down again.

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Ms. Mendelsohn running two boards with separate rules for each

Ms. Mendelsohn tried to appease a community member because of the quickness of appointing a member to Southside ISD School Board , she said it was important to keep the district moving forward. Better yet, here is exactly what she said:

Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn: Great, glad to see that the positive has not been set aside. As far as perception....we can all perceive what we would like. The fact of the matter is that this board needed to take action on a vacancy that they had at hand. Knowing the proper process of filling a vacancy and when by law it can be filled should not be considered "STAGED". It is a process which is meant to immediately be acted upon, so that the business of the District may continue in the positive direction that it intends to go. I can only hope that this does not disillusion good people like you or others not to contribute and continue to be involved. With this information I can only hope that understanding the process or policies at hand, which can sometimes make people feel angry or feel that an error has occurred, will help. NOTE: all ISD Board members were given the opportunity to nominate someone of their choice.

October 3 at 7:02pm

Mr. Martinez and Mr. Knapp were not given the opportunity or notice to nominate anyone.

How long did it take to fill a seat on ESD6

History has shown that County Commissioner Rodriguez has not filled a seat on the board, unless Ms. Mendelsohn has handpicked one.

Joe Hearn, was replaced by Raymond T. Lopez, within appropriate time, however, Mr. Lopez was supported by Ms. Mendelsohn when he ran for office. His campaign financial work; dated May 2013, shows that Mr. Lopez lives at 7015 Quiet Ridge Walk in San Antonio, 78250. A zip code that might not be within the ESD6 district?

Mr. Brewer's seat sat vacant for over a year, until they were pressured by community members to fill the seat. Those "constituents" that they speak of whenever they do something amoral; were left without representation the entire time.

Ms. Luisa Vargas, left the board and they were going to appoint someone, but Ms. Vargas said "they couldn't find the right person to serve", so she came back. Now, she's gone again and has been replaced by Sofia Moreno Castillo, the spouse of Theo Castillo (President of Thelma Area Neighborhood Association). The Association was founded by non other than Ms. Mendelsohn herself and former Southside ISD and BexarMet board member, Jimmie Lopez.The association had been targeted to run Ms. Mendelsohn's community center that created the depletion of funds for the ESD6.

Mr. Wood was also replaced within reason by Isaac Griego, Mr. Griego's campaign was supported by Ms. Mendelsohn, when he ran for a position on the Southside ISD school board against Mr. Craig Knapp. Mr. Griego lost.

Mr. Chavez, stepped off the ESD6 board in May and the position has remained vacant for almost 5 months. If it was so important for Mr. Wood to step in within hours of Mr. Luna stepping off the Southside ISD school board, why had Ms. Mendelsohn left a seat vacant for so long? Perhaps, they are still looking for that "yes" person to fill the seat.


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