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Merry Christmas, Putin, From President Trump

Updated on December 20, 2018
Syrian troops prepping for an attack
Syrian troops prepping for an attack
Trump Tower completed recently in Manila, Philippines
Trump Tower completed recently in Manila, Philippines
America's Nightmare
America's Nightmare

Trump Dumps Syria

President Donald Trump, a man with "knowing all" wisdom and sometimes mistakenly think he is King Trump, has bestowed the ultimate gift to America's adversaries: A withdrawal of all American troops from Syria. While the number of 2000 is insignificant, it is the vacuum that will be created near the Jordan border that will be exposed to Iran and its proxies.

President Trump made a unilateral decision without consulting the "real" experts he appointed beforehand. He then refused to take questions and was so afraid of the press, created a video claiming that ISIS was defeated and it was time to bring the boys home. Of course, just the week before, all of his experts in his cabinet on foreign affairs said exactly the opposite thing: ISIS was damaged but not defeated, that there still remains many thousands of members in various pockets strewn across the Syrian landscape, and the most recent battle for an ISIS controlled town that was obliterated.

Of course, Trump, thinks he is God-like, with super intelligence and simply wanted to keep yet another campaign promise of bringing troops home from war. I suppose he feels all Americans will hail him with Bush's ill-fated phrase of "Mission Accomplished". In both cases, there was nothing more further from the truth. When Bush announced this boast, the Afghanistan war and Iraq were far from being accomplished operations. Trump's self-adulation prompted him to act like a buffoon by handing Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, the most unbelievable gift with the U.S. withdrawal from Syria. This leaves France and Britain holding the bag, not to mention Israel, which has to go it alone.

Even Trump's Republicans in the Senate and Congress are calling this a really stupid idea. Most oppose to it enough to draft a letter asking Trump to rescind this anal decision.

Now, America's allies, have to fill the gaps and more mistrust of Trump and America will enter into country relationships. Israel is wondering if what Trump had said earlier about being Israel's strongest friend, is really true.

Why did Trump do this?

Trump wants to be loved by all his subjects. He wants to be remembered that he kept his campaign promises, even if it hurts America's reputation. He wants to be the president that ended America's role in Syria (huh, what about Afghanistan?). Remember that Trump Tower in Moscow that Trump signed a Letter of Intent to build back in 2015? You know, the one Trump lied about stating it never happened? Trump is still eyeing that dream, he may not make it to 2020 or win another term, so, Trump wants to be on Putin's "good" side. Putin praised Trump for decision to withdraw Americans from Syria. Putin knows that Trump loves praise and the "most important person" in any room.

It seems Trump will do anything to put his own needs first before America. Trump's charity was found to be corrupt to the bone and used to benefit the Trump family. It was so bad, New York State shut it down and banned President Trump from being involved in another charity for 10 years and he had to pay millions of dollars in restitution. Then was Trump University, also following the same issues, it, too, was shut down for fraud.

If Trump was willing to do shady business things before he was elected, what makes his devout believers think he would not do the same when POTUS? He has even more power! Many of his followers will hide behind the "economy" excuse, even though the stock market is now the worst since 1931 and many have lost thousands from their IRA's and savings. Even Trump claimed he produced the best economy in decades. Think again.

With the U.S. leaving Syria, Israel is now in much more danger. Trump knows it and his promise to stand by Israel is just another facade. The move will embolden Russia and Iran to occupy the vacuum left. ISIS will be able to regroup and return to haunt the world again. Turkey will annihilate the Kurds, the one force that America equipped and trained. Trump has left Israel and the Kurds in much more dangerous situations all to appease his narrow minded supporters who think that America Alone is the same as America Great Again, and that is so far from reality.

Trump, the narcissistic would-be King is not making America Great Again.


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